Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

October 31, 1941, Friday

SNOW! A great flurry of big Snow fell for about 40 minutes on wet ground where it melted as it lay there. We had wished for a change of weather so we got it. School is dismissed till Monday November 2, as Teacher's Meeting at Weatherford is Thursday and Friday. Today is the last day of October. About 24 days have had rain.

This is Halloween, when all the Spooks and Goblins will be nosing about scaring us. Wonder what imps about town will damage tonight. My system is "run down" and I am chilled with cold. My throat is sore. Dad and Frank left for the Store this morning.

The Sun came out clear and bright at 10 A.M. and there isn't a trace of the Snow now. The North Wind is brisk and blows cold. Scripture reading Matthew 5:1-10.

It seems I can never get warmed through. Frank come at Noon. I cooked him some hot Biscuits. He and Mary started to town and bogged in mirey Highway at entrance to our Driveway. Some man helped pull them out. Mary went to Clinton to see Masquerade and Spooks. The rest of us preferred sitting by the warm fire reading something interesting. I wrote Dr. Gossom about George Jr's Birth Certificate.

October 30, 1941, Thursday

Dark dreary damp weather. After the Rain during the night the Wind has veered to the North. May be it will clear the clouds away and bring freezing weather soon. School Buses are late dragging along over the muddy highways. Scripture reading I Thess. 4, Psalm 77.

I will read some today in the books from the P.W.A. Library. The bad weather continues through out the day and the worst is yet to come. The Heavy Rains and disastrous floods, washouts and muddy Roads abound in Oklahoma and other States. Frank didn't come for Mary until Noon. Mary and I enjoy reading the new Books. A letter from Lela asking me to get George H. Jr. Birth Certificate and help her get her other Children's Births recorded.

October 29, 1941, Wednesday

Gloomy, dreary looking weather. It looks as if it just as soon Snow as not. The Gas Heater and Light are both burning. The School Bus from the West was half an hour late. Seems more like mid Winter than the beginning of Fall weather. Scripture reading Joshua 24:14 - 25.

I almost caught up with my correspondence yesterday. Have a few more letters to write soon.

Getting colder and rain falling. Dark and gloomy. A killing frost prophesied for Friday. The Band Concert was to be tonight if not rained out again.

Richard here to spend the night and to attend the Band Carnival. He reported a good time and a crowd there. A Misty Rain is falling. Mary got two of the new Books that the P.W.A. opened up at the Library. I did some crocheting on Lace.

October 28, 1941, Tuesday

Cold North wind with Sun shine to warm up the Air. I suffer with Stiff joints and aches caused by sudden change in weather. Scripture reading Psalm 36.

Dad and Frank went to Gip to see about crops, cattle and work of gathering corn. The Overflow was very bad over the Bottomland. There are over 200 cattle to be fed this winter out there and about 50 here.

I wrote Loys, Mildred and Lela. Put in the whole day writing. Another interesting letter from Jack. He will be home for Christmas so he says. Mary took Thelma Marvin to Butler to see about Taxes. Have an attack of Sinus that keeps me sneezing and throat sore.

October 27, 1941, Monday

Wind from the North brings breezes, rather cool and brisk. The Sun is brightly shining and may warm up the atmosphere some. Mary and Dad went to town by Sunup. She returned to do the kitchen work.

There are many tasks awaiting me such as writing, crocheting lace, and things in general around the house. Scripture read Exodus 13:21, Exodus 15:1-19.

The house has a restful quietude. Frank and the hired man are fixing fences. Gathered a large Vase of Zinnias and Marigolds. May be the last of the Season's blooms. The colors are bright and intense hues. The Hardy Asters are loaded with blossoms. The yellow and bronze Mums also the ever-blooming ones with Marigolds and Zinnias all make beautiful beds of flowers. The Vincas, Petunias, Flour o'clocks beside the flowering Shrubs, the Nandina with Red Berries and leaves and the Pomegranite is very beautiful. The cold north wind is tumbling leaves from the Trees. I upholstered my large Mahogany chair with bright Indian Blanket. Did some crocheting on lace.

October 26, 1941, Sunday

Clear and cooler with wind from the north. I arose early took my bath, cooked breakfast and ate alone. The children, Betty, Barbara and Marilyn, are never still they are getting anxious to go home, having spent four days and nights here, not expecting to stay but one. The roads are drying some but there are washouts that are impassable. It may be days & days before the highways are passable. The Cotton Crops are damaged and other late crops. Scripture reading Genesis 15:5, Isaiah 40:26.

Mary, Barbara and Marilyn with myself went to Matinee. Saw Dive Bomber with Errol Flynn, Fred McMurray, very good picture and story in Technicolor. Grace come in for the children. Mary spent the time with Thelma Marvin and Mary Marvin (Frank's wife). A long letter from Mildred with Crayola pictures by Jerryl and writing by Robin that is very good. Another letter from Loys. She and AlLean attends Art School. Wind is cooling off. Maybe Frost tonight.

October 25, 1941, Saturday

Dark, damp and dreary. Mist is heavy. Barbara Ann and Marilyn are restless, running up and down the Broad Stairways. Betty stayed with Ernestine last night. Maybe Grace can come in today after the children.

The bushes and plants that were lately set out look very fresh and at home, never showing any wilt.

A little cooler, I had the Gas heater burning last night in my room. No one else seemed to feel the damp coolness. Scripture reading Ephesians 2:12-21

Mary come home at Noon with 5 girls instead of 3, Ernestine White and Mary Joe Askew, Betty, Barbara and Marilyn. Their loud noise and squealing nearly run me crazy. They went back to town. A rain about 2 P.M., but the traffic kept passing. Grace's family here since Wednesday when School was dismissed. Mary and Frank went to Clinton at night. Mr. Wagoner brought Dad and children home.

October 24, 1941, Friday

Cloudy with a heavy mist so dense that the vision can only reach a short distance. The girls, Barbara, Betty, Marilyn walked to School. They never waited to help me with the dishes nor morning work. Scripture reading I John 4:7-8. Have those Shrubs to plant today when soil dries out some.

Frank finally got those Bushes set out. School was dismissed because some of the 7 Buses could not come over the mud. Grace's girls are here and will stay the night. Mary cooked dinner for them.

The creeks are all out of banks, the Washita River is over it's boundaries and back water fills the Trenches for hundreds of yards.

Halloween will soon be here, parties have already been decorated for the Occasion.

October 23, 1941, Thursday

Rain! More Rain! So Dark that the Lights are burning at 11 A.M. The Rain will settle the dirt around Roots of the plants set out yesterday and the Bulbs will never realize they were ever moved. The Rain has been pouring down so fast and hard making the yard look like a small Lake. I fancy myself on an Island or ark as I gave out upon it. The lightning is fierce making me shudder after seeing it and hearing the Thunder. Scripture read John 15:7-15.

Frank had a hard time plowing and stalling in the boggy road when he and Dad come home last night and this morning as they went to town.

Mary is at Mabel Teel's during this siege of Rain and mud. I wrote Jack and did some work in yard after the Rain. I bought some Shrubs at Gosslyn's.

Grace's children are here for the night, the girls, but Bobby went home. Looks like we are going to get more Rain. The River is Bank full. Rufus Dovel come in to tell Dad that Barnetz Creek covered all the bottom land at Gip and Beaver Creek is up over the Road at Railroad and Bridge.

October 22, 1941, Wednesday

Another Rain during the night and the morning up till Noon. Ive been busy repotting and arranging my house plants. Frank come up to repair the Light fixtures. The School Buses were rained out so there is no School today. Too wet to work outdoors, can't finish transplanting the Plants I got yesterday. Fine Rain for those Fox gloves plants that were re-set yesterday. Hope it will dry enough for me to plant the Mums and Hardy Phlox for the moisture is fine for them. The Houseplants look some hardy and fresh. Scripture reading Hebrews 13 and Romans 12.

Mary after her walk to the store in the mud preferred spending the night with Mabel. Dad returned in Afternoon. He said the Roads were washed out and boggy, really dangerous traveling over them.

October 21, 1941, Tuesday

Pleasantly warm Springlike weather, partly cloudy. Ideal to work among Flowers and Shrubs in the yard. Scripture reading Romans 8:24-28.

Dad has gone to Gip for the day. He and Grace will go see some farms to find a home place for herself and family. Wrote Josephine a Thank You card for little favors.

Mary took me to Tuckers Nurseries where I spent the Afternoon and bought some Plants for the Yard. Lillies, Irises, Carnations, Mums, Vitex Tree, Hardy Phlox, and Geraniums and Fern Poinsettia for the house. Mary had the Car greased and washed. Betty Lou and girl classmate went to buy a Potted Plant for a boy of their Class in Hospital. We returned 3:45 P.M for the girls to go home on the Bus. I set out many of the Plants before dark, the others will have to wait till tomorrow.

October 20, 1941, Monday

A lovely day, like warm pleasant Spring time. Sun shining on brightly colored flowers. Annual and Perennials full of blooms. I transplanted some Fox Gloves and Carnations. Washed up the dishes and made Frank some good hot Biscuits for his dinner. Much extra work to do as Mary has not returned from visit with Josephine yet at 2 P.M. Scripture read Romans 4:18, Romans 8:24-37. Clouds covered the sky most of afternoon, which was much warmer.

Mary returned home about 8 P.M. reporting a pleasant visit with Josephine. The Buses are filled to overflowing and Taxis go along with the over plus passengers. Josephine sent me some Persimmons. They were so very sweet and juicy, first I had eaten for years. Also gave me some pretty "toys" for shelf.

October 19, 1941, Sunday

Cloudy and looks like more Rain. There was a heavy Mist at Day break that dampened the Air, made the Road slick. Frank and Dad brought the mail then went on to Gip where Grace will join them in a tour over County looking for a farm for Grace and the children. They may be gone all day. Lela wrote me a long interesting letter of family news. I didn't feel like going with the rest so will read Magazines and News, maybe write a letter or two and work a cross-word puzzle. There were 8 or 9 photograph negatives of Lela's family to be developed. The Sun may Shine forth soon, hope it would. That would make it more cheerful. Scripture reading John 11:17-44.

Fannie stopped on way from Sunday School. I'm so glad to see her take an interest. When Fanny left Guy Pafford, Bob Vaughn and lady companions came and stayed 3 hours. Frank and Dad never went any further than Gip. It was too muddy. So they returned before the folks left here. We had a late Lunch, then took Dad to Pasture. Frank and I spent 2 or 3 hours at Clinton. We brought some Strawberry Ice Cream to bring home to eat and some for Dad.

Thus the day (I thought would be lonely) was filled full of company.

October 18, 1941, Saturday

A very lovely warm October day. The Sun is bright and has dried up the muddy Road and the flowers have a crisp tenderness and bright colors. I spend hours in the yard pulling old plants from among the newer blooming ones. Essa Simmons wrote me she would give me lots of seeds and plants. She has been away on long Vacation in many States. Was with Junior awhile at Los Angeles. He may be sent to China soon, but will return to Honolulu, Hawaii first. War seems to be drawing nearer us. Have a Card from Thursa at Santa Monica with Jimmie and Betty seeing the Sights and enjoying it. Scripture reading Luke 4:31-43.

Essa wrote that Little Joyce joined the Church Sunday, before being baptised she sang a song and looked so sweet and pretty. Essa's pride is pardonable as Joyce is an unusual child in many ways. Her talents are for music, singing and speaking, also belongs to Junior High Band, is Twirler leading the Parade in Yukon.

Grace and her 2 youngest children took me to Matinee 4 to 7 P.M. which shortened the day.

October 17, 1941, Friday

Another cloudy damp day with Muddy Roads and School Buses late. Scripture Read Hebrews 11th chapter. Damp weather makes my aches and cold worse. We are all later getting around as the dampness slows down Traffic and Trade. Floods and Washouts in different States with disastrous losses of Life and Property. A woman died at Clinton Hospital that was in a Car wreck a few days ago, and there are others reported.

I wrote Mildred a letter. Mary went to Okema to spend week-end with Josephine Cronin. Frank took her to the Bus Station. That left me alone for the day. Dad and Frank were 1 1/2 hours late at night. Frank had gone to Gip with another Truck-load of cattle Dad bought at Clinton Sale. They stalled in the mud for a long time making them that late. I was very uneasy and nervous, being alone, not knowing what was the matter or where they were. It was too late for me to eat supper.

Little Rolla's Anniversary of Death. Oh the years have been long since he left me heart broken and lonely.

October 16, 1941, Thursday

Cold and damp, the Rain Season isn't over yet it seems. Much damage has been done property and loss of life in many places by the heavy rains. We had 4 inches the last 2 days. Colder clearer weather is expected soon. Cotton picking has stopped and it is being damaged by too much Rain.

Scripture read Psalm 4. Some School Buses are very late coming over the muddy Roads. The Geese and Ducks are going South to Winter.

Mrs. Lighthill gave me some lovely flowers with some Seed to sow next Spring. This has been another dark drizzly day it makes my aches and pains greater, have had fire burning all day to drive out dampness. Mary brought me a lot of nice fresh fruit, Peaches, Apples, Grapes and Bananas, all the best grades and size.

October 15, 1941, Wednesday

Every things looks drowned out by the Hard Rain during the night. The School Buses were late coming in over washed out Roads. Bobby and his sisters walked to School through the mud as the Car was down town. Perhaps the skies will clear off today. The Gas Heaters are burning to dry and warm the rooms. Scripture read Prov. 29:18 and Acts 28:12-23.

One School bus was 2 1/2 hours late. The day remained dark and gloomy with a slow rain occasionally. I made a Pot of Hot Soup for Lunch to nourish and warm the family. Have had fire all day and Light burning part time.

October 14, 1941, Tuesday

Rain falling at 8 A.M. We have free tickets to Circus at 2 P.M. It may stop raining in time to go. I rested fairly well last night. Scripture read I John 3:1-3.

Rev. Simmons was transferred to another Place. He has been a faithful Servant of the Church, a great help to the Community. We hate to see him leave, and Pray God's richest blessings on his efforts and his family.

Mary and I took Bobby, Betty, Barbara and Marilyn to Circus at 2 P.M. The Rain had ceased then, but it hindered attendance. We enjoyed the Show.

An unusually Hard Rain fell while we were on our way Home. There were Cars stalled on the Highway having been Flooded with water in the Engine. Dad and Frank were waiting at the Store. We were a crowd of 8 when they got in the Car. The dirt Road was bad and the Downpour of Rain never ceased for hours. We were wet from coming from the Garage, the Gas was lit to dry and warm us.

October 13, 1941, Monday

A very pleasant mild Autumn morning. The Wind is rather brisk and refreshing. I have spent a few hours among the flower beds, arranging them for Springtime. Mary had to go for Produce at Clinton. Frank will return soon from Clinton. Scripture read Isaiah 6:1-8

Dad spends most of his time riding around looking at places for Sale. They have not found what they want for Grace a home yet. Mary spent evening with Thelma Marvin. Mary came home before I retired.

October 12, 1941, Sunday

A Beautiful Autumn morning. Wind is typical of Fall and is swirling the leaves around. I gathered some Zinnias and Marigolds for large Vase in my room. They are about the last of the Year, very pretty and crisp bright colors.

Mary cooked a young Broiler for our dinner. It was tender as a Quail and not much larger. We were both hungry.

This is Columbus Day, 449 years after he discovered America.

Dad and I landed at Gip 49 years ago. Cecil's Birthday had passed, he was 3 yrs old. How wild and desolate was the land. Abounding in tall Grass, weeds and Sunflowers. Not even a Dug-out home to burrow into.

Oh the years have been many and sorrows and suffering were great. But God's Grace was sufficient and carried me through them All. There were Joys too numerous to mention. My Sons and Daughters are all gone from home except two, Mary and Frank. They are scattered in far off lands. One is a Wanderer, never satisfied to remain long at one place. Grandchildren in 4 states. The Graves of 3 children and 1 grandchild at Gip, 1 here at Arapaho, another in Union, Miss. The Family History would fill Volumes of Writing.

Mary took me to Clinton. Got treat of Ice cream and spent a couple of hours at Del Rio. We returned about 5 P.M.

October 11, 1941 Saturday

A lovely Autumn Day cool enough for a Fire in Gas Burner. Sunshine, flowers and birds. Wind a little brisk and shakes to Leaves off of Trees. A Mocking Bird is now at my window eating Berries for Vines. The Berries cover the Vines and their blue black color makes a lovely picture against White house and Green trimmings. Scripture read john 1:19-30. Wrote to Lawrence and family, sent a gift to new Baby with Congratulations to parents. A card from Lottie. She returned last week from Colorado. She spent a day and night with Loys' family. Thursa is now in California with Jimmie and Bettie.

Mary took me to Del Rio at night. Dad and Frank went too. Frank stayed down for the weekend. Mary was with friends and Grace.

October 10, 1941, Friday

A lovely Autumn morning, bright sunshine, wind cooler and leaves come tumbling down to the damp ground. Telling us of cold bleak days to come this Winter.

An interesting letter from Jack saying Dorothy and Olen Reed were out to see him and how he rejoiced over being with some kin folks once more. They had a pleasant visit together.

Scripture read John 1:35 - 49. I put some brick at the north steps and filled in with dirt where Rain washed it away. Frank had to doctor some calves. A card announcing the birth of Dorotha Mae Cobb, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Cobb, a Great grand-daughter of mine, born Oct 5, 1941 Union, Miss. I pray God's choicest Gifts to her be given. Amen!

October 9, 1941, Thursday

Cool and cloudy very pleasant to work among my flowers transplanting young plants for next Spring. The wind is from the North and is a bit cooler. I've been putting Bricks to walk on to the kitchen porch. Dad and Frank went to Clinton and may be gone most of day at Stock Sale.

Scripture read I Cor 2:1-5. Just received a letter from Mildred. Mr & Mrs. Shankland are getting along nicely. She sent pictures of herself, the children and her in-laws. A good likeness of all. Am delighted to get pictures.

Mary took Dad to the Stock Sale. I went to the Del Rio and saw Brenda Marshall play "Singapore Woman" She is a very talented actress and pretty one. The Sun shone out and Wind veered to the North lowering the Temperature.

I bought new Duplex Curtains for my windows, very pretty. Mary hung them and oh what an improvement in looks they make. They are 2 faced White on the Inside and Green on the outside.

October 8, 1941, Wednesday

Lovely soft balmy morning partly cloudy, nice for me to finish setting out the Plants I got yesterday. Am not feeling so well but am anxious to get the work done. The Winter days are coming soon and the roots ought to be established and in condition to grow when warm Spring Sun shines. This Autumn weather is very enjoyable and beautiful. The Rain that was a great benefit to farmers in this township did a lot of damage at Thomas and Stafford.

Scripture read Phil 2nd chapter. Ina said her parents were recovering from bruises and broken bones they got in a car wreck a few weeks ago.

Finished transplanting 3 dozen Hardy Phlox. It made me so very tired. Mary spent the evening at Clinton. Richard come from Ball game to spend the night.

October 7, 1941, Tuesday

Much cooler with Sun shining brightly on freshly bathed vegetation, late crops and blooming shrubs. Very pretty morning with Vining plants looking so fresh and crisp. There has been so much Rain this year to help raise Abundant Crops.

Barbara was very sleepy headed this morning, but she managed to get aroused and off to School in time.

Scripture read Matt 10, Matt 13. Afternoon, Mary went to Clinton for Produce. She took me out to Tucker's Nurseries. I bought a large Fern and some beautiful plants for the Yard among them were Hardy Phlox and an extra fine Everblooming "Mum" a most lovely one. My Hair was Oil Shampooed and curled nicely. When we returned the Plants were set out in the yard. About half of the plants were set out when night over took me.

October 6, 1941, Monday

Cool, pleasant and partly cloudy. The Sun dodges behind the clouds ever so often. All 4 of us at home at our work. Scripture read Eph 3:8-20. Luella Aggers called this morning. I enjoyed her little visit very much. Dad went to see about buying a Pair of Spectacles. Barbara came to go to Movie but it began to Rain, so she was disappointed. Rain at 7PM.

October 5, 1941, Sunday

A lovely morning, calm with the Sun shining warmly to brighten and cheer after a week of rainy weather. Mrs. Lee Wells died yesterday morning. The funeral will be this Afternoon at Christian Church. She was a true and tried Christian, doing her work in a Quiet, humble way and accomplishing much for the welfare of her Church and people in general. God Bless her Memory!

Josephine will go back to Okemah after Noon. Scripture read Matt 26:20-29. Fanny and Richard are here. Dick and the Shepherd boy drove the cattle to Gip. Frank is back home again for a while. Dad went with Grace to see about a farm for her to buy. I spent an hour or so with ladies at the Well's Residence. They prepared dinner for Mrs. Well's brothers there, the body was still at Funeral home.

The girls come for me about 2 P.M. and took me to Clinton to see Josephine leave for her Residence. I spent the time at Theater saw "Judge Harding's Family." Grace and Mary brought me home before dark.

October 3, 1941, Friday

Cloudy and cooler, had the gas burning awhile. Mary took Dad to town to meet the cattle at Filling Station to bring on here to this Pasture. He talks of buying more to feed soon. Mary will stay downtown while Dad is away from there and I have all the House hold duties to attend to. Scripture read Matthew 5:10-16. Fanny spent the morning with me. She is worried about Dick being sick with stomach and head. Mrs. Steinberg called to get my contribution to W. C. L. U.

I was suffering very much for neuralgia this morning but got easier as the day went by. Gene Garling and Mary were here at Supper time. He helped to unload the calves, then they went to meet Josephine when she came on the Bus.

E. W. Marland, Former Governor of Oklahoma, Dies at Ponca City. [pasted in headline] I liked Gov. Marland, perhaps best of all our Governors.

October 4, 1941, Saturday

Beautiful morning overhead bright shining Sun and warmly pleasant atmosphere, calm breezes. The girls Mary and Josephine with myself have been talking and walking around from One Porch to another, all 4 of them, gathering Vine Seeds. Our Conversation was of the sparkling and bubbling kind like Bubbles bursting each one passing compliments and teasing with good humor. As friends of dear standing often do when they meet after a Separation of some time.

Scripture read John 9:15-39, Matt 11th chapter. The Road is muddy but the Sun and Traffic will soon dry it out. Girls have gone to town. Dad and 4 men vaccinated the calves and branded them. At night Mary took the men and Gene to Clinton. Josephine and I went along it being Saturday night there was a crowd Jamming the Streets. We returned by 9:30 P.M.

October 2, 1941, Thursday

Rain and sloppy miry roads. Pleasantly warm with no fires and the doors open. Each day there is some work done to make the Yard look better and fit it for Spring time. Also there are Plants added to Windows for Winter blooming. Maybe I will buy some more that are in Bloom now, for Yard and house. Scripture read Luke 10:36-37, Mark 10.

I wrote to Jack and Mildred today. Dad bought some cattle and they go to the Pasture on homeplace. Mary took me to Clinton. Mrs. Teel bought my ticket to Del Rio. I enjoyed the play it was well acted and presented.

Ina told Mary her parents (Shanklands) had been in a Car wreck lately. Mildred hasn't written the news to me yet, Poor folks. They are getting old and broken bones go hard for old folks. They have my sympathy.

October 1, 1941, Wednesday

Cool and moist, the mist hung on all night. Mary finished her house work, took Dad to the Store and the little girls to School. Betty had spent the night with Ruth Dovell at Clinton. She will come to School when the Court House bunch come to work at 8 A.M.

A heavy cloud of Mist is overhead but it may clear off by Noon. Scripture read Mark 10, Acts 12:8, Psalm 104:11-14

First day of the month October, the Autumn is beginning pleasantly and with moisture for the Winter feed and pasture. I pulled some of the Stalks of the Summer flowers. All of us were tired at night we read awhile then retired to our beds thinking we would get a good Rest of body and mind, the moisture is still falling. The ground is sloppy wet.

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