Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

September 30, 1941, Tuesday

Warmer and Rainy! the moisture fell all night slowly soaking the Soil. Making Roads bad in the country. Two of the School Buses were an hour late. I have the light lit and Heater burning to keep the dampness out and have lamps to read and work by. The moisture is appreciated by the farmers and the Cotton can open more and the late crops grow more. Mary and Dad went to the Store to be gone all day. I shall do the household tasks by taking my leisure resting at intervals.

This is the last day of September. Scripture read John 12: 32-41, Matt 9:27-38. We will have possession of Land at Gip until January 31st, 1942. Last Bouquet of flowers gathered for the house. Clouds are clearing away some at Noon.

6 P.M. Mary come home and prepared supper for Gene Garling, Betty Lou, Barbara and Marilyn, then went to bring Dad home. After that She took all but Dad to Clinton. I enjoyed the Comedy very much at Del Rio. The Mist had stayed on all day. About 1 inch of moisture.

September 29, 1941, Monday

Cold and rainy, have my Gas heater burning. Mary finished the housework and went to the Store. She may go to Gip to take Roy Schwabe. He will go back and forth. Dad is going to sell the Old Homestead. Cattle are being fed for Market. Scripture reading Matt 5:14-16 , I Peter 2, Mark 4:21-22

When Frank come home he went back to the Bland farm and feed. The Butane Gas man filled the tank and repaired the lights in the house. When the drizzly dreary day ended, Mary and Dad returned to the house from the Store. He brought the Papers for me to sign, on Gip Homestead that 50 years have been passed in Ownership since the Settlement of Oklahoma 1892 (April 19). Many many Eventful days, some very sad and some very trying to our temperaments as well as some of pleasure in helping to shape a Rough new Country and Christianize and pattern it after God's Will, cultivating the Best of Material, tempering things and eliminating as much Bad as we could. I give a Sigh of Relief as well as of Sorrow in releasing our claim of Ownership, it is almost like parting with a child. We have 3 children buried beneath the Soil out there and 1 grandchild.

September 28, 1941, Sunday

Rain! Cold shower of rain about 9 A.M. wind blowing strong from the Northeast. I arose at my usual time and prepared breakfast for Dad and myself, just we two at home. He was cold and lit the Gas heater for the first usage since last Spring. The warmth from it's Rays was very acceptable and comfortable. Dad went to town after the Mail. Scripture read John 8:12-32, Matt 9:9-17.

The Wind is blowing the Rain clouds away and the Sun is almost showing. Cars with families are going to Church. Long dreary day with it's cold wind chilling us and the Drizzle. Raindrops soaking everything. Mary, Fanny and Richard returned from the State Fair about 9 P.M. The ride was rough over the country road out to Fanny's home. Dad and I read the Papers and Magazines to pass away the time. Mary bought her a beautiful Coat and other things. She saw Estelle and Don. Russie and Rosalie had grown very much. Josephine spent two days time with Mary.

September 27, 1941, Saturday

Strong South Wind blowing and slapping things down and around. It is the time of Equinox Disturbances, Storms and Earth quakes. Jack wrote about feeling the Tremors of one at San Jose, California. They are not feared any more than our Sand Storms or Cyclones. Scripture reading Psalms 42 & 43. Harvest Festival beginning the 27th and lasts a week.

Saturday morning the week end farmers are hauling their Cotton to Gin and Products to Market keeping the highways traveled over much and very dirty. Dad walked home. It was dark. He had some fresh beef which I soon fried for him. Frank went to Clinton for the weekend. That leaves just Dad and I here.

September 26, 1941, Friday

A cool calm beautiful September morning, fine for harvesters in field and fine for the State Fair Visitors. Mary took Fanny and Richard in our Car. They left for the City at 9 A.M. I watered some of my nice Plants as the air and ground are so dry.

I will be by myself from early Dawn until after Dark when Dad and Frank return from days work at the Store. There are many little tasks for me to do in the "mean time" such as work among flowers. The "Mums" will be full of Blooms. They must be cultivated and watered and all the housework will be for me to do until Monday Morn.

Scripture reading Matt 24 and Luke 9. God help us to persevere until the End and reach our Perfection through Jesus Christ. Amen! At night when Dad and Frank came home Grace and her little girls were with them. I went to Clinton Del Rio where A Harvest Queen was elected. Ruth Dovel was 2nd choice. An Arapaho Girl won the Title and will be given a whole weeks social activities and will contend for other greater honors.

Grace had bought all the girls new outfits for Winter. They are pretty children and I pray God's richest blessings upon them and Grace. Received a long letter from Jack.

September 25, 1941, Thursday

Weather much cooler with a brisk North wind blowing. Scripture read Rev. 21 & 22 chapters. Everyone moving around swiftly to keep up with the Breezes that chill the body.

I gathered a Bouquet of late beautiful blooms, large and small marigolds, bright colors of zinnias with Mint leaves. The frost will soon claim them and the dry weather. I did a little work in the yard removing dead stalks of plants. There are sewing projects awaiting my attention, making of chair backs.

Received a Letter from Lela filled with news. George and others of her Kindred sick. Villa expecting a Baby this month. Mary Alice is in poor health also. Mary and Fannie are going to take Richard to State Fair tomorrow.

Cotton is opening fast. Even women that never work in field are out snapping cotton as it is ready and white to be garnered. Price / dollar for 100 lbs, thee is to be a beautiful crop this year.

September 24, 1941, Wednesday

Cool calm and cloudy, pleasant lovely weather. Reports of New Mexico floods are bad and trains are delayed, bridges washed out in many places. Everybody taking their time about their work. Mary is doing housecleaning. Frank and Dad are at the Store. I worked some among my flowers. There are an abundance of blossoms but they need moisture. The grasshoppers are numerous and damaging to the plants. Scripture Jeremiah 17:5-8, John 15:8-16.

Grace went over to the State Fair yesterday. The children were with her to see the sights. Mary intends going later this week.

Afternoon, Mary took the Car to Clinton for Gene Garling to repair. I went to get a Shampoo, we were gone until 6 P.M. Mary spent the evening at Clinton. Grace came by for her. Gene let the heavy Fender fall on his arm and cut a big Gash which caused him to faint. Dad has hay fever caused by working in the Dust for threshing Alfalfa seed.

September 23, 1941, Tuesday

Nice weather for the First of Autumn, cool calm and pleasant, mellow soft Sunshine. Frank and Dad left 6:30 A.M. with Car for Gip fields. Mary had to walk to town. The housework falls on me to do. I take my time at it by resting, then beginning again until tasks are finished. So pleasant Outside to labor in yard but my strength wont permit of doing both jobs, so do the inside work because it has to be done while the other can wait awhile. Scripture reading II Timothy 2 ch., Psalms I.

Produce is much higher. Beef is 35cts a pound and the Commodities in general have risen in prices. The First Volunteers in Army (Oklahoma) are home again. Frank and Dad returned about 5 P.M. from Gip having the hay finished. Mary had a Date at night but Frank and I went to Clinton with them. Cloudy weather looks like Rain was coming soon. New Mexico is having cloudbursts and bridges are washed out in places. Trains are several hours late each day.

September 22, 1941, Monday

A lovely balmy cool morning. All 4 of us up by 6 A.M. Dad and Frank with a bunch of men went to Gip to put up hay and cut feed. Mary is at the Store running things there. I have all the household tasks to do and will be too busy to get lonely or miss them. The Atmosphere has that twinge of Autumn and the Haziness of Skies with subdued colors & Sunshine. Scripture read I Cor. 10+18 ch.

I find so much comfort and joy in reading the Holy Word, and inspiration in knowing "All things work together for the Good of those who love and Serve the Lord." Knowing each Victory will help some other to win. Living a Life of Christian Virtues, Standing fast, quitting ourselves like Men and being Valiant, making us able to Stand and WithStand. Phillipians 4:13.

Today is the 1st day of Autumn, very pretty. Farmers are hurrying to their Field labors. The traffic goes by rapidly and never ceases. I have many tasks with much time to spend at it so it will be enjoyable labor. Barbara Ann and her 3 girl companions come at Noon to get some drinking water to take with them to the Canyon. They were to eat their Picnic lunch there. I finally got all the dishes washed at Noon, was just weak in body and breathing. Dad and Frank was after dark returning home from Gip. Mary walked from Store and when the Car come she had a Date to go to Clinton.

September 21, 1941, Sunday

Beautiful cool calm and pleasant morning. We will go visit Cecil and Lena today. Our men folks are all busy now preparing their Feed for Stock and gathering and grinding Grain. Scripture John 6:51-71. Dick is here consulting Dad about affairs on farms. His mother, Mrs. Boyse visited them this week.

We returned from Cecil's about 5 P.M. after an eventful day of Pleasures and misfortunes. Lena is an excellent hostess everything was Spic and Span. She was looking so neat and lovely in dark blue with white dotted housedress, white collar, white slippers tipped with black. She always has a Welcome Greeting for each when she runs to open the Gate for us. Cecil was on his pretty Pony with an Armful of Roasting Ears. Ned (the dog) was trotting along with them, all made a picture of a prosperous farmer riding through a Land of Peace and Plenty.

Mary and Dad had a Tire flat before starting to town after mail. The Car Clutch was out of fix. We went on and had a pleasant visit and number One dinner ended with Ice cream and Cherry Pie. Then we drove down to the Creek a most beautiful place with green trees along the Banks and Canyons where Cecil and Lena have 50 young shoats and their mothers fat and sleek. When we started back up the hill to go to the house the Car Clutch refused to work and we were stalled.

Cecil walked to the house after Tractor to pull us up the hill. Then Cecil tightened up the Running Gear of Car and then we left for home. Cecil and Lena followed along for 2 miles opening & shutting gates. The heavy chains were in Car in case of accident or stalling of Car. I holding my breath all the time, dreading a Mishap - but none happened but Mary had to be very careful driving to prevent another Accident with the Clutch. Finally we reached home in Safety. Mary, Frank and I took the Car to Clinton to see if it could be fixed there but found no one to do the job. Wind very strong.

September 20, 1941, Saturday

Beautiful morning, delightfully cool calm. Flowers and birds are still bright and flirting with each other. Every one up at their work early enjoying the manifold blessings God give us. Cattle Trucks loaded with nice looking stock pass each day going to and from the farms near here. Frank is resting today. Scripture read 1 Cor 10:12-13, II Cor 1:12.

My breathing comes easier since the cool days are here. Men are cutting their stalk feed. Each day my Seeds are gathered and put with others stored away. A long letter from Mildred telling of hurting her back a few weeks ago, of the kids going to school and the things they do and say. They will go to a Circus this next week and will see many exciting things.

At night all 4 of us went to Clinton, as is usual on Saturday night. Weather is fine.

September 19, 1941, Friday

Morning is delightfully cool and fresh calm Air with flowers taking on a brighter hue and crispness. Mockingbirds and Orioles are still with us. All of us in a Land of Plenty and Beauty is much to Praise God for.

The Custer County 4-H Club Boys & Girls, FFA with their Exhibits of Stock and Art left today for State Fair at Oklahoma City. They will stay at Fair Grounds for 9 days in the Dormatories. Bobby Cobb is listed among them about 30 or more boys and girls.

Grace come by on the way to Laundry. Mary went with her and will get a Shampoo. Frank went to Gip to see about work out there. Scripture reading II Timothy 4:7, Hebrews 2. If God be for us. John 13:1, Isaiah 41:10 Psa 121:5

Frank returned at 6 P.M. exhausted over a long days work in Alfalfa field. Dad has some cattle in Feed lot to fatten for Sale at Thanksgiving time. I feel better since Mary brought me some Tonic to take.

September 18, 1941, Thursday

A beautiful September morning, pleasant and cool invigorating Atmosphere since the Showers of Yesterday when the moisture washed the Dust laden Air, giving us a Rarified, Clarified and Purified Atmosphere to breathe today. Soon the last days of Summer 1941 will be gone with the Wind. All was pleasant and beneficial to our Enjoyment, more beautiful flowers, fruit, food stuff, melons, feed for man and beast than usual for many years past.

[pasted in text from print] For out of the abundance of blessings received, show a practical gratitude by sharing with the unfortunate. There is much confusion now, because of the dislocation of certain industries. Many are finding themselves, at least temporarily, out of a job. There is need for practical sympathy on the part of the most prosperous. America has never followed the general tendency to accept the bounty of the earth as a commonplace occurrence. Skillful farming, it is true, must be credited to the farmers of the land, but in the planting, sowing and reaping God Does the Most. The promises of God are sure and the fruit bearing of the earth is a promise of God. "While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest - shall not cease," was His promise to Noah, when after the ark landed, the Patriarch built an altar to the Lord. There is enough, but in times like these there are always some who are far removed from the source. [end text]

Scripture lesson Col 3:1-14. A card from Essa Simmons at San Pedro, California where they are waiting the Incoming of the Fleet that Sewell Simmons will come to U.S. Landing. When Essa can be with her Son a short while before putting "Out to Sea" again. My time is mostly given to gathering seed for next year's Vines and flowers. Mary and I motored to Clinton to spend a couple of hours and for the Drive in fresh Air the night was pleasant, Starlit skies, cool and calm.

September 17, 1941, Wednesday

Shower of Rain, 8 A.M. Cool and cloudy with passing Showers to sprinkle the Dust and cool the Atmosphere after it was washed and purified by the moisture. I spent some time among the flowers, gathering some and removing Old Stocks from the Yard. This moisture will help vegetation and freshen the flowers.

Grasshoppers are damaging stuff some. Scripture read Matt 11 and John 6:16-21. Mary did the housework and went to the Store. Frank is at home with me first time in a long while. This dampness makes my joints ache worse, but my breathing is better. Have my Room cleaned and dusted.

Reading and resting shall occupy my mind and body most of the day. The last of my Watermelons grown among the flowers was cut today. It was of an excellent grade, good color, good taste, crisp and sweet. A nice heavy shower come about 1 P.M. then the Sun shone out. At night all 4 of family motored to Clinton for 2 hours. Mary took me to the Ritz Theater to see a Good Picture by good Actors. The night was pleasant and cool after the Showers of Afternoon, but very dark. Traffic is heavy, but Safety Driving is carried out better than in the Past. There are not many Road Hogs anymore.

September 16, 1941, Tuesday

Pleasant morning, partly cloudy early hours then the Sun shone out clear, with calm winds. Scripture reading Mark 4:35-41. Am still weak from aches and stiffness in joints. I did a little work but have spent time in reading (mostly). Am not planning much work yet for the Winter hours. Mary finished the house work and went to help Dad at the Store. My flower seeds are gathered each day. Frank returned about 1 P.M. after the Alfalfa was cut for seed thrashing.

September 15, 1941, Monday

Partly cloudy and cool, a little moisture in the atmosphere, most of us wish for Rain. Frank and hired hands will make hay if it does not rain today. Scripture reading Psalm 93.

I am going with Mary and Frank to Gip for the Drive in fresh Air now 9 A.M. am rather weak today. Mary and I returned in an hour after leaving here. Grace was not at home so we hurried back to town the drive was enjoyable. I prepared a lunch and then ate alone after working in the yard an hour. Then did the dish washing for Breakfast and Lunch.

Lena visited with me while Cecil loaded up some Rye seed to sow. We had so many things to talk about. They wouldn't stay all night but hurried home to do their chores before dark. Cecil has sold 3 or 4 hundred hogs this week and has more to sell. He has 46 young shoats to feed this Winter. She has almost a hundred young hens to keep through till Spring besides the one saved to eat. Mary and I retired about 8:30 P.M. both tired.

September 14, 1941, Sunday

Scripture reading Psalms 107:29-30. Weather cool and pleasant. Wind rather Blustery and dust is flying when Traffic goes by in a hurry. Most of the Tents, Pens, Booths also the Stands and Dance Platform were moved by day-light. Cars were passing all night long.

I got Part of a Good Night's Rest and feel more like exercising than yesterday. It will be hard for us to get back to our daily Routine of work and making a living after a week of Pleasure at the County Fair such as what we have just passed through. Grace and Mary after Noon took me and went after Mabel and Thelma Teels to go motoring. They left me at Clinton and they drove to Elk City and back by 6 P.M. when I was picked up and brought home again while they spent the evening together driving about.

September 13, 1941, Saturday

Cloudy cool and pleasant, a foretaste of Autumn weather. Scripture reading Roman 1:1-17

The M.E. Aid has done well financially and their work was hard but pleasant. The town folks did what they could to add pleasure and help carry expenses.

This cloudy weather makes my joints ache very much. Frank had his hand hurt this week but the swelling is going down in it now. He went home with Fannie's family. Every one voted the County Fair Exhibits far ahead of late years.

Cecil and Lena were in town today. They are so very busy with their cattle and hogs and intend building a Dam soon beginning next week. Federal Aid will be used.

The County Fair closed as it had run through 4 days pleasantly and with crowd pleased over the judging the exhibits of Stock, Poultry, Arts, the 4-H and Home Demonstration Clubs, F.F.A., Canning and Products of all kinds. With pleasant surroundings and memories of pleasant associations lingering around us to remind us of the event of 4 days.

September 12, 1941, Friday

Cool pleasant weather, 3rd day of County Fair. A joyous crowd of People meeting friends of long ago. Scripture 1 John 2:12-17. Rodeo drew a large crowd and crowds were larger at the Exhibit Halls. A Shower of Rain sprinkled the people at 4 to 5 P.M. Many left for their homes, but many came in place of them for the night entertainment. It was a joyous time for friends to meet their friends. I gave some of my pretty Red Marigolds to others for seeds.

Clipping attached: Out of State Visitors

Out of state visitors at the Custer County Free Fair were:

R. W. Martin, Boston, Massachusetts; Victor Wickersham, Washington, D.C.; Mrs. M. D Bishop, Crescent City, Florida; C. P. Larson, Fargo, North Dakota; Mrs. Maude Whitenack, Lynwood, California; Mrs. R. L. Williams, Grandview, California; Margaret Scott, New London, Iowa; W. O. Goff, Topeka, Kaan; Mrs. A. Teeple, Mankato, Kan; Lester & Thelma Whitaker, Nara Vista, New Mexico; Mrs. A. J. Welch, Floydada, Texas; Q. H. Sanders, San Anonio, Texas; A. T. McClendon, Warren, Arkansas; Oscor and Gladys Holden, Ludlow, Missouri; Mr. and Mrs. Irving R. Fields, Braymer, Missouri; Mrs. A. Lowery, Newton, Mo.

Out of County Visitors: Lawrence Morris, Stillwater; H. Brennon, Stillwater; Bob and Ada Potter, Holdenville; Mrs. S. Payson, Enid; J. F. Crabb, Foss; Hermand Swart, Rock; Ken Royse, Elk City; Bob Jones, Oklahoma City; Dick Lyon, Oklahoma City; E. D. Wall, Oklahoma City; Mrs. P. E. Jantzen, Hammon; G. E. Geyer, Foss; Lelan and Gertrude Towns, Foss; Mr. and Mrs. Woods, Foss; J. W. and Annie Schall, Leedey; Loren Bailey, Vinson; Mrs. J. T. Williams, Cordell; Arlyn Ware, Cordell; Marie W. Collins, Cordell; Mrs. G. W. Bruce, Enid; W. H. Krey, Minco; Bessie Garrison, Cheyenne.

September 11, 1941, Thursday

Calm and cool, very pleasant. Second day of County Fair. Mary went after Fanny. Scripture read Matt 5:13-16. I must be ready to go with Mary when she returns from Fanny's. The walk made me so very tired that I care to try it over today.

Pageant given by 3 Clubs and Butler Band was extra good.

September 10, 1941, Wednesday

Scripture read Matt 23:1-10. First day of County Fair. Quite cool, a top-coat feels comfortable. The Sun will warm up the Atmosphere, very pretty and pleasant morning for the beginning of the Fair.

The change of weather has brightened the flowers. There are millions of sunflowers along the Highways 10 and 15 feet high. I never saw more growing wild even in the Early day. Dad and Mary are at their work by Sunrise. Fanny was in last night with Richard. Dick was off with the Windmill pump to get it fixed. The Shephard boy will run the tractor and pump enough water for the stock.

I am not so well this morning, but will go to the Community Building to see the Exhibits as they are brought in and meet their owners. Walked to town by School house. Betty come out to meet me and went along by my side the rest of the way. She held to my arm supporting me across the streets.

I saw many old friends and young ones too. Mary took me to dinner at Aid Ladies Room, then thee was the whole Afternoon enjoying by looking at the Exhibits and there were many of them. Some were extraordinary. The work of placing things were over by 9 P.M. Lumber was hauled, preparatory to building a platform for entertainment at nights. Tomorrow the Judging begins. A letter from Mildred they were all well but Jerryl had not gotten his things Mary sent him for Birthday.

Clipping attached: County Free Fair Opens Wednesday
Most of First Day Will Be Spent in Placing Exhibits; Features Planned.

September 9, 1941, Tuesday

Cloudy (partly) and much cooler. A light Shower in early morning hours settled the Dust and lowered temperatures until a long sleeved garment feels comfortable. Mary and I are alone. She went to Store to open it. Dad is at Gip. I'm doing little jobs around the House, gathered some late flowers for my room and the Porch. The showers have freshened the colors and foliage and Yard looks bright and gay. Scripture reading Luke 6:45, Matt 25:31-40. Every Tree is known by his own fruit. Luke 6:44. I wrote Lela, Lottie, Mildred and Jack.

September 8, 1941, Monday

Calm and cloudy with dark rain clouds in the South and East. Mary had her Car cleaned and looking Nice and new. I told her we would sure get a Big Rain that is usually what happens when Car is fresh cleaned. President Roosevelt's mother died during the night. She was 83 years old. I have been busy trimming and training Vines around the Cistern and Back Porch. Scripture read I Thess. 4. Hebrews 12:1-3.

4 P.M. A heavy mist is falling that may turn into a Rain. But it was cloudy until 6 P.M. when the Good Will Parade passed here and prevented may from going to Custer City for Band Program celebrating the Terminus of Hard Surfacing Roads. Mary and I joined the crowd of perhaps 1,000 people. The New Surface makes a fine Road to glide over. Radios in fine Cars giving music to help rejoice over Custer County Success. We saw Brother Jim and old time friends. Grace was there but Dad stayed at Gip with her children. This makes the 2nd Road celebration we have attended.

Attached clipping:
54 Cars In Caravan to Custer City

Approximately 50 cars from Clinton and four from Arapaho joined the caravan Monday night on the chamber of commerce's goodwill trip to Custer City, celebrating the opening of the hard-surfaced road between the two towns.

Featuring the appearance of the Clinton city band, under the direction of R. A. Lloyd, the program included several short talks by Clinton and Custer City men.

Another feature presented was a men's quartet, composed of Lawrence Wise, Bernie Ray, Dr. Harry Cushman and Elgin Kern, singing several old time numbers and an appropriate composition about muddy and smooth roads.

R. E. (Bob) Roush served as the master of ceremonies. Short talks were made by Mayor V. F. Carleton of Clinton; Mayor Gene Kopp of Custer City; Everett Arney, C. F. Lowry and County Commissioner Henry Hays.

Arney said the new road would bring about closer relationship between Clinton, Custer City and Arapaho.

Hays invited the people of the county to attend the county fair at Arapaho this weekend.

September 7, 1941, Sunday

The Blustery Winds of Autumn are blowing, drying and maturing crops, gardens and flowers. Ground and Air is drier than any time during the Year. It is good Cotton producing weather, but in some locations the Boll Weevils are damaging crops. The Strong winds always tire me. But the Bad comes mixed with the Good. We must appreciate the Good by overlooking the Bad or exterminate the Evil. Scripture read II Cor. 2, Romans 6

All 3 of us, Dad, Mary and I lounged around until Afternoon. Dad went up to his room then Mary and I motored to Clinton to spend the hours until Sunset. The Wind had quieted itself by then and clouds were gathering. We got Ice and returned home.

The Club Boys and FFA have some of their Tents and Pens, also the Display Rooms are cleared and shelved for Exhibits for County Fair Sept 10-13 inclusive.

September 6, 1941, Saturday

Pleasant September weather, the Wind tires me greatly but I rest fairly well at night. Scripture read Luke 9:23, II Cor. 11: 21-33 Have had many tasks to perform this morning, it being the end of the week & getting ready for another week. Mary cleaned her rooms and has been at the Store helping Dad.

Have kept very busy all day now it is night and a Beautiful One. Mary will take Dad and I to Clinton for pleasure in motoring and sight seeing and mingling with the crowd. Full Moon is majestic. It is the Harvest Moon shining upon us and our surrounding abundance of food, crops and stock to fatten on them, flowers and plenty of needful things to make Life pleasant and profitable. All these and more make us stop to ponder over those in War torn countries and sympathize with the women and their families.

September 5, 1941, Friday

Pleasant Breeze - Sunny weather in the 70 degrees. Mary and I went after Fanny she was alone. Dick hadn't returned then. Josephine wrote Mary she had a job teaching at Okema, Oklahoma High School. Scripture read 1 Kings 18:17-39. Mary and Fanny went on to the Store. When Mary come at Noon, Dick and Frank come. I am busy at little jobs, cleaning up here and there, gathering seeds of flowers, putting away things not in use as Summer draws to an End. One week of School is passed of this Term. Mary spent Evening at Clinton with friends. Frank went to Clinton for weekend.

September 4, 1941, Thursday

Cooler, very pleasant, partly cloudy. A beautiful rainbow reaching across the Western Skies making a complete Arch. Cloudy all around except Sun in East was clear, shining, showing all the lovely tints of Rainbow. Mary had never seen a complete Arch and was so thrilled over it. Scripture reading Matt 28 ch.

A Card from Lottie, Walden, Colo., saying it was raining there and there was Frost the last of August (29th) heavy enough to kill Thursa's flowers. She spent one night with Lois' family. Frank come by to get some clothes. He and Dick were driving his cattle to Hargus farm as Dick had sold them. Frank brought in a large Watermelon about 35 pounder from my yard of flowers. The melon was extra sweet and good ripe. Mary and I motored to Clinton at night very pleasant and lovely night with Full Moon playing Peek-A-Boo among the clouds to the North the Thunder Clouds and lightning was blinding.

September 3, 1941, Wednesday

Very pleasant September morning, wind briskly fanning us. Cool indoors but Sun shines hot outside. Every growing thing in the yard needs moisture. Some of them are watered occasionally by carrying the waste water to them. Mary is cooking our Noon Lunch for she and I. Dad will have his taken to him. Frank is still at Bland's farm.

I've been Repotting more houseplants and placing them in my windows. All are looking fresh and crisp and some will bloom soon. Dad attended the Funeral of Mr. Cowles who once was Editor of town paper for many years, also served as Postmaster for a long time. Heart weakness is very wearisome to me. My work is done by piecemeal a little by little. But there seems to be lots done by night by resting between jobs.

It seems natural to see the School Busses pass and hear the happy shouts of the romping children. Scripture read Luke 12:12, Matt 25:14-30. Afternoon was spent by Mary and I at Clinton. We saw a good Matinee. She spent evening down town. Bill Muno died last night. He was a well known person, always hung around our Store for years. I was too weak to go to Elk City to spend Governor's Day with his mother and family.

September 2, 1941, Tuesday

A Pleasant Breeze, the Sun is hot. Fanny brought me a basket of Zinnias that Brother Jim gave me. He raised them. I watered some of my flowers. They are needing moisture and some are going to seed. Have Watermelon Preserves cooking. We seem to like that kind flavored with Orange and Lemon better than any fruit. The watermelon was grown among my flowers by Frank.

Fanny was here at School time, said Dick and Frank with Mr. Shepherd had gone to Pasture over Northwest of town after Dick's cattle. Scripture reading Jeremiah 19. The Watermelon Preserves were made by 4 P.M. and the Syrup is as clear as Honey and delicious taste.

Mary come at Noon with Lunch and Ice. There were 9 pints of Watermelon Preserves with what was made there are 14 pints of lovely Honey. Mary spent the evening with Mabel. I will retire early, trusting my heart will beat stronger and my work can be done with ease tomorrow.

September 1, 1941, Monday

Labor Day and First day of school Grace brought her children in. Little Billy Jean can not enter until September 1942.

Mr. Cowles died at Clinton Hospital during the night. Dad went home with Grace to see about the crops. My heart is very weak this morning. I can't stand any heat or bend over without almost falling on my head. So I will be very quiet not doing any work. Scripture reading John 9:4, II Tim 2:15.

Am alone for the day. Dad returned at supper time. The three of us drove to Clinton for fruit, Peaches & Pears, also Sweet Potatoes. I'm feeling weaker and worse as the night draws on. Mary and Dad retired hours ago.

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