Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

June 30, 1941, Monday

Morning is cool and pleasant for the Combine men to cut Oats. Last day of June which has been cool and about half wet weather (maybe not that much Rain) but enough to ruin Grain and Hay.

Frank is overseeing work and looking after the fence fixing. Mary is getting dinner for 7 men including Dad and Frank. I am helping to fill in places where help is needed. Scripture read Isaiah 11:1-9.

Men come in Relays of 2 at once to eat, prolonging the hours of work in hot kitchen. Mary has now gone to Store to help Dad.

2:15 P.M. Dinner is now over. Supper begins at 6 P.M. Afternoon is very warm. The Combine finished cutting 1 field of Oats. A Sand and Wind Storm come up about 7 P.M. followed by a hard Rain. All the men were caught in it. They had to quit shortly after that. Grace and Mary were on the Highway to Clinton so they were out in the worst of the Rain.

Quotes pasted:
Some people would rather be right than pleasant; happy are they who can be pleasant and right.

You can't always choose your circumstances, but you can always choose the spirit in which you will meet them.

I'm not hoping for better times; I've got my coat off and working for them.

June 29, 1941, Sunday

Morning is cool and Refreshingly Breezy in the Early Hours. May be much warmer later on. I was up (hours before Dad or Mary was awake) gathering flowers for Vases. Beautiful "Glads," Cosmos and Coreopsis, and the first Zinnias of the Season, all shades and sizes from Whites to darkest Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange hues. The West side of the Yard is filled with fragrant Petunias, Vincas, Yellow Cosmos, and Zinnias that will bloom until Frost. Scripture read John 14:25-31.

The Combine is cutting 1/2 mile west of us and it is supposed to be here after Noon some time to set up for work.

Combining is not "Sunday" work, but people have to take their cutting whenever they can get it done, as work of that kind is much behind this year. Other fields are waiting to have their cutting done.

Mary and I went to Clinton awhile. The Combine came while we were there and were cutting the Grain when we returned. Betty Lou and Barbara Ann come back when I did from Clinton. They will be here over night. Part of the men work while others haul grain and eat.

June 28, 1941, Saturday

Cool and cloudy in early morning hours. Air a little misty, full of Haze. Such weather suits me fine. It is delightfully pleasant and balmy. Saturday and traffic is great. People hurrying by to Market. Trucks delivering their products to nearby towns for over the Weekend. Scripture read John 4:1-29.

I will do a little work in the Yard. There is always a lot of labor waiting to be done. No matter how long the hours or days. Some work must wait until another day. Now I will go to the yard of flowers to eradicate the weeds that are there to hinder the beauty.

Mary and I, with hundreds of others, were at the airport to see the 50 Airplanes land and take off. Never saw that many Planes together at one time. Very warm this afternoon.

At night I went with Mary to Clinton and saw Joan Bennett and Walter Pidgeon in Man Hunt. It was well portrayed. Frank drove in the Pick-up.

Air Tour Visit Set Saturday.
Chamber of Commerce officials today urged Clinton persons to be at the Midway airport, northeast of town, at 2:20 P.M. Saturday to greet members of the eleventh annual Oklahoma air tour, sponsored by the Oklahoma City aviation club.

The state aviators, including at least five from Custer county, will be at the local airport for 15 minutes. Joining the air tour from Clinton will be the Maker brothers and Raymond Frizzell. Two Weatherford pilots also planned to be in the group.

Between 40 and 50 planes, each carrying two persons, will make the tour.

Weatherford will be one of the centers of the tour attraction with the group to stop there at 11:30 A.M. Saturday and remain for two hours. The Weatherford Chamber of Commerce offcials and officials of Southwestern Tech. are cooperating in plans to entertain the fliers.

The tour will leave Oklahoma City at 8 A.M. tomorrow. The first stop will be at Enid. They will go next to Alva and then to Weatherford. After leaving Clinton, the fliers will go to Pampa, Texas, and from there to Amarillo, where they will spend the night. On the return flight, the tour will visit Mangum, Altus, and Lawton.

June 27, 1941, Friday

A cool balmy morning, refreshing rarefied atmosphere since the Rains. Men are plowing in their fields and gardens. Bobby went to Turner Falls to a Stock Judging Contest. It will last today and Saturday.

I transplanted more plants this morning and cultivated other flowers for hours. Have achy joints and muscles in this damp weather. Scripture read Psalm 42.

I ache too badly to go for a drive with Mary to Clinton. It hurt my knees to climb in the car so will stay at home to go to bed and fall asleep. It seems none of us feel very well these days. The days are so long and maybe we undertake too much work.

June 26, 1941, Thursday

RAINING! From 7 to 9:30 A.M. Mary and Bobbie slept late on account of Rain. No work in field today. Scripture reading Phil. 2:5, Acts 1:8-9, Acts 2:37-41.

A large 1000 gallon gas tank stalled for an hour on Highway. It had to have a Tractor to pull it up hill to 183 Highway.

Bobby has one of his Best Prize Winner Gilts that is very sick. OSU Extension Agent Riley Tarver thinks the gilt ate Cockleburs and will likely die. Poor little Bob. It is hard for him to lose it. However he has been fortunate in winning Prizes at State Fairs.

So many cars are stalled and having hard time making the Grade uphill on Highway this morning.

The Road dried out by night and the Grader helped it some. Mary and I drove to Clinton in cool of evening. The Wind was balmy. Saw Melvin Douglas and Merle Oberon with Burgess Meredith in That Uneasy Feeling, a very good comedy.

There were great Sheets of Lightning in the West. A letter from Mildred. She writes such interesting news. They take long drives to the Mountains and see excellent entertainment by 60 bands in the beautiful parks. Some Hollywood Stars take part in that Parade. Leo Corilla acted as Master of Ceremonies. So many Fiestas of music and Bands in all different color uniforms. Wrote to Essa Simmons and Thursa Hanes today.

June 25, 1941, Wednesday

Sun shines very hot, cool Breeze from the South. I did some transplanting and cultivating of flowers. Gathered a large Vase of "Glads" of such large blooms and beautiful colors. Scripture read Eph. 6:10-18.

Harvesting is being done very slowly. It's being hindered by local Showers making the ground too wet for the Combines to enter the fields. My letter to Jack was mailed. The yard is a mass of blooms. Wrote to Mildred today. Mary spent the evening at Clinton with Date. She asked me to go along. I felt to achey in joints. Bobbie spends the night here. Heavy clouded skies.

June 24, 1941, Tuesday

A nice Summer day in early morning hours. Afternoons get hot.

Mary had to go to Store about 7 A.M. A Dry Goods Salesman for St. Joe House called by for her to go make an order for goods. Frank went to Gip to get Pick-up to haul grain then had to repair before it could be used. Scripture reading John 12:35-43.

Mary took Mrs. Christy and I to Clinton Optometrist for Eyeglasses. We both had to have new lens. It will be several days before they are ground at Oklahoma City. Mary spent evening at Gladys Blarney's. She had a flat tire and that made her late getting home.

June 23, 1941, Monday

Cool, refreshing breezes since the Rains of last night. Frank come home this morning. Mary had a lot of extra work after that bunch of youngsters tore around in and out of doors into everything in Mary's room. Scripture reading Matt 16:1-4, Col. 1:18-29

I reset 3 1/2 dozen plants while the ground was moist. The heavy traffic has begun over the muddy Road. It soon will pack down the Highway. Here comes the Grader and then come a Shower of Rain at 3 P.M. Cooler and Cloudy now. Dad went to Clinton with Mary and I at night. We saw On the Way to Zanzibar with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, very good Comedy, good scenery.

June 22, 1941, Sunday

The little girls and I were up at 6 A.M. We ate our Breakfast then gathered the Beautiful flowers for Vases to set on dresser and table. Have an extra choice Rose in Bird Vase. Weather is fine and pleasant for Summer. Hot Sunshine, cool Shade with refreshing Breeze. Mary is to spend day with Ruth Reed at Geary. Scripture reading Matt. 16:1-4

Fannie come at Noon and stayed until 2 P.M. when Grace come for her children. All of them then got in the Car and drove to the west while I was in the house. There was a heavy cloud in the West coming nearer. That frightened Fannie and she wanted to get home to shut doors and windows. At 2:30 P.M. a hard shower of Rain fell, another about 5 P.M. and Cars began skidding and stalling, right and left. Mary come for me about 7 P.M. but I preferred staying at home. Then Mary and Ruth and car stalled in mud for an hour. A man finally got them out of the Bog.

June 21, 1941, Saturday

First of Summer Time. The Song of the Reaper is heard over hill and dale. The Grain is very light. Too much straw and smut has injured it. Every farmer is wanting theirs cut at once. The Rainy Season made the smut and the ground was too muddy to get the Binders in the fields. What grain there is doesn't bring a good price. Weather warm and ideal for harvesting.

Frank is at Gip to help Rufus Dovel harvest Barley this afternoon. Grace come in after medicine for one of Bobby's hogs, also to get Twine. Mary will be at Store. I will be alone all day. I did 2 hours labor cultivating flowers. Have a Big Bouquet of Gladioli of such lovely colors and large blooms. I never saw any lovelier.

Scripture read Isaiah 49:8-17. God says He will not forget us. "Behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands." Sometimes we think during this War striving, seeking for gain and greed that God has turned His back to us. It is the other way. People have forsaken God and forgotten to return to Him what is His own.

Lela sent me Birthday Card and letter with lovely Bookmark. Card from Mildred at Los Angeles. She was with Women Club visiting the beautiful sights of the City. Mary and Frank went to Clinton, then Grace and Mary brought the four little girls here at early bedtime to spend the night. I did not feel well enough to go anywhere.

June 20, 1941, Friday

This is Lena's Birthday. Bless her dear life God and may She always be a bright and shining light to beckon others on to Thee. Scripture reading Eph. 3:14-21.

I did 2 hours work among the flower. The Sun gets so hot by 9 A.M. that I seek a cool resting place. Richard Bland had a horse step on his foot. It was painful. Dick and Fannie took him to the Hospital for Xray and treatment.

These mornings are very pleasant but the Sun makes the air so hot and the Wind is strong.

Dad and Frank went to Clinton at night to get twine to use for harvesting grain.

Mary looked over her treasures in Cedar Chest. Among them is a tiny little slipper made into a pincushion. The slipper belonged to Rexie Elmo, aged 14 months of age. She went to "That Beautiful Clime" where sickness nor death nor pain can enter therein.

June 19, 1941, Thursday

My 73rd Birth Anniversary day. Weather cool and pleasant in morning hours. I transplanted a lot of plants. At 10 A.M. Mary took me to the Store and soon after Dad and Frank took me to Gip. Grace had a delicious dinner of new vegetables, Pork Chops rolled in batter and browned so nicely, Salad and Ice Tea.

Grace, the little girls and I drove to Cecil's. The Roads are so very rough. All in ruts and ridges. We went merrily bouncing along. Had 2 short detours and at the creek at Cecil's the road had deep holes and high centers so we were stuck there for 4 hours and 35 minutes. Four men and 2 tractors were used to pull us out.

The children went barefooted wading in the cool water. We womenfolk walked, talked and sat under the Shade of those emensely big Trees, so delightfully cool. It was about 9 P.M. when we arrived here after our plasant visit with Lena. Her beautiful white chickens are grown, a hundred or more hens now ready to lay eggs. They have over a hundred hogs. The pigs are as fat as butterballs. Her garden is good and she has canned some vegetables in her new Cooker. Grace has about 12 quarts of Pineapples canned in heavy syrup extra fine ones.

When I reached my Room there were many beautiful Cards of Greetings with Handkerchiefs and some money enclosed, a pair of White Oxford Ties, a Music Box for Face Powder, and Ornament of California Cane from Mildred.

Scripture read II Timothy 2:15, II Cor. 6:1-10. So tired I was that sleep didn't come very soon as I lay and pondered over Events and Pleasures of Birthday. With a Prayer for loved ones, friends and those with whom we come in contact. Mary and Grace spent the evening in Clinton. Thus ended my 73rd Birthday.

June 18, 1941, Wednesday

Another lovely morning in June, cool and delightfully pleasant in the Shade. The hot Sunshine is drying the ground so the Combines can cut grain soon.

Fannie was here early. She keeps busy canning vegetables and cooking for family and hands. Dick Bland was cutting hay. Garden stuff is plentiful and extra good this year. Scripture read Mark 1:40-45.

My time was spent in the yard transplanting and cultivating flowers. The Gladiolus are extra fine in Blossoms, very tall growth. The Dahlias are very pretty and prolific too.

Thursa Hanes and John were the first to remember my Birthday anniversary tomorrow by sending a pair of Pretty Cards with jolly greetings today.

Grace and Mary spend evening at Clinton. Dad and Frank went in Car for 2 or 3 hours. That left me alone sitting on the porch watching the traffic go by. The weather is cool and pleasant for sleep and resting.

June 17, 1941, Tuesday

Today is Dr. Lawrence B. Cobb's 30th Birth Anniversary. It seems as if it was only yesterday that he was a new born baby and I chose the name of Lawrence for him to be called by. Marion Lawrence was a world renowned Sunday School worker and educator that I knew personally and admired very much. At that time I was the Secretary of County Sunday School Association (for 12 years) and wanted my Grandson to love the same work. He is now a Minister of Baptist Church at Union, Miss. God Bless and guide him as he leads and points the way to Jesus for the many people he comes in contact with. May he be as a flame of fire consuming the evils that may surround his Church. Lawrence gained the title of Dr. of Theology when he graduated from 3rd Degree. I will send him a Card of Greetings today. Scripture reading John 4:32 and Matt. 6:25-34.

Wrote Mildred and Lawrence. I sent him a nice Birthday Greeting Card.

To wet in the field for men to work so Frank and Dad returned at 3 P.M. Mary took me for a motor ride to Clinton to see a good comedy pic ture and March of Time. Mary and Grace spent the evening with friends down there. They bought some pretty slack suits and visited the new Indian Art Shop on 66 Highway East of Clinton.

June 16, 1941, Monday

Weather pleasant for last of Spring days, partly cloudy. Fine to transplant flowers and shrubs. I have spent hours working among the pretty blossoms putting Zinnias and other plants wherever they was a vacant space.

Lots of traffic on the highway, lumber, stones and building material pass by even if Road is slick.

Scripture reading Eph. 6:10-20. Frank returned in afternoon. Dad received a Pretty Card of Greetings from Lela and George. Also a letter from his nephew John Hackler. Jack had written to him from San Jose. Most of the day was passed in my yard as the clouds obscured the Sun's hot rays making it pleasant "Pass Time" to do little work here and there. My Gladioli are in bloom. The plants are at least a foot higher than usual because of so much Rain!

June 15, 1941, Sunday

Scripture read Neh. 2 to 4th chapter. Betty Lou and her sisters spent the night here. This is Father's Day. As usual we had a shower at day break. Later it was partly cloudy but the yard was dripping wet. The little girls and I transplanted some of the plants I bought in the cool of evening when it was pleasant. They enjoy such work as I do in Yard and love to beautify things. They are helping Mary do the kitchen work.

Dad went to Father's Day Services at M. E. Church. Mary cooked a nice dinner. I made Raspberry Cobbler. Grace and Bobby come about the children. Mary got the dishes washed. Then the girls took the kids and I to see movie, "I Wanted Wings," an educational picture showing the Airports in different States. Many of our Best Actors took their Role acting. The children and I come back early but Mary went back to Clinton with her companions for the Evening. The Roads are very slick and mushy.

June 14, 1941, Saturday

A pleasant morning. Delightful to be out in open air. Partly cloudy and calm. The forenoon I went with Dad and Frank to Gip. Grace and her children and myself did some work around "Baby," "Harvey," and his sister and brother graves.

Then I told the children that we would have a Picnic time in the Afternoon. We drove around in the Clinton Park seeing its beauties. Then to Saltsman Floral Shop and Yard. The children were excited over the lovely Plants. Mr. and Mrs. Saltsman were so nice and friendly, generous in giving them each some plants. Children were so pleased they could hardly believe the flowers were meant for them.

After that we went to see the large Acreage of Nursery and Flowers at the Tucker Nurseries. Mrs. Tucker gave each little girl gifts of plants, so now they have a large amount of beautiful flowers for their windows. I gave them hundreds of Zinnias, Marigolds and WanderingJews for their Yard. The children were so delighted over the day of fine weather and visits. Grace bought each of the girls and I tickets to movie show. We come home tired and worn from the Activities of the day, so happy over the excitements and friendships of Flag Day.

June 13, 1941, Friday

A light sprinkle of Rain fell last night. This morning the Air is light, cool, balmy. A delightful beginning to the Day. Loys got up with a dreadful head ache. I feel achy, but am so glad to have full use of my body and mind and can get about where I wish and when I wish to. Not a care or hardship to any one.

The Cooper boys all are going to Oklahoma City. Loys, AlLean and (maybe) Buddy will be together at Fannie's for awhile. Scripture read Luke 4:33-44.

We went to Clinton carnival and Mary and AlLean had pictures taken.

June 12, 1941, Thursday

A delightful day. Loys and I drove to Custer to see Jim and Lottie. They were busy with canning vegetables, making Garden and flower bed cultivating. George was working at the Grain Elevator. We intended going on to Gip to see Harvy's grave but had a flat tire while at Custer City so we decided to come back to Clinton and get a Lunch. We looked for AlLean and Mary. Could not find them. Then we come back and I spent the time with Mrs. Flint. We looked at all her pretty quilts. She gave me some Heliopsis plants (a new sprout from the Mexican Sunflower). I set them out along the fence north east corner.

Mary and AlLean got the car washed and lights fixed. Scripture read Psalm 14:5 - Psalm 15.

All the younger set of Coopers and Cobbs attended a Ball game at Clinton at night. I saw a movie at Rialto. Weather is still lovely and pleasant. Loys and AlLean spent the night here.

June 11, 1941, Wednesday

Another hard wind with Rain last night. Cool and clear this morning. Think all will be fine by 3 P.M.. when the funeral services will be held at M. E. Church by Pastor Simmons and Pfaff. I rested fairly well last night but worried over Loys not getting here, but think she will get here at an early hour this morning. Scripture read Gal. 2:20, John 1:35-42.

I will gather flowers for the Cooper home. Mrs. Gordon sent what was used yesterday there. AlLean was with Mary, Fannie, Richard, Buddy and I in our Car going to the Funeral. We picked up Frank on our way. Dad has walked on from the Store with some men. Loys, her aunt and cousin, Dot Holland, had arrived at 10 A.M. The heavy rain at Woodward had stopped them. The funeral services were nice. A large crowd was there. Loys had brought a lot of flowers from Denver with them and an abundance of Sprays from friends here of the Cooper boys. AlLean stays here while her parents spend their time with friends and relatives.

June 10, 1941, Tuesday

Cooler and cloudy. Wind blowing strong. A light sprinkle of Rain. Frank and men will work at Gip if it does not Rain out there. Every body is behind with harvest work, ground too wet to enter fields of grain. Mary is resting in her room. I have fresh Beans and Potatoes cooking for lunch. Scripture read Acts 4:8-13.

Frank just said that he may go to Gip after noon if it does not Rain anymore. At 9 A.M. Frank come to tell me Mrs. Cooper died. Mary took Dad and I to Clinton. We found out that Mrs. Cooper's body was at the Wheeler Funeral Home. We saw Thelma and her mother was about as usual, not much better. I spent the day with Al's folks at his father's home. Tom and his wife, Junie & Salome, Pete and Ethel, Vera Wiggins and Al. Loys and Mrs. Frieberg of Denver are coming as soon as they can get here with Dot Holland, a niece.

There has been heavy Rain all day making Road very bad between here and Taloga. Frank Cooper is to come from Amarillo, Texas. Charley Cooper had been here last week to see his mother, but is now in San Diego, Cal. and is sick and will not be here. He will be the only son not present at the funeral. Mary and I were up to 10:30 P.M. looking for Loys. Many neighbors were in and out at Cooper Residence offering their assistance and helping do little necessary tasks. I wrote out the Obituary for M. E. Minister to read at funeral.

June 9, 1941, Monday

Cloudy. There is a Sprinkle of Rain. The clouds are dark and heavy. We may get a real Rain soon. Frank and Dad arose about 5:30 A.M. Dad wanted to have men go to Gip to work. The Rain and weeds are doing damage to crops out there. Every farmer is having the same trouble and the men working on the Highways. Scripture read Matt. 25:47-50

9 A.M. Raining hard and fast. Water running thru the yard like a young River and filling tubs and barrels. About 1 P.M. the clouds cleared away and the Sun shines out in all his glory.

I've spent the day reading and resting, not feeling much like working. I have watched the Orioles on the Vines that cover my windows. Their bright Orange feathers show prettily and gorgeous against the green background of the Vine, and the bright colored flowers nearby of every color and shade and white.

Received a letter from Loys saying she was sick in bed but okay. Mrs. Cooper was about the same in serious condition. Al is still at Clinton. I didn't see him yesterday. Mildred wrote that Jeryl has a rash and was out of school. That School will be out next week. Mildred's family called on John Hatcher, her cousin's family. She is very busy canning fruit and vegetables.

After supper we drove to Clinton for bananas, peaches and black cherries, produce for the Store. The River was bankful caused from heavy Rains earlier.

June 8, 1941, Sunday

Delightfully cool and cloudy. Scripture read Luke 2:8-15. Mrs. Cooper is no better today. Loys and Al will be here at Noon. My aches and pains are troublesome and keep me awake and restless at night. Strong south winds blowing high and wide and may bring Rain.

Grace's children were up early and ate a hearty Breakfast. She brought them here last night. And come for them today. Mary and I drove to the Clinton Hospital to see how Mrs. Cooper was. Al said his mother knew him when he come and was resting quietly since noon. Al and Jessie drove all night to get here. He left Loys sick in bed and AlLean was out with the young folks.

Grace, her children, and Ruth Dovel brought me home at 4:30 P.M. They went home and Mary will spend the time with Thelma and the Coppers at the Hospital.

I saw Spencer Tracy's play of Men of Boys Town. Al come overto see Dad. The wind has been blowing hard all day. Charley Cooper is at San Diego and was sick when Al wired him. Mary and Frank came home at bedtime. Al will stay with his brothers.

June 7, 1941, Saturday

Rain before Dawn! I suffer so intensely from Rheumatism pains in my knees. Everything is dripping wet and the clouds are full of moisture and may Rain again soon. Scripture read Eph. 5:15, Matt. 16:25-28.

Mrs. Cooper and Brown are better and will go home soon. I must hurry to write Loys and send her Birth Certificate and Gift for AlLean. She graduated Monday June 7th. Mary took the letter to mail.

Richard come home today. He and Fannie were here. Then Cecil, Lena and Dicky come while they were here. I gave Cecil and Fannie their Birth Certificates. We kept our tongues clattering very fast. We had so much to say and such a little time to say it in. Mary is going to Clinton to spend the evening with friends. I saw Gene Autry's picture Riding on a Rainbow.

Mrs. Cooper has taken a turn for the worse last night and all her children were called to come. Loys and Al will be here by Noon. Tom and his wife are here. Pete and Ethel are in Arapaho keeping the Cooper home.

June 6, 1941, Friday

Raining before day break. Frank, Dad and I up as usual at early hours. They went to town through and over the muddy roads. These wet days hinder the work on State Highways and all other Projects for the Government Defense. Also all farm labor is halted, plowing and planting and cultivating of crops.

My New Harmony Marigolds are in bloom. Very pretty and fragrant plants. All things are doing well but the Bugs and Worms are also plentiful. I exterminate them each day as I can do so. Scripture reading I Cor. 8 chapter.

Mary and I went to Clinton after Noon to get Produce for the Store, and to Swift's for Butter. Ina Brown come out to the Car to talk with me. She is homesick to see her folks and they are planning on going to California to live as soon as their plans work out. I visited with Mrs. Strong and Deason down town. Strongs and Howenstine young folks are home from College for a Vacation. Mabel is sick a bed from a Boil, a Rising.

June 5, 1941, Thursday

A delightful balmy morning, cool and partly cloudy. All of us are up early. Grace and her children left for home. Frank went to help harvest at Gip. Mary will be at Store all day. My aches and pains are worse this week. Couldn't rest or sleep good at night.

Received a letter from Jack telling of his work. He gets a good Salary, but Government will require longer hours and work will be done day and night for Defense Preparation until finished. Scripture read Ecclesiastes 3:11, also Ec. 2:1-11.

I labored for 2 hours in the yard wile busy there Mrs. Teels and Mabel came and I gave them Zinnias and Marigolds, Vines, WanderingJew, Buttercup Vines and Pinks. Rain at 11 A.M. Frank had to stop work because of the Rain. He was dripping wet when he returned home. At night, more rain. All retired early except Mary, she spent the evening with friends.

The Birth Certificates for all our children have been recorded at the Capitol and a carbon copy sent to each child except those here at home and near here. Bill's whereabouts is not known at present. He moves around so often. Jack writes that his work pays but there is danger in it.

June 4, 1941, Wednesday

A beautiful calm June day with Sunshine hot enough to make things grow. Farmers are very busy putting in every hour with field and farm labor. Mary hurried through her housework then walked to town. I spent a few hours cultivating my flowers. They are doing nicely since the fine rains. Scripture reading Heb. 11:32-40, Exod. 13:17.

Frank went with men to Gip to work. Rufus Dovel is working in South Oklahoma on Combine for harvest crew. Frank was later than usual getting home from Gip. Mary took Dad to Clinton to get twine at 7 P.M. I went along to attend a Movie by Frederick Marsh and Betty Field, The Victory. Grace and the children met us at Clinton and spent the night here.

June 3, 1941, Tuesday

A lovely June day, delightful to work out in the Yard among the beautiful fragrant flowers. I have never seen as many plants to grow and bloom in the same space of ground. The Atmosphere is cool and balmy. Dad and Frank with hired men went to Gip to work today. They left about 6 A.M.

Mary gets so tired working alone at the Store. I have much more work to do when she goes to the Store so early and stays until very late. Scripture reading Acts 1:6-11.

I worked outside until 11 A.M. Now the afternoon will be spent in house work for the dishes were set aside until I prepared my Lunch at Noon. My knees pain me and I have to rub them with liniment to ease them so I can sleep at night.

Frank returned late. Dad said Rufus Dovel had quit work at Gip to work at Harvesting. Mary spent the evening at Clinton. The rest of us retired very early. I used the new liniment on my knees and it relieved me very quickly, so I rested more during the night.

June 2, 1941, Monday

Cool refreshing breezes blow since the rain of yesterday and the moisture benefits the growing things. I transplanted a lot of young seedlings and pulled up grass among the flowers. Grace brought Bobby in to go with 4-H Club to Stillwater Summer Session all this week.

Lena's folks were to leave for their home in Iowa this morning. Frank and Mary are at the Store. Scripture reading Gal. 5:22, I John 4:7-12. I did a lot of work during the day in the yard among the flowers, by taking my time and resting between times of work. The time is long between Sunrise and Sunset. I transplanted some plants after the Sun went down. Next morning they were standing upright as if they had grown there.

June 1, 1941, Sunday

Another Rain to finish the Seven Sundays of Rain since Easter. The clouds are dark but me thinks that will get just a passing shower. Dad and Mary are late arising as they want to rest their tired bodies from the past weeks activities. Frank is over-tired from making hay. I love this kind of weather and seeing things growing beautiful and strong.

Mary has gone for the mail. Scripture read Acts 1:1-11.

Mrs. Cooper was better and resting yesterday. Mrs. Brown was getting weaker and is taking blood transfusions. God pity the sick and suffering Ones whosoever and where-so-ever they may be.

The Rain continued off and on all morning. At 2 P.M. Mary took me to a good matinee at Del Rio. We met Grace and we came home after eating a Lunch. Mary and Grace returned to Clinton to be with their girl friends. The Rain raised the Barnitz Creek over the bottom land of Alfalfa. I soon retired for my stiffness and soreness hinders my walking around much.

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