Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

August 31, 1941, Sunday

A lovely morning for last day of August with a great abundance of flowers and Vines in bloom. My bouquets were gathered at sunrise while they were fresh. Have large bucket and Vases of them in the house and on the Porch. All so very beautiful and gay. The month of August has been pleasant and Rains have given us a lot of moisture for crops, gardens and flowers for the Autumn days. My Fall Yard is just as pretty as the Spring and Summer with flowers in their Season. Scripture reading Romans 9:20-21, 1 Cor. 12:1-12.

Mary took Josephine and I to Clinton for Jo to go on Bus to Norman. Mary and I saw "The Shephard of the Hills" played by Betty Fields, John Wayne, Harry Carey. A Technicolor good story and beautiful scenery - good acting.

Mary is lost without Josephine. Thelma is back in the Hospital. Mr. Cowles had a Stroke and is at Hospital.

August 30, 1941, Saturday

Beautiful Pleasant morning, cool in the Shade, Sun hot enough for Cotton maturing and late crops growing. My Plants are mostly repotted and set in house. They look fresh and crisp, are in fine condition for Winter blooming. Have been trimming my Vines and Plants outdoors. Scripture reading 1 Peter 5, Matt 11:25-30.

The girls are doing the house work, while I do the Oil mopping and dusting in my room. Josephine got a Telephone Call this morning and she may get a Job teaching School at Washington, a town near Norman. I wish her all the good that can come to her. Dad went to a Sale with some men. That left the girls to run the Store and I am alone for the day. Jo brought me some Ice and a Lunch. Mary always gets something for me if it is possible to get it here.

Afternoon - Dad returned at 4 o'clock then the girls came home for short time. Josephine's phone call was from friend telling of 2 openings in School near Norman. She is going home tomorrow. How Mary will miss her! At night Dad drove with girls and I to Clinton. We returned early so girls could rest and be up in time for Josephine to pack Grip and have a nice fried chicken dinner before leaving on the Bus.

August 29, 1941, Friday

Pleasant weather for last of August. I did some work in my yard then Fanny and Richard come from Clinton Laundry. Frank took Richard home. Fanny went to Clinton with the girls and I in afternoon. They left me at Tucker's Nurseries while they did buying of Produce at Wholesale House. I bought a large Fern and he gave me an armload of lovely flowers.

Received a card invitation to be at Elk City, Okla. to honor Governor Phillips Sept. 3, 1941. Then Committee on Invitations gave us another bid to come. Men from Elk City were in town this morning calling on Old Time friends of Governor Phillips this was his School where he graduated from the 1st class of High School in 1908.

A letter come from Lela telling News of all her family and sister Nan's boys in the Draft. Scripture reading Isaiah 54, Psalm 15. Don and Lois Cobb have a new daughter born Aug. 18, 1941. Don is a private chauffeur for an Oil man and makes long trips to Texas fields.

August 28, 1941, Thursday

A lovely calm cool Sunny morning, pleasant. Wish my head and heart didn't hurt. Then I would be working in Yard among the flowers. It is delightfully cool and it would be enjoyable to labor out there. Now is the time to arrange for Fall flowers. My Yard is a mass of Blooming Beauties. Perhaps in a day or two my strength will return so the work can be done. The Zinnias are beautiful in their colors, so tender and crisp. Am saving lots of seed to plant all over the Yard. The Marigolds are still doing well blooming. Have many kinds of them, small, medium and large sizes. The Yellow Cosmos are in full bloom. And Red Scarlet O'Hara Vines are loaded with blossoms. Four o'clocks, Vincas and Moss are blooming abundantly.

The girls bought Plums, Peaches, Bananas and Grapes. Have Wild Red Plums to Jell as soon as I am able to work at it. Josephine is going to make Hot Rolls for dinner. Scripture John 14:15-31.

Fanny and Richard were here for dinner making 7 of us. Rufus Dovel left for Gip about 2 P.M. I made some Preserves of large Red Plums, tame ones. At night the girls, Mary and Josephine, took me for a Drive to Clinton. I was hot from making Preserves and would cool off so pleasantly in the Lovely Moonlight. Have most of my house plants moved back in the house for Winter blooming. Received a Letter from Jack.

August 27, 1941, Wednesday

Lovely cool, calm morning, pleasant to be out among the flowers. But I'm too sick to work any with them for the Heart weakness bothers me very much. Will bring in some of my house plants after my shelves and stands are arranged for them. Have some more to Re-pot before setting them in the house. Rufus is repairing the Tractor today, it will be Noon tomorrow before his job will be finished here. Scripture reading Luke 24:1-9, Psalm 121:1-2. The girls are cleaning the rooms upstairs and downstairs. After noon they & I will go to Clinton. Mary will get a shampoo. I will go to Matinee.

I kept feeling worse as the day advanced and could hardly wait until night, so I could retire for the night. My head aches and heart is weak. The girls, Mary and Josephine took Rufus to Gip to get his car. He had a Date. Dad has a Carbuncle on neck back of ear. We hope Rufus can finish his work today. Mary had fresh fish for Supper. It was very good.

August 26, 1941, Tuesday

Sun is hot but shade is cool, wind is rather high. The Sting from the Wasp hurt me all night, had to get up to apply something to ease it. The pain makes me sick at times, did a little work among flowers my head aches too much to do anything. Gathered some lovely flowers for the house. Scripture read John 16:25-33. We arose before Dawn and Rufus was drilling soon afterward. It keeps the girls Mary and Josephine hurrying around to do the cooking, running the Car for Dad and Rufus. Grace and her 5 children came in time for dinner then Grace went to the Laundry and Mary with Josephine went swimming at the Pool. The little girls went to Movie and Bobby visited with Mr. Scarce and Max. I stayed at home for my aches & pains were too much to want to go anywhere. When night come I retired feeling much worse, the Wasp Sting still hurting. Dad went to Clinton with the girls for Tractor Oil. Never had much rest. A Wind & Rain Storm.

In the margin: Rain during the night.

August 25, 1941, Monday

Morning cool calm and pleasant. I worked a long time in Yard. While there a Wasp stung me on the Chest paining me severely for hours. Rufus D. come to sow grain. The girls will cook dinner, while I rest. Have gathered more flower seed and large Bouquet of lovely Zinnias and Marigolds. Scripture read John 14. Psalm 4. Dinner was so good! Josephine made such extra fine Egg Custard and Cherry Pie. Am still repotting plants for the house this Winter. There are yet more of them.

The girls are kept busy helping at the Store and having meals on time, getting up before day taking Rufus to work and back for his meals. The Wasp Sting still pains me very much. The day has ended we are all tired, so are going to retire. The Wind is getting blustery as August closes.

August 24, 1941, Sunday

A lovely Sabbath, cool, calm and pleasant. Frank and I arose early and cooked Breakfast. When we had it started Dick, Fannie & Richard come for Frank to go to Pasture northwest of Butler where Dick's cattle are. Fannie stayed here with me. She and the girls, Mary and Josephine are busy in kitchen preparing a Chicken dinner with vegetables. There are so many of all kinds never any better grew. Scripture read Psa 46 and Isaiah 30:1-18.

After noon, 3 o'clock - The 3 girls, Richard and I attended Matinee at Del Rio "They Met in Bombay" by Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell. We spent an hour or so with Thelma Marvin. She has a neat cozy little Cafe by the Hospital. While we were at Clinton Cecil and Lena came to see us. Rufus Dovel was here at Sundown to see about Disking in grain in field where the stubble was plowed up a few weeks ago. Mary and Josephine took Fanny & Richard home at night.

August 23, 1941, Saturday

Pleasant weather quite a bit cooler, calm and lovely. 8 A.M. Mary and Josephine are doing the kitchen tasks. I did some labor in the yard. Frank cut a water melon he grew in the yard. It was among the flowers. It was quite good tasting one. There are others in another place and larger size. Scripture read Phil 1:21, Eph 6:10-18.

Have been repotting my House plants (that were in my yard) for blooming this Winter. They have done well growing and are in fine condition. Mary and Josephine took me to Clinton at night, and left me at Rialto Theater and I saw a good Movie. Always such a crowd jammed on the Streets. The girls got me a Lunch. They had eaten before we left home. The day was spent by me in doing things that needed to be done among the flowers and plants indoors and outside. Very nice pleasant night to sleep and rest in.

Thought for today.
One ship drives east and another drives west,
With the self-same winds that blow,
'Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
That tell them the way to go.

Like the winds of the sea are the winds of fate,
As we voyage along through life,
'Tis the set of the soul
That decides its goal
And not the calm or the strife.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

August 22, 1941, Friday

A delightfully cool and calm morning have spent hours removing the dead Stalks of flowers and Vines. All the Blooming plants have put on brighter blossoms and greener foliage since the Showers have cooled the atmosphere and moistened the soil. Frank took Dad to Gip to see about crops and cattle. Mary and Josephine are running the Store. I will read awhile and gather flower seed. Scripture reading Phil 4:4-8.

Dad and Frank returned at Noon with Roasting ears, melons, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers and Okra. After Noon the girls and I motored to Putnam, Independence and Thomas & Custer City to see about a School room for Josephine to teach, every place seems to be filled. Lottie left Thursday for Thursa's to stay awhile with her. She intended stopping at Loys' home over night. Mrs. Caldwell gave me some pretty flowers and seeds to plant next year.

August 21, 1941, Thursday

Cloudy cool and pleasant since last night's rain. The girls Mary and Josephine are resting in their Room. Mary has been loosing sleep from Neuralgia in the Jaw. Scripture read Matt 4:19, Psalm 24. Must do more letter writing today. Finished Lela's letter. After the girls got busy they cooked dinner, had a lot of fun laughing over jokes told on each other and themselves.

Frank came home today late. Mary & Josephine are finishing supper after which we will go to the Ritz Theater to Movie and see Kent Taylor and Wendie Barrie play "Repent at Leisure". Lightning flashing and Thunder Roar as we come home in dark cloudy night. Rain may fall before morning. [In the Margin: Sprinkle of rain during the night]

August 20, 1941, Wednesday

Cooler very pleasant, calm wind from the South. I did a little work in the Yard, am rather weak and don't feel like doing much but will continue my letter writing. Cecil took Lena home to her family Reunion at Thurman, Iowa. They will be back this week. Grace's parents have gone for a visit to Missouri. Tourists from everywhere motoring over State now. Scripture reading Psalm 107:9, 1 John 4: 10-19. Frank is still at Clinton.

Thirty six years ago my Baby Boy Rolla was taken from this World of Sorrow & Suffering. My heart was left Sore from grief & loneliness. He would be 37 years old now. How these trials leave their deep impressions of Heart sickness and vacancy that nothing else can fill for each child has it's place in a Mother's heart, all children are different and dear.

Mary met Josephine at 10 P.M. at Bus Station, a very hard Rain fell while they were there. The lightning and wind were fierce. I think there was a Cyclone somewhere and lightning struck some place near here. Received a letter from Mildred. She has been busy all summer canning and pickling. I got Shampoo & Permanent Wave today.

August 19, 1941, Tuesday

Pleasant morning with Sun bursting through the heavy Fog - cool and calm. Have been enjoying working among the Vines, watering some beautiful late flowers that will bloom until Frost.

Wrote Lottie a letter early, so it would go on the train to her. Mary expects Josephine to come today for few days visit with us. There are so many things now to look after as seen are to be gathered and put away for next years flowers, the early kind and plants to be repotted and brought in the house for Winter Blooming, they were set out in the Yard for a Rest spell during this Summer. Have had More Flowers than Ever before for the Season had moisture everytime it was needed, making bloom and Growth perfect.

Mary did her housework and went to Store. Frank still at Clinton. Scripture reading Matt 5:1-16. Will answer some more letters today. Ernestine White and Mary Joe Askew come up with Mary to bring Watermelon, mail and chicken for supper. Had another Card from Essa at Santa Fe N.M. heading for Colorado. They may visit Loys and Thursa. I wrote Jack today. Mary took Dad and I to Clinton for a couple of hours last night, pleasant cool weather, dark of Moon.

In Margin: Best Summer for Fruit, Melons, Gardens and flowers in many years.

August 18, 1941, Monday

A light Shower of Rain is falling 10 A.M. I did 2 hours of labor among Vines and flowers before this. Am so thankful for moisture as it will benefit my late plants. Calm & cool, pleasant August weather. Mary is doing the house cleaning. The Dust collects badly from the Highway Traffic.

Frank is still at Clinton. Dad is at the Store. Mary will go down in a few minutes time. Have some letters to write. Scripture reading Job 38:11. Matt 26:36-40. Signed a Birth Certificate for Mrs. Chas. Brummer, Alhambra, California. She was Susie Jane Matthews, a cousin of Dovie Jones. Wrote to Mildred. Have a letter from Lottie Stephens saying Thursa was sick and she was going to visit Thursa and Loys.

All retiring early tired from the day's activities, cool and cloudy, nice weather for a good restful sleep. During the day Mary brought some excellent melons, they have tasted better to me this Summer than for years.

August 17, 1941, Sunday

After arising at 6:30 A.M., bathing and cooking Breakfast and eating alone, very late Dad come downstairs. I was cleaning room. He ate and then went to Church.

My flowers were then gathered a large Bucket and pan full which I placed in water. They are so pretty and doing well since the Rain. I feel better out in the open Air as my breathing is easier when fanned by the Breezes. The dishes are waiting to be washed but they won't hurt by setting there until Noon when dinner dishes are washed. Scripture reading Mark 1st chapter.

Our Lunch will be of Melons, Fruit and cold drinks and food. Mary returned home at 5 P.M. and took me to Del Rio Matinee "Moon Over Miami" by Don Amichi, Robt Cummins, Jack Haley, Betty Grable, Charlot Greenwood. It was Technicolor very pretty scenery and acting. I was cooled off at time of coming home. Thelma Marvin gave me Kodak picture of herself and invited me to Dinner on Wednesday Aug 21.

August 16, 1941, Saturday

Warmer and calm, almost Sultry, but a gentle Breeze is arising now. We are so thankful for the Rain of yesterday. There was none at Gip, we had a good soaking one here. Am watching the changes for growth & blossoms since the Rain. Scripture reading John 13:1 and Romans 28:35-39.

Frank and Mary will both be at the Store during the day. Mary was with Josephine at the City Thursday. A Card from Essa's family Red River New Mexico. They are having a delightful trip and will go on to Utah and Colorado Sunday.

Mary brought me a nice lunch at Noon. At 4 P.M. she left for Norman to get Josephine Cronin to come home with her and stay awhile. Dad was late coming from the Store. He thought I had gone to Clinton so he never hurried home. Frank had gone to spend the weekend at Clinton.

August 15, 1941, Friday

Warmer weather, rather Sultry in early hours. A gentle breeze blew up about 11 A. M.

Dad and Frank went to Gip at 7 this morning so Mary had to stay at the Store while they are gone. That leaves me alone with all the house work to attend to. Scripture read Ezek. 18.

Still have High Blood Pressure affecting me leaving my heart very weak at times. After kitchen work was finished then my flowers were watered and gathered to fill Vases. There are some lovely ones still growing, if only Rain would come to moisten & cool the Ground.

One half of a month has passed without much moisture falling. Cotton does not need any and is looking so pretty and harty and hale.

Rain! A hard shower came at 1 o'clock Noon while I was eating a Lunch. A heavy soaking down poor for 20 minutes or so. How growing plants will rejoice over their Bath. Frank and Dad were late (afternoon) returning from Gip, the Alfalfa was stacked while they were out there.

Mary attended a Farewell Social at the Tavern Inn given by Business women of Clinton at night. Social was for Ruth Read who leaves for Wyoming to make there home - with mother and sister. There were many nice tokens of remembrance given Ruth by the large crowd attending the Dance and Social.

August 14, 1941, Thursday

Cool, calm and party cloudy - delightfully pleasant to walk and work among flowers and plants. Two hours was spent by me in the Yard. I'm praying for Rain to soak the ground good to put vigorous life into my late Summer and Fall Garden of flowers. Frank watered some plants and was trying to kill the Big Red Ants that want to transgress in flower beds of mine. Scripture read John 14:23-31.

The Catalogues of Prizes for Custer County have been printed for some time. Mary went last night to Oklahoma City with friends and hasn't come up home yet at 2:30 P.M. About 10 P.M. she returned from the City. Have been alone most of the day and not feeling well.

August 13, 1941, Wednesday

Cloudy. Clouds were heavy with Rain but passed on South, giving us a Mere Sprinkle to settle Dust here. I worked a short time among flowers before the Damp Air come. Zinnias are drying up and dying for Moisture, think this moisture will help some. Mary has gone to Store to work. I will read papers & magazines today, rest my body. Scripture reading II Kings 20:17-18, Isa. 39.

At 2:30 P.M. Mary went to Clinton to get Permanent Wave. She took me to Del Rio to Joel McCrea, Ellen Drew & Eddie Bracken play "Reaching for the Sun". After that a Woman with a child walked me across the Street to Gosslyn Store.

Saw Fanny and Richard at Store we talked over Passing Events. She said this week was a Vacation from work and she was taking things easy. I bought a Beautiful Vase shape of a Bird of Paradise of Bright colors, very pretty indeed. I saw Mrs. Caldwell's yard of Beautiful plants and flowers, but she was absent so I missed seeing her. I want to get some Seed different from mine, of her.

August 12, 1941, Tuesday

Strong, cool breeze blowing swiftly from the North. Josephine will leave for Norman on the Bus at 1 P.M. We enjoyed her visit very much. Mary will miss her greatly and will be very lonely without her. Cloudy and there is an appearance of Rain. Mary took Josephine to Clinton. I will be alone most of the day as Mary will have to help her Dad. Frank is still at Clinton. We saw Fannie a few minutes as we went to Cecil's yesterday. She was going to a Club Meeting at Ora Smith's home. Scripture read Eph 4:26, Rom 12:9-21

Mabel Teel and Sister Mrs. Askew with Baby "Mike Teel" age 6 weeks come for a visit with me. They are on a visit to the Teels. They are so proud of the Baby.

Mary took Dad to Church at night. I retired early as my joints were aching and heart was weak.

August 11, 1941, Monday

Cooling Stiff Breezes. A nice August morning. I watered some of my flowers. Some of them are showing effects of the Summer heat and dry climate. They have had Sprinkles of Rain but no soaking of Ground which is hard & hot. Have potted 5 Lantana for Winter blooming in the house. They are on the Porches. Scripture read Matt 7:1-2. Luke 8:30-28.

Mary and Josephine are going out to see Lena and Cecil and take me with them. We found them at home and had a nice dinner and visit. Cecil and a man cutting corn for Silo. Corn will be mixed with other grain. Lena gave me a jar of nice Jelly to eat with our Biscuits, and some summer squash. We stopped to see Grace and her children. Barbara and Marilyn come home with us. Grace was canning Tomatoes and making juice for Winter drinks. At night Grace and her children took Mary, Josephine & I to Clinton with them. Some of the children went to one theater and the others went to another as there as good entertainment at each one. The crowd of us ate our Supper before going home.

August 10, 1941, Sunday

Cooling Breezes are fanning us today. Pleasant beautiful Sabbath Day. Dad went to Revival at M.E. Church. Essa Simmons, my niece, her husband Sewall and Little Joyce come at 10 A.M. They are on their way to Red River (town), New Mexico, Young's Ranch with 10 other families for Vacation of hunting and fishing. They will be away 10 days. Mary and Josephine cooked an Excellent dinner of young friers, noodles, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Okra, Cottage Cheese, new Watermelon Preserves, Lettuce and Relishes, Beans. All so nicely cooked and tastily and daintily served.

Essa's family left at 12:30 noon to go on West to their destination, Amarillo, Texas, where they spend the night, tomorrow night they reach the end of their trip. Scripture reading Matt 5:43-48. Essa gave me a quart of Red Plum jelly . It is so clear and beautiful. This was her 48th birthday. Mary and I gave Essa a lovely hand-painted Mayonnaise Dish & Spoon.

About 5 P.M. after the girls had their Rest and Nap I went with them to Clinton. We saw the New Movie Picture of "Blossoms in the Dust" played by Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. After that we come home with some Ice. Mary and Josephine ate a supper of all that good food left from the Dinner. I drank Ice milk and went to bed.

August 9, 1941, Saturday

Cool and pleasant, partly cloudy with good Breezes. I've walked around over the Yard viewing the Landscape with it's flowers, Vines & Shrubs all are very beautiful and doing well. I see the Grasshoppers are getting numerous again. I will get some chickens to run among the plants to "gobble up" the "hoppers."

Josephine didn't get the school she wanted. I regret it very much for she is a very deserving and capable young lady. One who makes friends and holds them. Scripture read I Tim. 1-12, Psalm 46.

Mary and Josephine cleaned the house from top to bottom, oiling & dusting. I have done less work today than any this week. The girls walked down town in Afternoon when their work was done. Frank is helping Dad at the Store. Tonight All of Us will go to Clinton to spend a few hours and we'll mix with the usual Saturday night crowd and shop for what is needed to finish out our dinner for Sunday noon. We expect extras to eat with us.

August 8, 1941, Friday

Cool and partly cloudy this morning. The girls are resting in their room taking it easy after the heat and stress of hard hot work. A passing Shower of Rain is now sprinkling the Dust and cooling the Atmosphere by washing the dust from it. Very Pleasant. There is more Preserving to be done today. Hope the coolness continues during the Progress and the Process of making of the same. Scripture reading Matt 12:9-14.

Have 7 jars of Watermelon Preserves that have liquid thick and Clear as Honey. So Good! and So Pretty! That finished my Preserving for the week, maybe for the season. Mary and Josephine went to Clinton to spend the Evening. Frank and I soon retired. He had been fixing up fences around Pastures and was tired.

August 7, 1941, Thursday

There is a cooling Breeze this morning. Such a delightful change form those Sultry days. Scripture read Eph 4:23-7:32

Frank took the Car to Gip and the girls Mary and Josephine will have to walk to town. I need some sugar and other groceries right away, but don't know how I will get anything to the house. Have started my Tomato preserves and can't finish without other ingredients. Frank returned about 6 P.M.

I made 12 jars of Tomato and Watermelon Preserves. It is hot work but I enjoy making jelly and Preserves, also Pickles and Relishes, but the Heat from the Stove bothers me and my blood pressure. At night the girls, Josephine and Mary with myself went to Clinton to spend a few hours and cool off by the Drive there and back lovely moonlight with a cloud scudding by to dim it's brilliancy. We returned, cooled and refreshed for a night's rest. A Card from Essa Simmons saying she would come by Sunday. They are on their way to New Mexico.

August 6, 1941, Wednesday

Sultry, but a little cooler than yesterday. Company from Oklahoma City at 9 A.M. Mrs. Dunn and her daughter Jessie come to see Mary and I, they were on their way to see Mrs. Minerva Miller at Butler, both were looking well and prosperous. Mary and Josephine are now at the Store that leaves me alone again. Frank took Dad to Gip to see about fixing One of the Wind mills.

This is Bobby's 15th Birthday. God Bless the Dear Boy and may he ever be a blessing to others. A nice cheerful newsy letter from Jack. He is still at Camp near San Hose [Jose], Calif.

Scripture reading Matt 2:34-37, Jas. 3:2-12. I made 6 glasses of yellow Tomato Preserves that taste extra good. Have some more tomatoes to cook tomorrow. At night Mary, Josephine and I drove to Clinton after Melons and Peaches. Such a lovely Drive, the Moonshine shone in all it's glory, the invigorating breeze refreshed us greatly.

August 5, 1941, Tuesday

There is moisture in the ground from Yesterday's Shower, but it is a rather Sultry morning, maybe a cooling breeze will be fanning us soon. I watered some of the flowers, those large yellow marigolds and other plants that didn't get enough Rain.

The Morning Glories oh! how beautiful and large they cover the Vines on the Porches, the North Porch is lovely. Scripture reading Jas. 3:2-13 and Matt 26:73. I hope the weather will cool off, this Sultriness gets all my strength.

Lena came about 10 A.M. then Josephine Cronin came about 11 A.M. on the Train from Norman to spend a day or so with Mary. Josephine will meet the Supt. of Arapaho High School to see about teaching a Grade here this Winter. The girls spread a nice Lunch at Noon and are enjoying themselves getting better acquainted with each other.

At night Mary and Josephine spent a couple of hours at Clinton. I went along to cool off.

August 4, 1941, Monday

Warm August morning. Rather Sultry. Grace came in about 9A.M. to take Dad to Gip to oversee the work being done there. All of us feel so weak and tired out, but the hard hot work comes in the Heat of the Year and the longest days. Mary is at the Store so I shall be alone at the house all day. Have put up clean lace curtains in my room. Makes it look cooler. Scripture read Proverbs 15:23, 16:24 and 25:11.

All the kitchen work is waiting for me to do as Mary hurried off without doing anything about the house. A light Sprinkle of Rain during the Afternoon, but even that made it more hot and Sultry when the Sun shone reflecting against the Storm Clouds. Grace brought Dad home then She and Mary went to Clinton and spent the Evening. The beautiful moonlight was so bright and evening was pleasant. I sat on the East Porch watching the Traffic until about 10 P.M. Dad being so tired he went to his room early. This was Grace's 35th Birthday and Bobby's 15th. God Bless each one and make them a Blessing to Others.

August 3, 1941, Sunday

Very Sultry morning. Sun shines so hot and not much Wind breezing around. I arose about 5 A.M. (my usual time in Summer day). Took a cold bath to gain some Pep. Cooked breakfast, ate alone. Dad come later, he went to Church Services. Revival is to begin this morning. Scripture reading Proverbs 25; Prov. 15:1-14.

Mary is chasing a chicken to fry. She intends to have for her & Dad's dinner. She has caught it. They will have Roasting Ears, Melons & fruits. About 3 P.M. Mary went to Clinton, we got some Ice. I saw a good Movie while there and cooled off. The Afternoon Sun was scorching hot. Clouds were gathering in the distance, hope we get a Rain to cool the Air.

August 2, 1941, Saturday

Morning began like other days but the afternoon taxes the strength and nerves of a Person by being Sultry.  Pleasant and cool, calm breezes. Flowers and growing things are refreshed by late Rain and look pretty and bright this morn. Scripture reading Phil 4:4 + 10  John 14:27

I did a little labor among the flowers & vines, they are certainly doing well, growing spreading over the Porches making a Dense shade, also over the Windows. This is One Year that the Entire Yard has been covered with pretty flowers. Ina Brown and Mary have decided not to go to California it was hard for Ina to give up the pleasure trip as she had worked hard, denied herself many things thinking she woud take her vacation with her Mother and Dad. And Mary was anxious to see Mildred and her boys. As usual on Saturday night Mary took Frank and I to Clinton, he to spend weekend down there. Dad & Frank were at Gip to see about a cutting of Alfalfa Hay. 

August 1, 1941, Friday

Cool refreshing Breezes. The flowers are thriving since the rain last night. We enjoyed Our night's rest. Mary 's mind is on going to California to see Mildred & her little boys soon.  Scripture Titus 2:11, Eph 3:14 & 21

People are rejoicing over the Rain. Received a letter from Mildred. She and the children go to the Park to stay so they can be in a cool Place and she is learning to make Baskets of Reeds. She has been having attacks of Hayfever. The Afternoon has been sticky & steamy with heat & sweating. Mary spent Evening with Mabel Teel.  The rest of us retired early. I sat for several hours in the moonlight cooling off. The night was pleasant for sleeping. 

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