Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

January 31, 1941, Friday

Last day of the month, there is a heavy mist and rather warm. Loys and Al drove in last night to Mrs. Cooper's. They come over here this morning. They made the drive in record time. Al and Frank went to Clinton to have the oil checked on their Car. Loys and Mary have gone to town and out to Fanny's. I'm not well enough to be out in this dampness so have stayed home. Alene and Buddy stayed in Denver to go to school.

Al wants to start back home tomorrow. The Coopers will go with them to Mrs. Cooper's sister funeral on Monday. Loys and Al will hurry here, there and everywhere to visit with relatives and friends.

Mary said there was a crowd at 3 different places of amusement in Clinton to celebrate President Roosevelt's birthday, many hundreds dollars raised for March of Dimes. Scripture reading Matt 25:15, Acts 5: 1-10

Fannie and Loys run into slippery mud, they turned back home when within a mile of Cecil's. Grace was canning Sausage. Al went to Hobart Ball Game and Loys stayed here at night. The mist turned into Rain late afternoon.

January 30, 1941, Thursday

Today, 54 years ago, at 10 A.M. was our Wedding Day. Today weather is cloudy and much warmer, no ice. That day, Sunday, was calm, clear and pleasant, not a cloud or harsh wind to mar or ruffle our Spirits or finery.

This is Franklin D. Roosevelt's birth Anniversary and the whole Nation celebrates it by giving money to the causes of the paralytics.

Frank and Mary are busy working with the fresh pork, making Sausage and trimming hams for curing. My aches and pains are not very severe, but throat and tongue has a feeling of numbness, hard to swallow solid food or to talk. My voice has a flat hollow sound, not much breath back of it to force the words from mouth. Am thankful to be free of many sharp pains, only a weakness of heart and body now. Scripture reading I Peter 5, Matt. 5:41

Looks like it will Rain. Received phone call from Al saying he and Loys will come about midnight.

January 29, 1941, Wednesday

Beautiful calm weather, sunshine to warm the Atmosphere and brighten the land and hearts of people. People hurry by along the Highway full of life and ambition. Perhaps their hearts are attuned to God's wishes.

I'm very weak this morning, bowels upset, lungs are well but throat and ears are very sore. Mary had to hurry to the Store as Dad will go to Gip and attend a Sale. They will not return until night. Scripture reading John 14:21-27. Matt 5:40.

I'll try answering more letters today. The time will be long so can take Rest Spells. Frank come at Noon. Dad bought a young porker to be made into sausage and sold at the Store. Opal Farnsworth and Mary come at evening to bright Dad home. Then they went to spend the evening at Clinton with young folks.

Wrote Mildred a letter. Weather is warmer and getting cloudy.

January 28, 1941, Tuesday

Morning sun shone clear and bright at 10AM after shoving the fog away and melting the heavy Frost.

I'm not so well, my throat and other ear is sore and swollen. Every OTHER day I seem to be better. Maybe this illness will wear away soon. I must try to write to my boys and girls. It has been several weeks since I answered one of them. Scripture reading Psalm 55, Matt 5:39.

Wrote Loys and Jack. So tired after writing, but am glad I could get it done. Frank and Dick Bland came by a few minutes to visit.

January 27, 1941, Monday

Weather fine, Sunshine, heavy White frost, Ice but no ugly Wind. Soon the Sun will warm the Atmosphere again. Mary and Dad are up hours ahead of me. I only spend one half day out of bed and dressed, the morning is passed by with my nite robe, jacket and plush house slippers on. My aches and pains are not so severe now.

When Weather gets warmer I will get a little stronger. Am so thankful to be able to wait on my self. Frank is staying at the Bland farm again and will be all Spring. I've missed him. Scripture reading Psalm 53, Matt 14:23

Mary and Dad go to work at an early hour. She takes Dad to town, returns to do the housework and then goes to help at Store until night. The days are getting longer now. I usually manage to get my noon lunch if I want anything. At noon Mary brought me hot lunch. Looks so bright and pretty outdoors. Am not able to get out yet. Maybe Tomorrow I'll go with Mary.

Received a letter from Mildred. She keeps so busy with her homework, socials, sewing for her family of four, and taking an active part in programs, plays, musicals.

January 26, 1941, Sunday

There is that Wonderful Peace, the Gift of God's Love surrounding all the Country and filling the hearts of the people. Praise Him from Whom all Blessings flow!

Weather is real Wintry, below freezing. I'm not as well as usual. Perhaps the weather is to blame for that. Am sitting at bed side writing this, have Nite Robe and Jacket on. Dad cooked our Breakfast. I ate my Oats and Coffee. May return to my bed. Have read Scripture Psalm 27, 130.

Received a letter from Loys. She and Buddy have both had long siege of sickness. God Bless their dear lives! Wish I were well enough to help them some way. Maybe I can write her a short letter to cheer her up. Am so weak and frail after my spell of lung and throat soreness of six weeks or more.

Mary did the housework, went with Dad after the Mail, then finished cooking dinner after which she left to be with the young folks at Clinton.

Very bright and some warmer on the outside, looks so pretty and pleasant there. Mary made me two silk pongee house coats to wear over nite robe when I was too sick and weak to be in full day dress.

January 25, 1941, Saturday

A mist of Rain at 9 PM. Wind in the South rather brisk. Dad is going to Gip. Mary did the house and has gone to run the Store. We may have a Bad Cold Spell if this Wind whips from the North.

My night wasn't so badly broken by cough as before. Throat and Ear still sore and draining. Scripture reading I Peter 12 to 21.

A spasm of coughing just overpowered me. I will probably be alone most of the day, will sit close to the fire, read and crochet. Sun shone out clear at Noon. Mary brought me a Lunch. After a warm bath at Noon I dressed fully. This has been unusual all this week as I've kept Nite Robe and Jacket on most days. Mary brought a supply of Tonic & medicine for me. Man with Butane gas filled the tank 500 gallons and regulated the stove in my room, also the lamp.

January 24, 1941, Friday

Cold, foggy weather. My cold is some better if I don't have a setback as I have a time or two when weather took a turn for the worse. Mary is at Hobart with Mabel Bills whose sick father is very bad. Farmer's meeting tonight at Court house. Scripture reading James 3:2-11, John 8:6

Mary came home at 5 PM. She and Nora Lee Porter. They brought some Cake that Nora's mother made. It was extra good Chocolate with pineapple filling and was still warm when they got here with it.

I am not so well this afternoon, but I sit by the fire reading some to pass the time. Mary will spend the evening with Nora Lee, returning at bedtime. I've been rather nervous and a little blue which is unusual for me, that must be a sign for the Better when I get to pitying myself. The Sun shone out this Afternoon bright, now it is getting cloudy again.

January 23, 1941, Thursday

Weather cold and gloomy, a heavy Fog that look like it was laden with Snow. These damp days doesn't help my lungs nor throat. Cough hurts my ear. Surely Cold will stop some day soon. The fever makes me weak and the long nites I suffer most and choke from coughing until I break out in sweat. There are so many unfinished pieces of crocheting and sewing, lace making, and writing of letters, a stack of them awaiting my answering. Frank is better of his cold. Mary and Dad too are able to go about their work and enjoy it. Scripture reading Matt. 5:25, John 3:14-15, John 12:32.

Lena come at Noon, helped Frank to cook our lunch. Cecil went to Clinton Sale. Mary come up to the home for Lena to go to town awhile. Very Cold Wind. Cecil come for Lena while she was at the Store. Her visit did me a great deal of good.

January 22, 1941, Wednesday

Weather very nice and pleasant for Winter. Grace come by on her way to Clinton Laundry. She will be gone all day. Mary went with her and will visit with Ruth Reed while there. So pretty outdoors. I wish it was good for me to get out. Am thankful I'm able to be up and can wait on myself, can look out the windows, see the cars and passengers going here, there and everywhere full of Life and Cheerfulness. Grace seems to get along as well as anyone else. She never borrows trouble but takes Life as it comes. God Bless her and her children.

Essa wrote that her son, Sewell Simmons, had joined the Navy on New Year's Day and she was weeping all the days. Paul has never come back and Guy regrets that for Guy has always taken an older brother's interest in Paul. Scripture reading Isaiah 40: 28-31, Matthew 5:22

January 21, 1941, Tuesday

Weather is fair and strong high wind in South and West, not cold, but a little blustery. This is George's 53rd Birth Anniversary. Oh Heavenly Father shower him with Rich Blessings, both Spiritual and Material. May his days from now on be deeper and brighter than ever before, for the greatest trials to come after Youth is past and the Struggles are harder and longer in Middle and Old Age.

I feel so weak and worn from my suffering and coughing. Frank is feeling better. Mary is rested over her trip and back at work, going to Clinton for Produce and cash for Stamps. Dad holds out well to be as old as he is. Mary takes him to Store very early then does her house work after that returns to the Store to remain until night fall. Scripture reading James 4:1-10, Matt. 5:19. I shall pass the time in trying to crochet and read.

Mary's new clothes and shoes, Coat & Hat are all lovely and of the best material. They look well on her too. A Dust Storm from the Texas Plains about 3 P.M. lasting for hours obscuring the Sun at times. Frank had been digging around the shrubbery until that time when he quit working.

Mary bought me a lovely powder blue Jacket to wear over my Nite Robe when I go to Dining room to drink my coffee at Breakfast time. Jacket matches Bed Slippers.

Received a letter from Essa Simmons.

January 20, 1941, Monday

Weather bright and fair. South wind is chilly and brisk. Hope the day is good at Washington DC for Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 3rd Inauguration and Parade. May there be nothing to mar the day for all concerned. Scripture reading Heb 12:1-7.

Dad walked to town about 7:30AM. He made coffee. A hot drink sometimes will stop the hard coughing spells. Last night was a little worse for my cough and sore ear. Mary will return about night. May all be well with her. Bless her dear life. She has made mine brighter.

Frank's ear still hurts. He is mainstay about the home to help cook and do things. Mary came back at dark with a full outfit of new clothes, hat, dress, shoes and jacket, very pretty. She was tired from her trip to Oklahoma City but enjoyed the change of novelty and newness of scenery and people.

January 19, 1941, Sunday

Bright, warm Sunshine. Cold South Wind. Weather not so cold as yesterday. To look out my Window South it appears to be beautiful and pleasant Outdoors. My nite was more restful and pains not so numerous, was awakened several times by coughing and ear hurting. Throat is slowly healing. All except myself sleeping late. I had to get up to doctor throat and ears. Then I put Coffee and Oats on to cook. Dad come down and fried eggs and sausage, then Frank and Mary. Mary put the chicken on to cook before leaving for Oklahoma City. She will do some shopping while there. Opal Farnsworth went with her. They will return tomorrow night. Scripture reading Phil. 4:8-23

Frank washed Breakfast dishes and finished dinner of Chicken and Dumplings, asparagus, cottage cheese, pears and fruit pies. Grace and her five children drove up while we were eating, then the table was set for them to eat their dinner. We had enough food cooked for all.

Cecil, Lena, her mother Mrs. Standley, and her sister Elaine Gore and husband Dick come to spend afternoon with us. Mrs. Standley will start home in the morning with her children to Thurman, Iowa. I hope they have a nice day for traveling and good luck, no mishaps or accidents.

Thus went the Day I thought would be long. Often when we Dread anything we find at the End there was nothing to fear. We Borrow troubles. The little Sparrow sings the Heavenly Father will care for me.

January 18, 1941, Saturday

Warmer, very pleasant Winter morning. No harsh wind blowing. The Sun is shining and warming up the atmosphere and melting the ice in vessels outside.

Not a very good nite of Rest for me. Cough was worse. This morning finds me listless and tired from struggles with my aches and pains. Frank's head is more painful and aches and throbs. My cold is loosening up some.

Looks so beautiful out in Sunshine. It has been a long spell of 6 or 7 weeks since I was able to get about. Scripture reading Lev. 6:12, Isa. 40:18-22, Mark 13:31, Acts 14:17 The Eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the Everlasting arms. Deut. 33:27

Frank took Dad to Gip to see the cattle and grain, so pleasant to be outside in the sun shine. People appreciate it and the Traffic is constantly passing to and fro, driving here and there. Fannie came by to see how I was feeling. She looks better than when last here and feels better she says. She and Richard had been to Clinton and were hurrying home to do the evening chores. The cold day has ended. The Sun has warmed the surroundings some. Mary went to Clinton at night to get a hen to bake and get things for tomorrow's meals. I've gained some strength of body. Lungs are still sore and Ears hurt.

January 17, 1941, Friday

Sunshine for the first day of the several past. Much colder with Ice and freezing weather. This is Loys, my oldest daughter's, 43rd Birth Anniversary. God Bless her and her family. In the midst of her loved ones may her lamp shine clear and bright beaconing them to a Better World.

My health doesn't seem to improve very fast. Ears, throat and lungs sore and weak all over. However there are so many blessings around me to count. Frank's head hurts worse.

Little Barbara was up and at School in time. She looks ill, rather frail and hollow-eyed. Her ears sore like mine. Scripture reading Revelations 22:10-17, Matt. 5:17. Barbara attended the Ball Game. Arapaho beat Corn. Arapaho seems to win many games.

Sam Massingale, our Congressman to Washington, died about 2 P.M. at U.S. Capitol Building. Mary told me the News when she brought me Throat medicine. The death notice was radioed everywhere shocking all of our western Counties.

Frank went to town with Mary aafter preparing a good Lunch for us. A heavy Freeze for tonite prophesied by weatherman. It has been freezing all day. Wind more still as nite advances.

January 16, 1941, Thursday

Weather is a continuation of several days, damp, dark and gloomy. A mist hangs over us. I think the Sunshine will Break thru the clouds as in the far distance there is a Streak of Blue Sky showing.

The School Buses still have Mud to plow thru. My cold has loosened. Scripture reading 27:14, I Sam. 30:6-8.

Our family of 4, Dad, Frank, Mary and I look about the same as the weather, sick and gloomy. My Spirit rejoices in the Mercy of the Lord, Father and Creator and Protector of the weak.

Another dreary day ended. Was too weak to dress. Sat in chair trying to read and forget my coughing. Frank sits in by kitchen fire and table playing Solitaire. Sometimes I work Cross-word Puzzles. I felt less anxious. Barbara spent the nite here.

January 15, 1941, Wednesday

Weather damp and gloomy, a little cooler. My lungs are better but throat and ear very sore. Cough has continued for 6 or 7 weeks.

A light sprinkle of rain just over. Frank and Mary very good to do what they can for me. She will buy medicine, fruit or anything she thinks I need. Frank puts himself to trouble to prepare something good to eat. It isn't my appetite at fault but the soreness of throat prevents my swallowing. When I eat then I cough bringing on an attack of suffering of the pain in my ear. This awful suffering in ear has lasted about 3 weeks. Scripture reading Exod. 3:14-15, Psa 130:20, Psalm 34:4, Hebrews 1 ch 14

I haven't done any work of any kind. Not even writing or sewing for 10 or 12 days. Today is Billy Jean's 5th birthday. God Bless the dear little one and make her a Blessing to those around her. Weather is damp but no rainfall. A misty atmosphere with a promise of more tomorrow of just such climate, not every cold, above freezing. Weather has a lot to do with the suffering of Flu & Pneumonia.

Pasted in clipping:

Charge to America

Kneel down, America! Think on your past, and pray!
From old-world heritage of greed and hate
You were called out like Abraham to find
Where tolerance and brotherhood might flourish
And light the world with hope!
God, having blessed and purged you of old guilts,
Brought rich, unnumbered treasures to your hand:
Fat, fertile soil; a gentle climate;
Freedom; equality; the right to speak,
To print, to pray, to live as conscience rules.
He tamed for you the lightning; set the time
Fast-moving, filled with miracles!
Now, like a pampered child, you play
with tinsel toys and heed not His commands.

Rise up, America! Your starlit flag
Hold high, with vows renewed!
thank God for dangers to remind you
That His great gifts great duties do entail.
So may you worthy prove, though late,
Of this high gift, this duty, this Democracy!
Genoa Morris

January 14, 1941, Tuesday

Weather dark, damp and gloomy, colder wind. Muddy roads. My cough has taken a change for the worse, slept very little last night. My throat got worse and worse. had to get up several times to doctor throat and cough. Frank coughs hard too. Mary has a cough but not a very bad cold.

Hope today will bring relief from cough. My Ear will hurt as long as the cough continues. Scripture reading Job 28:28, Job 34:29, Psalm 4:5, Phil. 1 chapter.

Mary drove to Clinton and brought back an armload of dainty food to tempt my appetite. Frank prepared a good supper. It isn't my appetite at fault but my throat too sore to swallow. I ate the liquid foods but had to leave the other alone.

Another dark cloudy and misty day has passed. Gone to the Wind. Maybe tomorrow's Sun may shine clear and bright and temperature warmer. Mary spent evening with young folks. I shall retire maybe. Maybe my rest will be complete.

January 13, 1941, Monday

Raining slowly, warm temperature. Clouds are heavy. Keeping the heaters burning to drive out the dampness. My rest was broken last nite. I'd many spells of coughing and had to doctor my ear often. The damp weather may have an influence over my bodily sufferings.

Frank's hearing is bad, almost deaf. He is my main stay to cook and do for me. We are here together. Scripture reading Phil. 4:8, Col. 1:4-17, Rom. 14:7-8

Fog so dense at 2:30 PM. You could see only about 100 yards. Rather dangerous to be out on the Highway. Frank left the house when Mary did so that leaves me alone. I drank some Tomato Juice and Oysters. Wasn't able to cook anything at noon. Have to use the Gas lights too dark to read without lamp. Frank returned and prepared supper. My cough was getting worse so I refused eating because it made me cough more.

It has been a trying day for me but have sat by the fire with Robe and Jacket on, did a little crocheting on Doily to finish it. It was commenced before Christmas.

January 12, 1941, Sunday

Weather rather Drak misty and warm. My Fever isn't so high. Cough is looser. Throat no better, it remains sore. I rested better at times during the nite until my ear would begin paining.

I hate to know of Fanny having a cold. All of my children have had the Flu except Cecil and Lena. There is a quietness filled with sweet peace abiding within and prevailing about me. Frank doesn't seem to improve very fast. He is so good to do his Best tempting me with his well prepared food to eat and get strong. He is hard of hearing and I can barely talk because of throat being sore. It is funny to see how we manage to get along. Scripture reading Psalm 9:10, Proverbs 18:10.

Yesterday was a day of receiving Visitors. Lena, her mother Mrs. Standley and sister Mrs. Gore of Thurman, Iowa. Also, Nora Lee Porter, Opal Farnesworth and Fannie with Richard, Cecil and Dick Gore. I am too sick to take part in activities. They come stay a few moments to cheer me up then go on their way.

Gloomy looking weather. We may get a spell of cold soon. Grace and children were here at night. Mary went after Fanny and Richard. They will go to Clinton movies as soon as they eat dinner.

They come home early. Mary took Fanny home first. I am coughing more than for several days. Ear is a little better, but not my Throat and Lungs. My hearing has left me almost entirely.

January 11, 1941, Saturday

Another beautiful Winter Day. Warm sunshine, calm breezes. My Throat is so better and Ear doesn't run and pain me so as yesterday and all week long with attacks of coughing would take place. Oh how painful they were to my Lungs and Head and Throat. As the Weather was cold and damp part time, the Heaters were left burning so I could wait upon myself and get from room to room. Some days I spent alone. My Easy Chair is padded with pillows and sits by the fire. My cough is easier when I sit up and I can reach and I can reach for my Medicine to take at right time. I want no Company for I can't talk nor hear.

Looks so pleasant and pretty outside, I wish I could spend a day driving around but Alas! am not able to stand the bumps of ride. Must content myself by looking out.

My greatest Blessing is Peace and Contentment with my Surroundings where all is Peaceful Quietude.

Praise God from Whom All Blessings flow. Scripture reading Gal. 4:16, I Cor. 1:17-24. Frank and Dad will go to Elk City with a Truck load of Dry Goods to Auction off at Sale. Such a lovely Day for an Outing. House Plants are enjoying a Sun Bath as the Warm Rays of Sunshine comes thru the Windows over them.

Lena, her mother and sister Elaine, come by to see how I was feeling. They are out enjoying this fine weather. They were driving around over the countryside and on to Clinton. Dad and Frank returned without having a Sale of Dry Goods. Mary with Nora Lee Porter and Opal Farnsworth come by to bring me a Lunch on their way to Butler. Frank come about that time and prepared our Lunch together. Fannie and Richard came by at night going to Clinton with Mary. Fannie has a cold and cough. Oh! how weak and worn my painful body is. Maybe I can get a good night's rest.

January 10, 1941, Friday

A continuation of Beautiful weather, calm and clear, pleasant for early Winter. Mary and Frank are both down town for first time since I've been sick and suffering. I see the School buses have gone for the Day. It is now Noon. My Ear is no Better and my Throat will remain Sore until my Ear gets well. Scripture reading Daniel 5:10-16

Time seems longer when I'm alone but I'll try to employ it as Best as I may until night. Am too weak to accomplish any work but can Crochet a little while sitting in Easy Chair upholstered with Pillows for my comfort. About 2 P.M. Mary brought Frank to the house. He cooked a lunch for he and I. Mary still insists on having a Doctor to treat my Throat and ear, but as the Rising is open now and running pus I see no use in having one called in as long as I'm conscious. A letter from Mildred tonight. She was sick in bed for 4 days. Her head hurt so long. Ralph was abed for several days too. The children are back in school again. Poor little young mother so far from me, but may it is Better for each of us would Worry over the Other and would be helpless to aid the Other. God will Watch over us.

January 9, 1941, Thursday

Weather is beautiful again but very cold for January. Clear and calm. But I haven't improved, my hurting was greater last night. I was up to take medicine, gargle throat and try to ease Rising in Ear (so I could sleep some) many times.

Mary and Frank both are taking Throat and Ear trouble but have no "Rising" yet. Some Bad cases of the Flu and Pneumonia in country. I sit up part of the time in night Robe and Jacket, then in dress and Bed slippers. Scripture reading 2 Cor. 5:14-21

Mrs. Albert Lacy has a daughter born 5 P.M. at Hospital at Clinton. Mary has a Date tonight at Clinton to play Dominoes.

My ear "Rising" is no better. Lung cold is looser. This has been a most beautiful and pleasant Winter day. Frank spent Afternoon raking the yard on the West side. I spent the time indoors.

January 8, 1941, Wednesday

A heavy Mist of Rain. This is the 2nd day. My Cold is loosening up but Throat and Ear are source of suffering. Ear runs pus. This gloomy damp weather is bad for the Epidemic of Pneumonia, Flu and Throat and Ear diseases, a great many cases here and surrounding country, some fatal cases. Scripture reading Roma. 8:37, John 17:1-15. I'm no Better, can sit up in easy chair by fire. Frank does what little cooking he and I require. Mary has to hurry to open the Store each morning. Dad will return today from Oklahoma City market. Hope cattle sold well. Frank and I getting worse. My hearing is lost, can't hear only when hollowed at, and throat so sore it bleeds with coughing. This has been one of my worst days of suffering illness.

Dad returned from Market. Cattle sold for 8 1/2 cents /lb.

Received long letter from Lela. She has been down with her side, hurt in a fall during Christmas time and still hurting. They have moved to a new location, 928 Wilson St, Fresno, California. Nan has this same ear trouble that is an Epidemic from Coast to Coast. She has lost her hearing also. Dr Hunt is an Ear Specialist and is treating her. Nan has been living with them for a year now.

January 7, 1941, Tuesday

Snow about 3 or 4 inches deep. Frank, Mary and I arose early. Mary went to open Store. Frank will be here to see that something is cooked for me to eat and water brought in to use. I'm sitting around the fire with Night Robe and Jacket on. My Ear is Sore, the other ear aches. Am coughing. I shall lay down when I tire of sitting up. Scripture read Psalm 24, Deuteronomy 11:26-28.

Hope Dad arrived safe and well with his cattle and he finds a ready Sale with good price.

Another letter from Jack saying would be on the "Lookout" for Randall and listen for news of him.

Mary had company from Clinton tonight, Ruth Reed, her daughter Charlene and her pal Maxine. The girls cooked their supper and washed up their dishes and left for Clinton. This has been another day of pain and suffering with Ear and coughing. A heavy mist has been falling all afternoon and melting the Snow, making the roads muddy.

January 6, 1941, Monday

Snowing! About 2 inches deep this morning. I'm sitting up that my Ear can be doctored it hurts so much. Sleep fled from me in the night. All were very late getting around to their work. Maybe I can spend the day reading by putting a hot application to my head. Scripture reading 2 Cor. 4:8-18.

I padded a footstool. Frank went to town with Mary and may go on to Gip. Dad trucked some cattle to Oklahoma City and a Truck load taken from here to Gip.

I can hardly open my mouth because my face is swollen, stiffness runs down my neck and left shoulder. Very painful today.

Cecil sold his cattle for a good price. Lena's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gore, and mother Mrs. Stanley of Thurman, Iowa were here tonight having made the drive since 3 A.M. Dad went with Truck load of cattle to Oklahoma City market. I hope he gets top price.

January 5, 1941, Sunday

A light Snow and Icy temperatures outside. Frank was the first to arise and he cooked Breakfast of Pancakes (very good), eggs & ham, oats and splendid coffee. Mary still in her room at 11 A.M. trying to make up for lost sleep. Snowing at intervals during the morning. Scripture reading I Cor. 3:21, Psalms 19 & 121. I've been worse all afternoon. My ear thumps and throbs. Mary spent afternoon at Clinton.

January 4, 1941, Saturday

Weather cold and clear, icy temperatures. Wind rather stiff from the North and East. A rising in my ear is some better and cold is loosening up but oh how Sore my lungs and ear are. My rest last night was Fair, that is it was no worse, fever ran all the time. I rested in my bed until 9 A.M. Scripture reading John 12:20-36. Exodus 32:29, Psalm 40:17. Mary had a Date last night at Clinton. Richard come by Afternoon to see Frank about doing some work. I've been coughing up blood but cough seems to be looser. A letter from Jack. He spent Christmas with Nora and Ruth at San Jose. He says the men in California are expecting War and wanting it. Prices are running high for Board & Room along the Coast. Ruth Reed come by for Mary to take Ruth's Bro-in-law from Clinton Hospital to his home at Elk City. Mary was out til midnight.

January 3, 1941, Friday

Weather is colder with bright sunshine and calm breezes from North. I had a bad night of Pneumonia, with pain and coughing. Already weak running a fever. Mary brought me two pretty doilies from Ruth Reed that her mother made. I appreciate them greatly. Scripture reading Psalm 24, Luke 12:32, Matt. 6:33. Too weak and achy to dress myself this morning, am sitting by the fire in Robe and jacket. Mary and Frank provide the food for me and do the housework. I try to read and can use my hands for crocheting, that shortens the time.

January 2, 1941, Wednesday

Weather some colder, calm and clear, breezes from the North. Barbara ate a light lunch and rushed to school. Bobby come to the house for empty Cans to use in experimenting in Chemistry. He said Betty Lou and Marilyn were at School. I'm so glad they are able to attend, so many are out on account of the Flu. My lungs are as sore as ever and the cough is worse. I manage to stay out of bed and wait on myself. Frank is here now. He sees about most of the cooking so I sit by the fire reading, crocheting and trying to regain my health. We have plenty of nice fresh beef. Dad likes Soup. Frank and I like a juicy Roast with Brown Gravy and Mary's choice is Steak (T-Bone). Grace's children eat whatsoever is handy, not much trouble to feed. Enough dinner was cooked for the children, just Frank and I here to eat. I don't know why the kids didn't come. Dad attended Stock Sale but never bought anything. Mary has a date tonight. My head aches very much on left side.

January 1, 1941, Tuesday

Weather is warm & clear at 10 A.M., pleasant and pretty outdoors. But Forecast says much colder by night. Barbara was up early and ready for School. I showed her how to solve her math problems last night and she worked each one in her lessons. Dear little girl, she had her Best Dolly and it's Wardrobe with her. She is looking and feeling better now. My cold is No Better. Have a temperature each day. Maybe I can go somewhere tonight after being a "Shut In" during the Holiday Vacation. Mary cleaned and dusted my room for me. Scripture reading 2 Cor. 5th chapter. All things are become new. This is a New Year, new day and new opportunities will confront each of us. Barbara was only one of the school children here at Noon. At night Barbara returned with Mary and Dad to stay until tomorrow. She said Bobby and the 2 girls were not at School today. She and Mary retired early to bed.

January 1941

January 1941
Mittie used "scrapbooking" on daily journal entry.

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