Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by.

November 20, 1941, Thursday

Today is National Thanksgiving Day and next Thursday is State Holiday. Weather fine, calm and Sunny not cold nor windy as we thought it would be early in day. We have planned nothing for day but will have our Home gathering for Children and Grandchildren on Sunday the 30th. Richard and Betty Lou have holiday because of Good lessons and attendance at school. Scripture reading John 1:1-14. Mary received a letter from Josephine telling of being sick and losing her voice. Afternoon, Dad went with Mary and I to Clinton. When we come home we cooked an extra good Supper. Fanny come after Richard. He had gone with us to Clinton. I gave Fanny her Birthday gifts. She said her birthday started very quietly at home with no preparation made for any feast or entertainment. In fact she had forgot about it until night when she told Dick and Richard.

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