Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

July 31, 1941, Thursday

A cool breeze from the north making the morning pleasant and beautiful. All of us taken our time to arise since the field work is done for this time being. Mary is doing her house cleaning. I did a little labor among the flowers and Vines. Am so weak in body & heart ailment can't accomplish very much at a time. Scripture read Rev 15.

Last day of July! which has been pleasant for mid Summer and very productive in the Corn & Gardens also Hay.  Gladys and her children were here early morning. After noon I went to Clinton with Mary. We brought fruit for Store. My hair got a shampoo & curl. Saw a good musical Comedy at movie. We brought home meats & chicken, cottage cheese & melons for supper prepared to keep from heating the Stove at night. A hard Sand Storm followed by good shower of Rain that purified & cooled the Air.  Thus ended the month of July.  Rain at Sunset. 

July 30, 1941, Wednesday

Cool breezes blow, but the hot Sun scorches the face. I did a little work among my flowers. The large Marigolds are opening. They need more water than they are getting. Frank and Rufus Dovel will finish the drilling of Oat ground today. I think Mary will go to California with Ina Sunday. Scripture read Gen 28:10-22.

Boys finished drilling about 4 P.M. and Rufus went home. Warmer in Afternoon.

Mary had a date and went to Clinton. The heat of afternoon weakened me very much. A North west wind breezed along at Sunset cooling Atmosphere with a Sprinkle of Rain.

July 29, 1941, Tuesday

A cooling Breeze, pleasant weather for late July, I am about down sick with Summer weakness. We arose an hour before day so the Tractor could be running early. Last night Dad, Mary and I drove to Clinton for Melons, Plums and Peaches. When we returned Ina and Ira Brown with children were here waiting for us. They want to go to Calif. if some one will go with them and share expenses. Mary talks of going, but I think it will prove to be just talk. If they go it will be Aug. 2nd, when they start here.

Scripture read Psalm 24, John 8:12 & 19.  The boys have one field drilled in and will finish all tomorrow. Mary and I drove to Clinton  to spend a few hours at movie. I saw Jean Hersholt & Fay Wray play "Melody for Three." Mary and Thelma were together.  We cooled off and felt much refreshed when we returned home. 

July 28, 1941, Monday

A delightfully cool, calm and pleasant morning with temperature in the lower 80s. Frank is building fence north of the house. I transplanted some "Mums" and watered and trained the Vines, the Red Ones "Scarlet O'Hara" Ann Sheridan and Blue Moon Vines are lovely now in full Bloom around the Big White House making a pretty sight with bright colored Marigolds and zinnias in fore-ground of Yard. They attract the Attention of Passer-by. Scripture read Acts 14:27, 1 Cor. 16:8-9, 11Cor. 2:12. Rufus Dovel brought the Tractor in to run this week and next week. He and Frank will Drill in the North West corner of land.

The Black-top surfacing for 183 Highway began this morning and will meet the finished Road near Taloga. It is scheduled to be finished in 3 weeks time. Mary gave me box of expensive Cosmetics.

July 27, 1941, Sunday

"Delightful cool and Beautiful morning with it's Birds, Flowers and Blooming Vines. Butterflies flitting from blossom to blossom and the whole yard covered with lovely blooms.  The Big Bell Marigolds are opening.
The yellow ones flat kind and small Harmony Reds have bloomed all Summer. Hundreds and hundreds of Vincas, Petunias, Yellow Cosmos, Lantanas, Hardy Phlox, white and orchid Fox gloves, 4 o'clocks, Hollyhocks, and Coreopsis many others too numerous to mention. Scripture reading Rev. 3.

Only Dad and I are up at 8 AM. Mary is taking her Sunday morning rest.  I am anxious to go gather my flowers for the house, the Air is so refreshing and everything inviting me to come out of the house into the Open wide spaces and View the beauties God has created for our pleasure, even the Wild Sunflowers are lovely some are 8ft (and over) tall. We call them Weeds.

At 9 AM Mary, Dad and I went to Gip. Got Roasting Ears, Okra, Cucumbers and Chickens. Brought Barbara and Marilyn home with us. Afternoon we went to Rogers Park at Clinton to eat our Picnic Supper. Grace and Mary had prepared with Watermelon and Ice Cream added.

Beautiful weather cool and calm. The children lolled about under those lovely trees, where many folks were laying on the grass asleep. Betty Lou spent the time swimming in the Pool, while the little children and I saw Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwick and Edward Arnold play "Meet John Doe." Grace and Mary visited with Thelma and Marvin. I saw the lovely little pigs of the Prize Gilt of Bobby's. He is very proud of them. His registered Calf is growing and getting in fine shape for County Fair next month. Th egirls brought us home at 7 P.M. and Bobby and his sisters were on time at Gip to tend the Stock out there. Grace and Mary spent the evening at Clinton with their friends. A beautiful pleasant ending to the last Sunday of July."

July 26, 1941, Saturday

Another light shower of Rain to make cooler weather and hasten growth of late crops. I've been gathering flowers and seeds between showers. Rain clouds over us. Mary is house cleaning while I tidy my room. Scripture reading Palm 27:4-6, Rev. 1:10.

There are more letters to be answered. May wait until next week as I have been rather busy writing this week.

At night Mary took Dad, Frank and I to Clinton. Frank stayed there over week-end. Gladys and Mary returned to go to Carnival after bringing Dad and I home.

July 25, 1941, Friday

Much cooler since Rain! How glorious the Rain! We wanted, has come and cooled the Air, settled the Dust. How refreshing the Atmosphere fanned by the breeze. Every growing thing is standing tall to say Thank You for the Bath. The mud is slowing down the Traffic, making Road slick and miry to travel over. Frank and Mary have a hard time making the turn into Driveway. The Highway 183 is closed for workers to progress with their labor and our way around is rough.

Scripture reading Matt 6:6, I Kings 19:1-13. Have more letters to write today. Boy Scouts and Truck called for Aluminum to be used in making Planes for Defense. I gave some. Gathered flowers and seeds for next years bloom. The Rain and Wind broke several of my Cannas that were blooming so prettily. Finished writing to Thursa. Clouds are gathering for another Shower of Rain. All retiring early.

July 24, 1941, Thursday

Morning is cloudy and cooler, a cloud passed over that sprinkled a few drops down. My flowers are badly in need of moisture and cooler weather. The most tender ones curled up into a crispness. Maybe Rain will come along and save them before the roots die entirely.

Mary is preparing her chickens to fry for dinner and supper. The hot weather is so disagreeable to cook supper and by putting other foods with chicken, melon and fruits it completely fills and satisfies even if it's cold.

Dad and Frank are at the Store before 7 A.M. beginning another long day of work. Scripture reading Matt. 6:5-15. Lord's Prayer.

I wrote Essa this morning. After our Noon Lunch Mary took Dad to stock sale. I went to Del Rio, saw a good comedy. We bought Melons and Peaches while at Clinton to bring home. Mary went to Carnival at night. The rest of us were glad to retire early tonight. My bones and joints ache. Clouds are gathering. Maybe there will come a Rain soon.

July 23, 1941, Wednesday

Pleasant July morning with cooling wind. Afternoon may become like those that have passes, hot and sultry. None of us feel very good or well. The weather is weakening to us. Scripture reading Mark 1:29-39

Dad and Frank are at the Store. Mary will do the housework. I will do my letter writing. Have 6 letters to answer and more come each day. They pile up fast. So will try to keep them from increasing here. I love to get letters and enjoy keeping in touch with All my children and kinfolks. Wrote Loys and Mildred.

Dad bought some young chickens and they were turned loose and have to be run out of the flower beds. Them and the dog worry me greatly over the damage they do. I hope the chickens will kill the grasshoppers.

July 22, 1941, Tuesday

A cool South wind and partly cloudy. There is a sign of Rain. I pray that we do get one to soak the ground and cool the Atmosphere and clear it of Dust. All up by 6 A.M. and at their work. Frank went to Gip to put up fence and will be gone all day with the Car. Mary is doing the house work. I'm glad for my joints hurt so bad to move around much. Scripture read Luke 18:9-14

Windmills are pumping plenty of water now. Mary got Mabel's Car to bring up the Ice and for me to go to Dinner at the Library given by M. E. Aide Women. They served about 75 plates of excellent food so tastily and attractively served. I met many old friends there. Mrs. Caldwell gave me a lovely bouquet of large Marigolds. My pretty flowers are suffering from the heat and dry weather, they won't last very long if we don't get rain soon.

Mary went to the Clinton Carnival with Grace. Dad, Frank and I drove to Clinton Fruit Market for Peaches and Melons. There was a cooling breeze that fanned our brows. I have felt the effects of the Hot days. It gives me more aches and pains. The clouds passed away without leaving any Rain. Some letter writing was begun but it can wait until another day. Good night to all.

July 21, 1941, Monday

A cooling Breeze from the South. I have Rheumatism this morning in my knees, badly. Mary had to go to the Store to run it, leaving all the housework for me, but I could not get up enough power to move my joints good, so have sat and read the newspapers of yesterday. Frank took Dad to Gip to see if they could pump enough water to water the cattle. Grace and her family had spent Sunday with the Stonebergers. Scripture read Jas. 5:14-20

Received a letter from Lela telling of Buster getting his foot badly cut while in the mountains at a Lake. Lela had 2 tumors removed from her face that threatened to become cancers. She was at Los Angelos, but never had a chance to see Mildred as the parties she was with went in opposite direction. George had been quite sick but able now to take up his work again. Nan's vacation lasted while Lela was having those tumors removed from face.

Frank and Dad returned from Gip farms at Noon, after the water was pumping good. All of us are so tired and ache, bone and muscle, that we drag our bodies to a resting place for the night Thankful for the cooling breezes to fan us while we sleep, for nights are only a few hours long.

July 20, 1941, Sunday

Pleasant Sabbath morning for July. I arose before 6 A.M., prepared my Breakfast, ate alone. The others preferred resting in their rooms. Afterward, flowers for 3 Vases were gathered and placed in the rooms. A good soaking Rain would be beneficial now as the topsoil is hard and baked. Flowers need more moisture than can be supplied from Cistern. Dad arose and ate then went to town after the mail. Frank came down later. He is about sick from working in the hot Sun. Scripture read Psalm 27 and Dan 6:12-22.

People are passing by, hundreds, some to Church and others pleasure bent. When Mary gets around we will go out to Fannie's. Richard was riding in a wagon coming from Clinton as Mary left for Clinton. Richard was heading home.

At 10 A.M. Dad, Mary and I went to Gip to see how things were out there. The cattle need more water than they get. One Windmill refuses to pump, not enough wind to turn it. They have used the Tractor on it but still the Tractor does not bring enough water up. We went on to Cecil's and found that he didn't have enough water either and was using Tractor to pump with. Lena was surprised to see us coming but she had a good dinner and ice cream. She gave me some Raspberry Jelly. She has a lot of Pickles, Cucumber, Beets, Beans, Corn, Carrots and other Vegetables canned. Fruit Preserves, too.

We come home at 5 o'clock and went to Clinton. Dad stayed here but Frank went. I come home in 2 hours. The Afternoon was Hot. I received a nice friendly letter of news from Thursa. She is lonely without her children and plans on spending part of Winter with them then come to see her mother later on.

July 19, 1941, Saturday

Much cooler this morning, quite pleasant. I watered my flowers and gathered some for the house. There are some extra pretty ones. Scripture reading Luke 23:32-43

Some flowers have gone to seed and I have those to gather for next Year's flowers. Frank returned from Dick Bland's farm where he had been helping put up Alfalfa Hay. He looked so tired and worn out from his work. The weather has been fine for Haying but so hot for humans to work in Scorching Sun.

Mary brought me a Lunch and some Ice. I've been trying to read, having been quenching my thirst with Iced Coffee. I preferred staying at home to going to Clinton as is our usual custom on Saturday night. I watch the Passenger Cars loaded with families and young couples. There are hundreds of them go by. The evening is much cooler but I am worn and weary, so will retire early.

July 18, 1941, Friday

Weather is Calm & dry. Betokens a Sultry Afternoon. Thermometer reached 100 degrees yesterday. I have watered some of my tenderest plants trying to keep them alive until a Soaking Rain falls. Frank went with Dick Bland yesterday and has not returned. Mary feels the effects of hot weather like Dad and I. We are sluggish with no ambition for anything. Scripture read Psalm 121

Too hot to work in the Yard but will spend the time sewing and reading. Grace and 3 of the girls, Betty Lou, Barbara Ann and Marilyn, come back from Little Wolf Camp. The girls went out yesterday and spent the night and today there. It was Marilyn's first time to go camping with 4-H Club. They enjoyed the outing very much. 'Tis such nice clean sport they have to look forward to for a year ahead. They went on to Clinton to see a movie.

After Supper was prepared for Dad, Mary and I went by for Thelma T. We drove on to Clinton. A cooling breeze was blowing after one of the most Sultry Afternoons of the Season. The drive was very enjoyable there and back. Mary took Gladys some vegetables from her mother's garden. I visited awhile with Mrs. Teel. She has a beautiful lawn and yard of flowers, some out of the ordinary. Afternoon temperature was 100 degrees. It is a good night to rest, to sleep.

July 17, 1941, Thursday

Nice weather in mornings in July with Sultry Afternoons that are a strain on our constitutions, very weak and worn when day is spent our strength went too.

I watered the tender Vines and plants near the house and gathered a large vase of beautiful flowers. Yesterday I gave Fannie some flowers when she and Richard were here. Fannie has been canning vegetables, making Pickles of Beets and Cucumbers. My days are spent sewing a little, doing some cooking and dish-washing, a little house work and tending my flowers. Some days are entirely taken up in writing letters. Letters are accumulating fast again. There are 5 or 6 on hand now to answer.

About 1 P.M., Mary and I went to get a Shampoo at Clinton. The Sun was Scorching Hot. Gladys and her little boys come home with us after we bought some Canteloupes, and candy and ice cream for the boys. We got Dad at the Store and fixed his Supper. Then Mary and Gladys returned to Clinton.

July 16, 1941, Wednesday

Cool and cloudy in early morning hours. The afternoon may be Hot. Today is Farmer's Day, Youth, Land and Soil Conservation at Clinton. Their Annual Event. I may go if Mary wants to attend. The C. C. C. and Clubs of 4-H and others meet today. There will be Speakers of Note from Washington and Fort Worth, Texas, Oklahoma City and other states represented. Scripture reading Gen. 22:1-13

About 11 A.M. Mary and I drove down to the Farm event where the Terracing was being laid off by Gus Lenaburg and contouring was done. There were a 1,000 farmers at Demonstration, 7 or 8 Tractors and horse plows running. We turned back to Clinton, bought our fruit and groceries at Wholesale, ate our Dinner at a good Cafe, then come back home. I bought some pretty collars and a lovely vase. The afternoon was very Sultry. At night, Dad and Mary and I spent evening at Clinton. I saw a good comedy. We all feel the effects of the Warm Afternoon. Night was more pleasant to rest. Mary received a letter from Josephine Cronin.

July 15, 1941, Tuesday

Nice pleasant morning, cloudy, a haze excludes the Sun and Air looks to be just vapor. Combine Thrashers are busy on all sides of us and the grasshoppers come from the fields where grain has been harvested and settle down to eating up my Flowers, Vines and Trees. I gathered some lovely bouquets for house. Hope the Hoppers won't destroy all of the beauties before Frost comes. Scripture read Mark 8:13-21

Frank is spading around the young trees and pouring lots of water to them. Ground is hard baked on surface. The hot dry season is all before us, perhaps 3 or 4 months of it yet. My head is full of cold and aches so much. Mary went to Clinton at night but I didn't want to because of the headaches.

July 14, 1941, Monday

Nice cool pleasant morning to do a little yard work. Scripture read Acts 4. Mary is late about rising after being up late last night. It was midnight when she returned home.

Dad and I are both about sick with Summer Colds but we still manage to get around to do a little work. Mary and I finished house cleaning and dishes then she went after Ice and brought me a dish of Cherry Cobbler pie with new cherries. Frank come home since noon.

I have been spending my time doing little jobs that have been awaiting attention for some time. At night I drove to Clinton with Mary and Dad to get some fruit and melons for the Store.

Received a long letter from Essa Simmons. She still grieves about her son being gone so far on the High Seas, 2 months since he wrote her. She has had all her teeth extracted and suffers from Rheumatism too. Poor Woman! I sympathize with her as I've passed through all these trials even to last War when Cecil was across the Waters. I never heard from him for 3 months after the Army demobilized.

July 13, 1941, Sunday

Ideal Summertime weather. I gathered a spray of flowers for Elizabeth Hatfield. Poor girl she is too young to suffer anguish of heart and body. Scripture read Romans 8: 28-39

Have a big bouquet of Zinnias in my room and another for the little room where the dresser is. Mary and I took the flowers to Homan residence and found other flowers and folks there. At Noon Mary and I went to Lacy Hotel for Dinner. I saw movie Blood and Sand by Tyrone Powers, Linda Darnell and Rita Hayworth. Mary went to the funeral home to see the Hatfield twin baby. They looked like little dolls, very sweet and pretty. There was a Song Service.

Grace was with us when we went to Essary's "Opening Day." Everything was very nice. Ice cream was served to hundreds of people. I came home about 5 P.M. Mary and Grace went back to Clinton to spend the evening. The day has been pleasantly spent even though I had a bad cold and headache to begin with.

July 12, 1941, Saturday

Weather again cool, pleasant enough to work a short time in the Yard. I planted Lillies that Ethel Cooper gave me. There is one mine and the other is Ethel's. It clung to the clump and they came off together so I shall return it when I see her which I hope will be soon. Her little daughter Janice had that Bad Sore Throat when she was here last week. Scripture read Matt. 22:35-40, Luke 10:1-9

Last night was bad for me, too warm in my room to sleep and the neuralgia made me sick. Received a letter from Loys. Al is in Nebraska on business. They sent money to Pete and Ethel to help care for Mr. Cooper. Mary and Nora Lee Porter came to bring me a Lunch and Ice. Opal Farnsworth is at the Store. Dad is going to help fix water gap. A man is with him. Opal and Nora will spend the day with Mary at the Store until Dad is back from work.

Cecil and Lena were here. They are through making hay and combining. Lena is going to can Corn. I gave her an armload of flowers and Irises to set in her yard.

Elizabeth Hatfield's boy baby twins were born at Noon. One of them died.

I have a severe headache from summer cold and can't sleep.

July 11, 1941, Friday

Delightfully pleasant and cool after the light shower in early morning. Nice breezes and partly cloudy. I did a little work among plants before the Shower stopt me. Not very much moisture but the Dust was settled and plants sprinkled enough for the day. Scripture read Matt. 16:26, Matt. 6: 19-23.

July 10, 1941, Thursday

Nice July weather, but I am sluggish in my activities and want to sleep so much. Not that I spend actual time napping but am so drowsy and take no interest in any thing that goes on. I watered the flowers and vines. They really are doing very well but a good Rain would be a benefit just now to growing crops. It might hinder harvesting some. Scripture read 2 Cor. 1:3-4, Isaiah 42:1-2

Received a nice long letter from Mildred full of news and pleasant times and going places. Ina Brown told Mary they were going to California the 1st of August. They have worked and planned so long to get out there and Ina is very home sick to see her folks.

A nice refreshing, cooling shower of Rain in the Afternoon fell, laying the dust. At night Dad went with Mary and I to Clinton. He had been to Gip in Afternoon selling Alfalfa Hay to Clinton Sanatorium for Stock, especially cows. He has sold 3 or 4 very big Truck loads of hay. It is unusually good because of so much rainfall. I saw a comedy while in Clinton, Private Bucks, a movie dedicated to the Navy. Actors, Lou Costello, Bud Abbott were very entertaining. Very pleasant drive after the rain shower that fell earlier.

July 9, 1941, Wednesday

Fine July weather, farmers are working both late and early. Some Combines run all night. Men are making hay and combining at Gip farms. Mary just brought some Ice for my Tea and a lunch and took water to drink for the Cistern at the Store isn't kept clean. Boys throw trash in it.

I watered some of my flower beds. The hot sun and winds dry ground out and make it very hard and baked. Gathered my Gladioli for Vases. They are so very pretty, also the Orchid Hardy Phlox that are full of blossoms. The Red Harmony Marigolds make all the long border so showy and bright with their colors. The large Yellow Marigolds are in bud and will bloom next month. Scripture reading Acts 5:12-32

I work among the Vines and in Shade when in the Yard as the hot Sunshine makes me weak. It is so hot, the long day is wearisome. Mary and Ruth Reed went to Canute to get Charlene at night. I sat in cool moonlight for hours until I got so sleepy I could hardly rouse myself to go to bed. The big heavy Trucks make so much noise that I was restless the remainder of the time.

July 8, 1941, Tuesday

Scripture reading John 4:31-42. Nice Summer day. Sunshine for hay making, pleasant in Shade. I did a little work that was much needed among the flowers. Was too weak to do much as I was sick during the night. Frank is away from home. Mary is at the Store. She shows the strain of long days with work at the Store. She most always brings me a Lunch, fruit or melons during the lunch hour. More letters for me to answer today. Mary brought the Kodak films that had been developed. Some of the pictures are quite good. Finished letter to Lela. Mary spent the evening at Clinton with friends.

July 7, 1941, Monday

Nice July weather with hot Sun shine and cooling breezes in the Shade. I get only a little bit of work done in my Yard, too Hot for me to stay out in Sunshine. Fine for Combining, making Hay and growing Crops. Flowers by the hundreds blooming and opening. Vines also abloom. Mary brought me a bottle of Tonic and Lunch. Scripture read Col. 3:1-17

Frank still at Clinton. Mary at the Store. I read, rest and write letters mostly. Have several at hand to be answered. Answered Loys letter. At night Dad, Mary and I drove to Gip. We took Burney Snider out there to work in making hay. We found all at home. Grace was complaining of aching with Rheumatism. The little girls have a young Goslin each named. They are very proud of these. Bobby's calf is growing and looking slick and pretty. Poor boy lost one of his young pigs last week. He was broken hearted about it. It was his first loss.

Was a beautiful Moon-light drive, cool and pleasant. The heat of the long Summer days have weakened me some.

July 6, 1941, Sunday

Calm, peaceful Sabbath morning, partly cloudy, delightfully cool and pleasant. Scripture read Matt. 10:16-33.

Frank is at Clinton. I was the first one to arise and take my bath. Cooked Breakfast and ate alone, then gathered three lovely bunches flowers for my Vases. Then Dad and Mary arose. She went after the mail and cooked dinner, then went to Clinton.

Grace and her children come by to get the Pick-up truck but Frank has it at Clinton yet. Mary come about dark for me to go to Matinee but I ached so badly I preferred staying home. So she decided to stay and soon we were going to rest.

July 5, 1941, Saturday

Fine weather for July harvesting. Cooling breezes in shade but the Sun shines Hot to further the growing crops along. Combining will be finished next week if it does not rain. Mrs. Teels is with daughter Maude Askew who has a 9 lb boy born 1 A.M. 4th July at Oklahoma City. Scripture reading Gen. 27:38, Matt. 6:7-16

Frank is at Clinton for weekend. Mary has gone to help Dad at the Store. I did some work in Yard as soon as Breakfast was over. The Sun shines too hot to stay in it later than 9 A.M. Flowers are pretty and an abundance of them. Mary brought me a lunch and while here Ethel Cooper come by to tell me to get the Lily bulbs she gave me. Ethel and Byron (Pete) are moving all the things from Cooper house so Paul Maloy can move in right away.

I am proud to get a Lily because Ethel gave it to me and it comes from her mother in New Mexico. I wrote Jack a long letter today. Mary, Dad and I spent the Evening at Clinton until 9 P.M. Grace brought the hired men back to town . The men finished stacking of Alfalfa hay.
Grace and her children always look so pretty and neatly dressed. All five of them were with her last night.

I received a letter from my Preacher Grandson, Dr. Lawrence B. Cobb of Baptist Church at Union, Mississippi. He told me of some encouraging phases of his Church work, of his lovely family and home life.

July 4, 1941, Friday

Lovely morning. Delightful breezes to cool the Brow on the Porch and in the Shade of the house. The Sun is hot enough for the Farmer to cut Hay or do whatsoever work he wishes.

Frank and the men are working hard to finish the Grain combined this morning. Mary went to Woodward to Rodeo 4th July Celebration and will be gone until night. Dad is at the Store. Trucks are rapidly passing to and fro with heavy loads. Touring Cars loaded with families going to fish or visit their folks.

I didn't feel like going with Mary and young folks to be in the Hot Sun all day. I gathered a great armful of beautiful flowers for Vases to gaze upon and feast upon the fragrance of them. Scripture reading: Righteousness exalteth a Nation. Proverbs 14:34 and Psalm 15.

The Combine was finished about 2 P.M. Frank then went to Clinton in the Pick-up. Cecil and Lena were in town to see about getting the same Combine to harvest his grain next week. I wrote to John Hackler today to thank him for the fine large photo he sent us this week.

Much traveling over the Highways, many pleasure bent, more Business sent. The day has been pleasant for me for my mind and hands were busily engaged in worthwhile tasks. A letter from Loys. She wrote that Al and Buddy were in New Mexico buying cattle. She and AlLean were going to have a quiet 4th July. Mr. Cooper wasn't satisfied with living at Canute with Ethel and Byron. When School begins he will be moved to a care Home.

I sat in the lovely moonlight on South Porch where the Breeze was cooling watching the hundreds of cars going to and fro from a day's pleasure. A train of thoughts came over my mind of many past events. As I thought upon them the Time passed until almost 10 P.M. when my eyes began to drowse and to bed I went. Thus ended my 4th July 1941 with it's quiet Peace.

July 3, 1941, Thursday

Weather much cooler this morning since the Rains and Hal around the County. These early July days bring memories of my first Sorrow in family. The death of my First-Born daughter who was buried July 1893, but it seems like yesterday tho' almost 50 years ago. A Bitter, Sad memory for my baby was so very Precious to me. She was large enough to walk and toddle after me being 14 months old. The 4th July is a Sad Day for me same as Christmas for my Harvey died during the Holiday.

Mary and Frank have both gone to town and help down there and Frank will haul Grain in afternoon. Scripture read Matthew 2:13-23, Matthew 16:1-12. Combine is running now. Mary took Mrs. Christy to Clinton to get her glasses adjusted.

Mary had a permanent wave at Clinton today. A wasp stung my hands. Oh! how painful the stings were.

July 2, 1941, Wednesday

A heavy Rain at Daybreak. I trained and tied up some Vines around fence and Porches. Too wet to do any work in Yard. Cool and Cloudy, pleasant since the Rain. Frank and Mary have gone to town. Scripture read Psalm 51.

Wrote to Mildred. Received a fine large Picture of John Rufus Hackler and a letter from Jack. He is doing quite well at his work. It is under Government rule and guarded, every employee has to have a Badge, picture and credentials and they have to not tell any thing of work or anything about the inside of Buildings.

Then men come and ran the Combine from 4 P.M. until 10 P.M. Mary and I were at Clinton. I saw Kay Francis and Bryan Aherne act The Man Who Lost Himself. The night was beautiful, calm and pleasant for the Drive. A clear Moonlit night, the first for some time as there has been many cloudy rainy ones.

Mary keeps busy tending Business at the Store doing deeds of kindness and for accommodation, helping her father as Saleswoman and doing her share of work at home. My Corresponding is getting behind again. Received 3 letters and large Photo this week. I wrote Mildred in answer to her last letter today.

July 1, 1941, Tuesday

The Months comes cool and calm with a Shower of Rain about 8:30 A.M. Very pleasant to work among the flowers and Vines for 2 hours. I pull a weed here and there as the flowers are gathered for Vases by the time Bouquets are ready there has been may weeds destroyed. Scripture read Psalm 11:3, I Cor. 3:9-17.

Dad and Frank come for their Lunch at Noon then went somewhere in the Pickup. The dishes have been put away and 2 glasses of clear pretty Peach Preserves were made while I washed the dishes. Mary is busy at the Store. The Combine can't run today as the Grain and ground is too wet. Frank and Dad drove into the field north of home and bogged down and Mary had to go over there with a Spade and Pick-up to help them dig out.

A newsy letter from Lela and some nice Kodak film to develop. Mary spent the evening with Ruth Reed.

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