Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

May 31, 1941, Saturday

An Ideal Day for last of May. The warm sunshine and calmness makes the Alfalfa fine. Frank went with men to finish cutting the hay at Gip. I spent several hours transplanting young plants. The Yard attracts passing people who take a long, lingering look at it's beautiful flowers. I found more surprises among the flowers opening, Hollyhocks, Larkspur, Batchelor Buttons, Columbines, Dahliahs, Daisies, Heliopsis, Lantanas, Cosmos, Honeysuckle, Roses, Vincas, Buttercups, Petunias, Blue Wandering Jew, Physostegias, Pinks and others to numerous to mention here. Scripture read Luke 16:19-31

Afternoon warmer than usual. So spent time in reading magazines. Clouds began gathering. Mary and Frank went to Clinton. I stayed at home because my knees were paining me unsually bad. Mary got me a bottle of tonic to take and a bottle of rubbing ointment to relieve my aching knees.

Rain with strong wind at midnight.

May 30, 1941, Friday

Decoration Day! Fannie, Dick, and Richard came very early to get flowers for the cemetery. I helped gather 3 nice large vases of my prettiest flowers for them and sent 2 large sprays for little Frankie's grave. After they left I picked up the hoe to chop some weeds and was very busy when Mrs. Main and her son Willie from Fort Worth drove up. We visited awhile. Then Dad and Frank come for their dinner (early). They were going to Gip to cut hay.

After noon Gladys Blarney came to get a Kodak to take pictures of her Mother's family with their families. Decoration Day brings many folks from other towns and states to decorate their loved ones graves. Scripture read Psalms 32:7, Psalms 91.

My nephew W. Guy Pafford was appointed by Governor Phillips as an important State Committeeman. Dad and Frank were late returning home. Mary was tired from her being alone to do the Store work. At 7 P.M. Mary and I went to Clinton. I saw a good movie by Errol Flynn and Brenda Marshall. Mary was with the Marvins. Their mother was better and could sit up in bed.

I was so very tired, hand been busy all day, mostly in the yard. My company was received in the yard. The weather was Ideal for Decoration Day. I couldn't go to the Cemetery but sent nice Bouquets for 8 graves to Gip by Betty Lou and her sisters, to Arapaho by Fannie. Thus ended May 30.

May 29, 1941, Thursday

Clear, calm and beautiful day. Warm sunshine, pleasant in the shade. Spent most of the morning in the Yard working. Scripture read Romans 1:22-32.

At 1 P.M. Mary and I went to Clinton to get our hair waved. I went to see a movie, a very good story with a Strong Star Cast, Ingrid Bergman, Warmer Baxter and many others.

When we returned at 6 P.M. Mrs. Stanley of Thurman, Lena's mother, and sister Mrs. Olleall and family of Iowa Falls were at the Store waiting for Lena to meet them. They come to the house with us and spent and hour here. Mary went then to spend evening with Ruth Reed. She met Charley Marvin, he said his mother was worse and he was recalled from Mineral Wells, Texas yesterday.

May 29, 1941, Thursday

Clear, calm and beautiful day. Warm sunshine, pleasant in the shade. Spent most of the morning in the Yard working. Scripture read Romans 1:22-32.

At 1 P.M. Mary and I went to Clinton to get our hair waved. I went to see a movie, a very good story with a Strong Star Cast, Ingrid Bergman, Warmer Baxter and many others.

When we returned at 6 P.M. Mrs. Stanley of Thurman, Lena's mother, and sister Mrs. Olleall and family of Iowa Falls were at the Store waiting for Lena to meet them. They come to the house with us and spent and hour here. Mary went then to spend evening with Ruth Reed. She met Charley Marvin, he said his mother was worse and he was recalled from Mineral Wells, Texas yesterday.

May 28, 1941, Wednesday

Beautiful weather for the last of May. I love to labor among my flowers, smell their fragrance and view their loveliness. It is much harder to get the young seedlings to grow and stand tall. There are so many cut worms, caterpillar worms and small ants to molest and destroy them. Luckily the seed germinated and millions of plants sprouted, if the worms and insects will let them alone to produce blossoms. I did hours of work as the time was pleasant, weather cool and balmy. Scripture read Luke 15:11-24

Frank cut some weeds while waiting for Mary to get ready for the Store. I spent a lot of time in the yard by working then resting again. Much can be done in the course of time these long days. I get very tired and retire some times at 8 P.M. just getting dark. My body can stretch out and relax during the delightful hours of night.

May 27, 1941, Tuesday

Weather is Cool and Pleasant since the Shower at Dawn. The wind blew the dampness away and I tied Vines to Wire Trellises on the Porches and transplanted some Zinnias. The worms and bugs and even the little ants are destroying my tender seedlings. Scripture reading Phil. 1:3-11.

Mrs. Brown wasn't any better so Thelma told Mary over the Phone. Dad has been at Gip since early yesterday. There was a very hard rain out there this morning about dawn.

George Jr.'s little daughter Kaye caught her foot in the Bike and sprained it, cut and bruised half-way to knee. The Dr gave serum to prevent lockjaw. She was resting better when Lela wrote.

May 26, 1941, Monday

Scripture reading John 14:1-7 Pleasant, cool and calm weather. We never had a Rain on Sunday yesterday. According to Saying "If Rain comes on Easter Sunday there will be rain on 7 Sundays following." Well it never Rained so that is that. I will do some needed work among the flowers today. Mary and I drove to Clinton Hospital to see Mrs. Brown, but she was asleep and we nver went in to see her.

Charley Marvin, Thelma and Geraldine Taylor were there night and day. We came home in a little while. A Shower of Rain fell in the afternoon.

May 25, 1941, Sunday

Lovely, calm and pleasant morning. Scripture read John 8:1-11. Last Sunday in May. Memorial Services in the South. This month has been about two thirds rainy. Frank and I wandered about the Yard viewing the flowers. We would find ourselves plucking a weed now and then. Frank looked at me and said, This is the Sabbath. I replied, I did this to relive the flower of an enemy.

After dinner Mary took Frank for a drive over Washita River that was on a Rampage covering the lowlands. May people were viewing the sights. I went to see a good comedy by James Stewart and returned home by 4 P.M. to rest and read.

Clouds were scudding about but no Rain by bed time. This is the 1st Sunday for 6 weeks that has not rained here. Many Bridges are out and Roads are impassable.

May 24, 1941, Saturday

A lovely Spring morning, cooler with North wind blowing. Mary and I crossed Washita River last night and saw where it had been on a rampage over the lowlands. River had receded again to normalcy. I saw a good comedy at Del Rio by Lou Costello and other Stars. We were both so stiff and "achy" in joints that we felt miserable and were glad to get home and retire last night.

Am still feeling Sore but think when the Sun warms up the Air I shall be better for I wish to climb the steps to County Clerk's office to sign some Birth Certificates today. And also have a few dozen of zinnias to reset in beds. Scripture read Romans 8:12, Galatians 6:1-10.

I sent Mrs. Teels a small gift and a pretty Birthday card.

May 23, 1941, Friday

A pleasant, balmy, cool morning in the early hours. Everything dripping Wet. Birds are so busy singing and nesting. I found a Mocking Bird nest right over my head in a Vine by a fence post. It had 5 eggs in it and the Male bird was a few feet from where I was at work. He was singing to attract my attention and watching my movements while the Mother Bird was away eating.

The clouds haven't all cleared away so we may get more Rain today. Scripture read John 12: 12-19

Roads are slick making Cars skid along. There is much traffic some days, more than others. A Shower passed over about 11 A.M. Sprinkling the plants I reset. Had to quit when Frank and Dad come to help get dinner. Received a letter from Mildred with lots of news. She goes to socials and entertains friends, helps with Carnivals, the Junior Chamber of Commerce and Junior Aid of Church.

May 22, 1941, Thursday

Beautiful Spring morning. The Air has been washed and purified by the late rains and all Nature rejoices by growing stately and beautiful, blossoming and putting on young tender foliage. The Mocking Birds sing merrily as I stoop to pull weeds or reach to tie up a wayward Vine.

Men are running the Grader over the Rough Roads. Mary hurried through her house work and went to the Store. I have done hours of labor among the flowers . The Rain washed up some and beat others down and the weeds are so greedy they want all the Soil. it keeps me busy pulling them from among my plants.

School was called off when there was so much Rain and the students will have their Reports mailed to them. Scripture read John 12:2-28, John 17:8-24.

Afternoon, I did some work in the Yard transplanting some Vines and training others to climb up Porch wire. Then here t he Rain comes and cars go slipping and sliding over the Highway that men just graded. Saw two boys with a bike, they are having to carry it through the mud.

May 21, 1941, Wednesday

Partly cloudy since the Rain. The clouds are drifting away and the Sun may come forth bright and glorious. There must have been as much as 4 inches of moisture fell yesterday.

Today is the last day of School when the students come for their Reports. My "Billy Boy" Randle is 39 years old. God Bless him with Richest Gifts and may he be a Man after Thine Own heart Dear Father. Scripture read John 16:5-16

I worked about two hours among the flowers that Rain had beaten down and the dog had broken and trampled.

May 20, 1941, Tuesday

Partly cloudy. All things are dripping wet from the Shower at Dawn. That will be fine for the transplants set out yesterday.

Mary and Dad received hand made gifts from AlLeana Cooper, a leather covered Key Ring for Mary and a Watch Fob for Dad. Scripture read I Cor. 9:24, Heb. 12:1-2

Another Shower at 11 A.M. and at intervals during afternoon. Frank returned from Clinton.

May 19, 1941, Monday

Rather windy and cooler. I lit the Heater to drive out the dampness from my room. My rheumatism is much worse today. The wind is drying the muddy roads. About an inch of rain fell last night. Scripture read Romans 2:11-16.

Grace and Betty Lou fixed dinner and we all ate together. Miss Wadsworth is having pictures of her Rhythm Band with their uniforms on. Marilyn looks so pretty and performs perfectly when leading the Band.

I transplanted four or five dozen seedlings today and we may get Rain to promote the growth as the clouds denote moisture.

After school Grace and Bobby caught the Pup that has aggravated me all Spring by trampling and breaking down tender plants. Bobby put the pup in their car and took it off.

May 18, 1941, Sunday

A Beautiful Sabbath morning, the first one for six weeks that was not rainy and muddy. President Roosevelt proclaimed this 3rd Sunday in May as "I am an American Day" on 27th day of March in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and sixty-fifth.

Dad and Mary are going to Services. I have a stomach-ache that prevents me from going. Scripture, John 21:15-24.

Gladys Blarney came for Mary, so Mary won't go to Services. The day remained bright and pleasant until about night when there was a shower of rain. Received a letter from Loys telling of the time that is spent getting ready for Graduation Exercises. I stumbled and fell on rain slick Porch hurting my knees.

May 17, 1941, Saturday

A bright pleasant day. I worked in my Yard for two hours. Guy Pafford, Josephine Cronin and her sister, Mrs. Sprayberry, come at 11 A.M. We ate our dinner at Cafe. Guy went around visiting and shaking hands with his old-time friends. We went to Custer City for a visit with Jim and Lottie. We found them well. Lottie was with us riding around for an hour or so while we saw School Board there as Josephine is applying for a School job this fall.

I am rather tired but have had a very enjoyable visit with the young folks and had a pleasant drive.

Frank and Dad took three men to Gip to stack hay. Mary stayed at the store and missed the pleasure trip. Scripture reading Matt. 5:38-48

Fannie and Richard come by to see me. She is going to make Strawberry preserves. Frank, Mary and I went to Clinton just after the men returned from making hay late in day, about Sunset. I saw a good comedy but I was over-tired and ready to go home.

May 16, 1941, Friday

I transplanted dozens of seedlings and cut grasses and pulled weeds. Very still this morning. It makes the sweat rise on the brow to labor out doors this morning.

Today is the last lesson in Cooking School. I want to go as it is a pleasant way of spending a few ours and see others enjoy themselves. Scripture reading Luke 11:2-14.

Received a letter from Jack at San Jose, California. He has very good employment now. God Bless him and keep him in the shadow of Thy wings.

Mrs. Teels and Mrs. Igo went to Clinton Cooking School with Mary and I. The crowd was large and the day was pleasant but my head and knees ached very much. So glad to get home to my easy chair. Mary bought home some black cherries and fresh tomatoes. My! How I will enjoy eating them.

Dad, Mary and I went to Fannie's to take Richard home at night. Then we hunted hay-hands to put up Alfalfa tomorrow. We get so tired these long hot days.

May 15, 1941, Thursday

Nice Spring morning. The Wind blows enough to tire one that is out in it. I did 2 hours work among my flowers, transplanting and pulling weeds from the flower beds. Scripture reading Luke 21:8-19.

I find more new kinds of flowers each morning and different Irises in my yard. The Gallardias and Petunias are plentiful, also all kinds of Spice Pinks.

At 1:30 P.M., I was at Cooking School again. The crowd increased daily. Very pleasant to meet up with old-time friends and visit with them. I bought a dozen plants from Saltsman Floral and set them out at Sunset.

May 14, 1941, Wednesday

Sunshiny with wind rather brisk. Pleasantly cool, everything doing their best in my Yard (even the weeds). There are hundreds of young plants to be reset in the beds, now that the ground has dried out so I can get about without soaking my shoes with moisture. Scripture reading Prov. 31, Matt. 5:38-42

Will finish letter to Lela today. Maybe I can go to the Cooking School again. It is a change of faces and thoughts. Grace and Billie Jean come by to fix lunches for school children to take to Picnic. Wind is blowing high and strong. At Noon I gathered lovely flowers for Mrs. Brown at Hospital but the flowers have been so badly beaten by Wind that I don't want to take them. We went to Clinton and attended the Cooking School, after which we visited the Business stores. Mrs. Teel went to Clinton with us. Mrs. Chas. Dunn joined us at the Rialto. Dad and Grace come as we sat down to Supper, then Mary and Grace went to Clinton.

The Graduating Class have their Commencement Exercises tonight. Judge Donald Darrah gives the Address. Mrs. Caldwell gave me some young flowers to plant.

May 13, 1941, Tuesday

Clear and pleasant with South east Wind blowing briskly and rather cool. Frank's Birthday. May God shower Rich Blessings upon him and make him truly Thine. Dad and Frank are up at 6 and down town before 7 A.M. The days are quite long and getting longer. One gets tired several times before night and have hours in which to rest. Scripture reading John 11:14-22.

Yesterday I spent the day writing to my children and today will be used the same way until the list is completed. I feel rather stiff and achy these cool mornings but manage to transplant a few young plants each day, thereby getting a lot of my flower work done. The Peonias are in bloom. There won't be many this year as the early Spring was too cold and wet.

Wrote Mildred and Jack this morning. I attended the Cooking School. There was a large crowd there. I registered with the Sunnyside Club (Extension Women). Visited Saltsman Floral Shop and bought a few bedding plants.

At night Mary took me to a Good Comedy, Sis Hopkins, by Judy Canova. I set my plants out as soon as I returned in Afternoon. The day remained hot and blustery but Wind had quieted down by dark.

May 12, 1941, Monday

Bright Sunshine spreads over all things. Heavy Dew sparkles on all vegetation. Beautiful calm and pleasant weather. Frank took Dad to town at 7 A.M. The days are getting so long now. From my Windows I gaze upon the beautiful flowers, Irises of many colors and shades, making it hard choosing for the most lovely ones. Each day now the Choice ones of exquisite tints open to show their dainty Beauty and to shed their Fragrance.

My Room is cleaned. Ready for my Scripture reading. Eph. 6:1-9. Mildred sent a Card, letter and two lovely collars all soft and frilly with lace. Loys sent pretty Card and a Gift of money. Lela wrote about entertaining friends. She, Dorothy and Lela and daughters gave a Surprise dinner for Mary Alice's birthday. Buster's health is bad and he is having nervous spell. Little Kaye is better since her tonsils were removed last week. I wrote Essa Simmons, Guy Pafford and Loys.

Mary visited at Hospital and says Mrs. Brown was some better.

Mother's Day, May 11, 1941, Sunday

Rain! Rain! Scripture reading Exod. 20:12, I Sam. I:19-28. Baccalaureate Services will be at the School Auditorium at 11 A.M. if not rained out. Cecil and Lena will not get to spend the day with me as we had planned because of the Rain. The Rain lasted to afternoon in a slow out-pour stopping all traffic for awhile. The Parents and patrons slowly plowed their way thru Mud and water to the Auditorium with the Graduates to hear Services, a goodly number of them, 25 or more young people.

Mary, after eating her dinner, decided to go on to Clinton, but I ached too bad to go with her and preferred to stay by fire. I've spent the time pleasantly reading Poetry and working Crossword Puzzles.

The Sun shone out bright and warm about 2 P.M. Frank come home. Dad is upstairs in room resting and reading newspaper while I paste cards and clippings in my Scrapbooks. The Sun set just as I finished pasting the last clipping in my Scrapbook. Thus ends Mother's Day.

May 10, 1941, Saturday

Much cooler and partly cloudy. The Big Hail Storm west of here cooled the Atmosphere greatly. Scripture reading Luke 21:3-9

Received a lovely handmade linen Handkerchief an Card from Guy Pafford and one from Essa Simmons. Cecil and Lena come by to see me and to bring 2 lovely Linen Handkerchiefs and Card. George and Lela send a Box of Special Day Cards and a Mother's Day Greeting. Jack sent a beautiful Card also. At night Mary took Dad, Frank, and I to Clinton. I saw Picture Show of Zane Grey's writing In Old Colorado. Frank spent the night in Clinton.

May 9, 1941, Friday

Cooler, wind blows from the South and is stiff and swift. Sunshine and this wind will soon take the moisture out of the mud. Bobby and Betty spent the night here. They attended the Senior Class Play. Scripture reading Psalm 50:1-15

There are many plants I wish to set out this morning. Hope my strength will hold out. A Mother's Day letter and gift from Guy Pafford, from Thelma a beautiful Card with a sweet verse for Mother, from Mary a flower, 2 linen embroidered Handkerchiefs and a Wall motto.

Afternoon. Mary and I went to Clinton. My hair was shampooed while the Car was greased and Mary did her trading. Dad went to Gip to stay all day. Grace's children gave me their pictures. All were good.

A Hail Storm at Hammon and in that region. Mary took me to Del Rio to see Robert Young, Joan Blondell, Carole Landis play Topper Returns. Very good.

Mrs. Brown, Thelma's mother was some better when Mary and I visited her at the Hospital. Thelma and Geradine stay with her. She was only semi-conscious when were were there. I have received 10 Mother's Day gifts and pictures of children. A beautiful card from Dorothy Reed, granddaughter.

May 8, 1941, Thursday

Beautiful morning with a great abundance of lovely fragrant flowers, birds and lushious vegetation and foilage. Roads have dried out greatly. Scripture reading John 7:14-25, I Sam. 12:23.

I intend to attend the Home Demonstration Club's Dress Review today at the City Hall. It will be an all day Program. Fanny and Lena will bring covered dish lunches. I will eat with them. They will be along about 10 A.M and take me with them.

The day was pleasantly spent at the Club room. Every one of the Clubs in County had delegates. The Teacher of the Rythmn Band had her Class of 40 extra well trained. They appeared good and their playing excellent. It was encored, several times.

May 7, 1941, Wednesday

Beautiful Sunny morning. Delightfully calm and cool in the Shade, warm in the Sunshine. I did 2 or 3 hours work among the flowers transplanting and pulling grass and weeds from the flower beds. Moved things around on the Porch. Took the Swing down and will put it on the Back Porch. Scripture reading Luke 14:15-23, Rev. 19:9.

There are 6 more kinds of Irises blooming beautiful Blooms. The plants are unusually tall owning to so much Rain. Mabel sent me a Glass of Strawberry Jam, so delicious and clear. Lena came by for short visit. She had been to Clinton for a Permanent and bought a white hat and slippers. Both are very pretty to wear with the Street Dress she is to enter in the Dress Review tomorrow, May 8, 1941. I gave her a lot of Irises, 6 or 7 kinds, Larkspurs, Pinks, Ragged Robins and Batchelor Buttons.

Mary and I went to Clinton at night. The evening was pleasant moonlight drive. I saw movie South of Suez with George Brent and Brenda Marshall.

May 6, 1941, Tuesday

Cooler since Rain of yesterday. Have my heater ablaze. Pains of Rheumatism dart thru my joints in a sharp way making them stiff and sore.

The Grader is at work on the Highway in front of the house. The men have scraped the road 2 or 3 times a day, between the times the Traffic gets stalled for hours, taking many men and Tractors to pull the cars through.

At 7 P.M. a Truck of horses was trying to make the grade up a slant when the Truck become lodged in a deep rut and 5 hours was spent in trying to get it out of there.

Scripture reading Exod. 20:9-10, I Thess. 4:9-12 Too cold and wet for me to work in the garden among the flowers. The weeds are getting more Rank and more of them. More of the Beautiful Irises are opening each day on tall stems. Seedlings are so very slow of growth. May be too cool for them. Many plants need to be transplanted where they are too thick.

Dad and Frank went to Gip farms to see how much the Overflow of Barnitz Creek has damaged the crops out there. There has been a lot of damage done by Rivers and smaller streams. Bridges are washed out as well as crops.

Essa writes about that part of State being washed out and under water. Dad received another picture from the Pioneer Association of those who made the "Run." Only 6 men in the picture. The other one had 20 men in it. Raining at Sundown. The Corn was washed out and damages done to other crops and property.

May 5, 1941, Monday

Lots of traffic passing. The School Bus that had a wreck Friday was hauled by on the way to Clinton. I did some weed pulling from the flower beds. Sent Mrs. Deason some Mum plants (yellow) by Mary. Mrs. Deason sent me some Marigold seed, the large African kind. Scripture reading John 4:19-25. Dad and Frank come for Noon Lunch. My joints are stiff and sore this damp weather, and cough bothers me at night.

No School Today! Roads washed out and Streams up. Grace told Mary that Dad's Corn was washed out Saturday night at Gip farms. Weather today is pleasant for Spring.

Rain at 3P.M. The American Legion at Clinton will Host dinner for 4-H members that have been Leaders and won Prizes during the year. Bobby will be one of the honored Guests. Mary and Grace went to Clinton for the event. Rained again.

May 4, 1941, Sunday

Rained thru out the night. Rain at dawn. South Wind is strong.

A Sweet Peace abides with in and around us. Scripture: Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. Exodus 20:3-17

I arose at usual time, took a bath, then cooked breakfast for Dad and I. I cleaned up room and spaced the potted plants around differently. Set some outdoors in shade of the house for the Summer.

I shall read and cut clippings for Pioneer Book today after the housework is completed. Mary got more pictures for our Books on Saturday. Cecil and Lena were in town and went after feed for Stock in Clinton. It began to Rain and they hurried home before the Creek could rise. I saw them pass as I sat by my window. Frank came home about Noon. Showery weather for hours. Mary came in later. I read till late.

May 3, 1941, Saturday

After the night of Rain the Road is very slick and muddy. The Grader men are using the Tractor to pull Cars thru the slippery-boggy places of Highway. Partly cloudy and wind is more brisk this morning, but a pleasant Spring day is beginning. Scripture reading Psalm 62.

Mary is oil-mopping and dusting furniture. The Irises have new kinds and colors added to their list of Blooms, lovely ones. Too wet for me to get about over the yard. I have a cough already and don't want to aid it any more by having damp shoes from walking on damp ground.

Have my book of clippings of Pioneer Celebration one half finished.

Rainy afternoon. Frank and I ate our Lunch alone. He prepared his Famous Waffles. Frank and Mary went to Clinton.

May 2, 1941, Friday

Heavy atmosphere filled with Moisture. The Sun is trying to break thru the clouds of Haze. Real Spring weather, we have no fire in the Heaters. The School Buses are late getting to their destination over the muddy washed out Roads.

Scripture reading, Song of Solomon 2:11-12, Matt. 6:23-28. Solomon writes of the Coming of Spring, the Passing away of Winter, of flowers appearing on the Earth, the Singing of Birds. Today this is all verified for many kinds of Birds are building their Abodes and flowers are so thick in growth that they are stepped upon in my Yard.

This damp weather causes me to cough. Rained at Noon! A number of Large Trucks were stalling and slipping on this Highway all night. One of the large School Buses was wrecked North West of here as it was returning children to their homes. Some of the children were hurt badly. The Bus was demolished after turning over several times.

Evening rains.

May 1, 1941, Thursday

The first hours are cloudy. School Buses are passing filled with cheerful boys and girls coming to School after being absent several days this week because of washed out Roads. I put out a few cuttings and pulled some weeds from flower beds. Looks like their is more Rain coming! Everything looking well, only the flower seedlings seem to be slow-growing beside the hardy Weeds. Scripture read Hebrews 6:10-20

Have a lot more clippings for my Book of Pioneer Celebration. It may take many more days to complete it and spacing some Kodak pictures in odd places.

Mary took me to Del Rio last night to see a good comedy. We were tired from day's activities and were glad to return early to Retire to Rest.

Today was cloudy for awhile. At Noon the Sun shone out brightly for hours then dark clouds and thundering came along and another Shower of Rain. Men were grading the muddy Road at that time.

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