Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

R. R. Cobb, My Husband

I met my husband R. R. Cobb at a Big Camp Meeting at St. Joe Texas while my father's family was living at Jim Town Indian Territory near Red River. We were introduced and were going together for weeks during this Camp Meeting. He then took me home across the Big River. It then took almost a day in buggy, now the trip can be made in a few hours in Auto. We decided to marry so we could live on the same side of the River. Our marriage January 30, 1887 took place at Jim Town, a small trading post in Indian Territory near the Red River. The Marriage Certificate was issued at Gainesville, Texas while the Old River rolls between the two states the Certificate, the Words, and Prayers of Minister Creed F. Roberts have stayed good for holding the young couple, he age 21 and she 18 yrs, for 54 years strong, together.

Rufus and Mittie Cobb, 1929

Journal, to be continued.

My Father and Mother

Mittie Stephens Cobb pioneer journal: My Father, George W. Stephens, was a merchant and he followed the Rail Road as it advanced North & West. Father come to Ardmore in 1885, then moved to a farm 14 miles Southeast of there, and opened a Store and Post Office known as Stephens P.O. not far from Hewitt.

My Mother was a descendant of Pocahontas of historical fame. My Father was a cousin of Frank Yoakum, President of one of our Rail Roads that traversed this great and lovely state of Oklahoma. The Yoakums were Texas Pioneers. They were educators, founders of schools, coming from Tennessee. They were Scandinavians crossing the Ocean a few generations before.

Journal, to be continued.

Mittie Stephens Cobb told her family that her grandmother was kin to Pocahontas, related to the Rolfes. She spoke of her grandmother Eliza Matilda Harless, born 1820, daughter of Mary Broce and step daughter of Israel Harless of Montgomery County, Virginia. Eliza Matilda married James Sarver 9 October 1838, Montgomery County, Virginia, and died 7 November 1888 Lee County, Virginia.

Is Mary Broce the Pocahontas descendant or the unknown father? This is unknown. There may not be evidence for these family legends. The resource list collected may help others.

Research included Pocahontas Trails, the quarterly newsletter of the Pocahontas Trails Genealogical Society 1983-1993, started by Carolyn Burke, Lakeport, CA. Many family tales recorded there began with "Grandmother said."Pocahontas Trails included research that Thomas Rolfe may have had other children than Jane, and accounts of descendant from Pocahontas' sister, Niketti.

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January 1941
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