Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

March 31, 1941. Monday

Nice morning for last day of March in the early hours. Cool enough for a fire in heaters which will be turned out in afternoon. Mary and Dad were ready to go to the Store at Sun rise. She returned to do her household tasks and will take Laundry to Clinton. Scripture reading Jas. 4:8, Psalm 91.

Mary spent the day and evening with girl friends at Clinton. I was feeling rather sick and weak but wanted to be out in fresh air, so I put out some of the house plants in a bed near the house. There are many things I wish to do.

March 30, 1941, Sunday

Sunday finds Dad and I alone at house. He arose late. I arose at usual hour, cooked breakfast and ate. We both have a cold. My cough is still "hanging on." Wind from the South is a little chilling but not freezing. It is rather blustery. Sweat Peace surrounds us on every side and in our hearts. Scripture reading Luke 2.

Mary returned this morning after staying with Opal Farnsworth over night. Grace came by on the way to Weatherford. The four little girls were with her. Bobby went over to see Cecil and Lena.

Mary took me to see one of Gary Cooper's pictures at the Del Rio. Opal is sick with sore throat.

My cough and cold seem to be much worse than for several weeks. I feel so achy and miserable, head and lungs hurt. Dad has a head cold.

March 29, 1941, Saturday

The Wind is very chilling today. Partly cloudy. Today is Harvey's Birth Anniversary. Bless his dear memory. I relive those eventful years, from his birth until his death in my memories of him so often.

Frank went to Gip farms to help with dehorning cattle. His lungs hurt him and he coughs very hard and often. Mary had to go to town and leave kitchen work undone as Dad will go with Frank to be gone all day. I am feeling much worse this morning and have those chilly sensations and cough more. So the kitchen work will not be done for a while until I gain strength to do it. Scripture reading John 6:66-72, I Sam. 14:1-14

I will remain by the firesaide to keep down these chilling spells.

Fannie and Richard came by to see me. She has 200 baby chicks and an early garden planted. Mary went to Clinton at night. Frank went with her. They will spend the night at Clinton with friends.

March 28, 1941, Friday

Cold, but Springlike day, with the green growing grain getting taller. My Irises are blooming. Peonies are pushing their heads through the Soil. The Currant bushes are yellow with blossoms.

I'm so weak and can do nothing to my yard. There is much I wish to accomplish. Lottie gave me a large sack of flower seed. The moisture is fine and Soil in good condition for sowing and planting. Scripture reading Psalm 139.

Dad may go to Clinton Rotary Club with the Hughes at Noon. My lungs are very sore and the frequent coughing makes them hurt, also my head aches. Mary attended the Square Dance at Clinton at night.

March 27, 1941, Thursday

Sun shines over a fresh bathed and soaked ground by the Snow and Rain of yesterday. The Irises and other plants in the yard appreciate the moisture. Dad is writing of some incidents of Pioneer days of the Nineties. I intend to record some more of my Thrilling experiences and memories of these days. Scripture reading I Samuel 12:15-25, Micah 6:6-9

After Noon Mary took me to Clinton. The weather was fine for early Spring. Mary wanted to keep me out in the open Sunshine saying it was better for me to get away from home as I had been inside for four or more months during my siege of bronchial pneumonia. We drove over to Clinton Park where the Radio Station is being erected.

Opal Farnsworth joined us and we went to visit Bro. Jim and Lottie at Custer City. Jim was getting over a two day spell of the Flu. Lottie was quilting a silk quilt for her Grandson Jimmie Hanes who has lately married. Jimmie stays at Denver and will soon finish his Aviation course there and then may go to California. I enjoyed the outing and visit. It may do me good later. But I am still coughing.

March 26, 1941, Wednesday

Snow is falling softly in Big Flakes, upon wet ground, where it melts immediately. School Buses were late this morning coming from the North and West. Scripture reading Romans 1:1-7

No traffic passing as weather and Road is too bad.

I have read magazines and wrote most all day. Had the light burning part of the time to make it light enough to write by. The dampness continued, but the Snow was gone by night. It takes a great deal of my time coughing. We are all tired out by the end of the day and are glad to retire early.

March 25, 1941, Tuesday

Cold & cloudy Spring morning. Moist cloudy weather, cool enough for fire in heaters. Frank and hand are busy with sowing of grain and plowing. Bobby and Barbara are at School. They each took an armload of magazines I gave them to cut out pictures for their Scrap Books. Bobby says they had an enjoyable time at the Party. Scripture reading John 6:47-65

My cold has taken another spell for the worse and I cough night and day. Have just finished writing Pioneer days of Oklahoma Territory beginning with incidents of childhood and where I was born, received education, near Red River, all to be printed in Magazine form with hundreds of other stories. Mary and I went to Clinton and took my writing to the Daily News and left it.

Spent 2 hours or more with Mrs. Bert Darnell at Clinton Library looking at Pioneer Pictures and talking of past events. A drizzle of Rain was falling while I was at Simpson's Store recalling to memory friends and past pleasures and saw a lot more Pictures of Pioneers. Mary and Opal brought me home then returned to Clinton for the evening.

I received a long letter from Dorothy Reed, my granddaughter at Fresno, Cal. telling how pleased they were at Dad's visit there.

March 24, 1941, Monday

Springtime is hiding back of cold, cloudy weather. Wind is blowing a Chilling Gale from the North. This cold Snap will hold the fruit buds from opening for a while maybe there will be a Crop of Fruit. We haven't had one for years during the Drought and most people lost about all their trees, fruit and ornamental. Scripture reading Acts 1:8, John 15:5, Matt. 28:16-20.

I gave Mrs. Steinberg some Irises and told her to come back for more. There are millions of them in my yard. They are too thick and take up too much space, crowding other plants out.

All of us are on the "drag" not very energetic nor ambitious. All of us have deep-set colds. Frank is sowing grain in field North and West of house. He has a boy to help him. Bobby will stay over night to attend Party at City Hall. Barbara is here also.

March 23, 1941, Sunday

Warm & Misty. A drizzle of Rain thru the night, clouds of Fog making the Air dense. Calm pleasant temperature. Have a very light blaze in Gas Heater to drive away the dampness that makes my lungs hurt and keeps me coughing. Dad and I ate Breakfast. Frank and Mary took their rest longer & later. Scripture reading Mark 10:45-52

We have the usual Sweet Peace that prevails in a God loving, Christian nation. Dad went to Sunday school. Cars are passing with families. Churchward bound. No other traffic mars the peacefulness of our Community.

Air is bursting through the clouds. Air is so calm and balmy. Just such a day as this I used to love to ramble about over the Rolling Hills looking at the tender greenness of growing vegetation, the trees budding out, the Yellow Currant blossoms filling the Air with their aroma, the water trickingl down the canyon bank into a spring and the White Gyp Rocks that nature had stacked up tier after tier and the Great Big Trees growing along the Creek. Now that I'm too stiff with Age to take these Rambling Walks I content myself reading Scripture and Poems written by God-inspired beings.

Mrs. Steinberg made a visit this afternoon. We had a very pleasant time talking over events. Mary took me to Del Rio to see Movie, Philadelphia Story, very good acting by strong Star Cast. The Drive down there and back didn't seem to benefit me any because I coughed a great deal then and afterward. Mary and girl friends returned to Clinton to stay for the Evening.

March 22, 1941, Saturday

Weather calm, mild temperature. Spring like. The air is hazy and moist like it would bring Rain soon. I planted some flower seed but not may for I'm not strong enough for the work. My lungs are still sore and I cough. We all have colds. Mary has finished house work and gone to the Store. Frank always opens up the Store when he takes Dad down town. The men are progressing very well with Highway 183 grading and draining for the Top Surface later on. Scripture reading Acts 2:37-42, Psalm 6:1-11

Opal Farnsworth and Mary come to bring me some flower seeds. The Air is dense with a fog, may be we will get a Rain.

A mist of Rain fell at Sundown and on thru the night. Mary went to take Opal to Clinton.

March 21, 1941, Friday

It Is Spring Time! Spring has begun calm and mild like a Lamb. Grace and Bobby returned home at Gip farm. The little girls went to school. Billie is with her mother. Scripture reading Gen. 1:3, Psalms 119:105-112, John 1:1-4.

Grace and Mary were at Clinton Pioneer Dance with the crowd. Frank and I planted some flower seed. He put out 2 Rose bushes. Most everyone has their garden and flowers planted, all the early kinds. If weather stays pleasant seed will soon germinate.

March 20, 1941, Thursday

Cold, cloudy moist Atmosphere. Looks like we will have Rain before the day ends. Dad and Grace left for the Stock Show at Oklahoma City at 3:30 A.M. They will be gone 2 days and 3 nights. Bobby will return home with them after his hogs are sold tomorrow night. I hope he gets a great big price for his Barrows. The four little girls have gone on to School. They took their lunches. I will go to Clinton with Mary this morning. Scripture reading Joshua 14:6-15, Numbers 13.

My cold is heavy on the lungs and keeps me coughing. I went with Mary to Clinton. She bought some Fruit for the Store and me some yard bulbs and bushes. Frank set out the Gladiolas. I bought some potted plants at the Florist's, Begonias, Ivy Geraniums, plain Geranium, and a small Plumosa Fern. I repotted some of them. The sun shone out for several hours for the first time in several days, but clouds are again gathering in the West. Spring begins tomorrow. The temperature has been pleasant for the Season.

The three little girls brought Billie Jean here after school then slipt off without her. She worried awhile then went to sleep. Mary spent the evening with Gladys Blarney and got a lovely chocolate cake that was baked for her. Dad, Grace and Bobby returned at midnight. Bobby won 4th and 6th places with his Barrows.

March 19, 1941, Wednesday

Strong South Wind is chilly but it is warmer than yesterday. The air has a moistness that may bring rain, but it makes Flu and Colds worse. Frank is still at Clinton, sick with cold. Mary and Dad and I at home. Wish I were well enough to plant my flower seed. Every one else has theirs in the ground. However, the Spring is late coming this year. I have no blossoms except the Dwarf Irises. Scripture reading I Sam. 26:21, 2 Timothy 4:1-8

March 18, 1941, Tuesday

Cold South wind, Icy and Blustery. Election Day. Scripture reading Isaiah 11:6, Matt. 19:13-15, Psalm 59. Dad felt well enough to go to the Store. Mary had to go to the Clinton Precinct to take Registar Book and may have to Stay if no one fills the Counter's place she was called to fill. But Dad being sick she may be released from counting.

I have a little work to do in the yard when the Sun warms the air. Mary brought me a Francis Scott Key Rose bush to be planted. Maybe Frank will be here in the afternoon to put it out for me, if not I will do it. Mary was coughing when she left the house.

Mary came back at night. She was one of the counters at the Poll. Mr. Wickersham won the race for Congress. Voting was light. Later Mary went to Clinton to spend an hour or so.

March 17, 1941, Monday

Sunny skies with freezing temperatures. The wind is calm these mornings until about 11 A.M. when it gets on a rampage. Mary took Dad to town as usual, then come back to do her house work. I had fever all night and was very restless. Scripture reading Psalm 58:1-11

There are a number of letters for me to write soon. Sent letters to Mildred, Thursa Hanes and Lela Cobb.

Mary is taking Whooping Cough, I fear. Dad is sick and tired out, run down from his long trip. Frank went to Clinton Sunday and was sick. He may be down there feeling too bad to make the effort to come home.

March 16, 1941, Sunday

Weather is nice for March early hours. The Sun is bright and clear, sending warm rays out over Land. Frank, Mary and I are up and work done by 9 A.M. Scripture reading James 4:14, 2 Cor. 9:6-8

Dad will be home by 1:15 P.M. He will be tired from his long journal of continuously going for 2 weeks traversing thousands of miles. Frank is coughing worse and feeling weak. My cold is better and not so troublesome.

At 11 A. M. the Wind rose higher and mightier in the North. A Storm is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Dad arrived half hour late. He is tired and has a dreadful cold. He took the train at Alhambra, Calif. Friday night. He arrived at Clinton 1:45 P.M. He has traveled thousands of miles and saw the great Sights of many States.

Mary and Frank went to meet Dad at Clinton. The North Wind has blown at a high steady Gale most all day. Mildred sent a large Grip full of Grapefruit, Lemons and a Desk knife for opening of my letters and a Pen holder, also a large Kodak picture of her boys, Robin and Jerryl, that is an extra likeness of them. I am so well pleased with the Gifts. The fruit was raised in their yard at Rosemead, Calif. Dad visited George's family at Fresno, Calif. Saw all of them.

Grace brought Bobby to town to join the other boys who go to Oklahoma City Stock Show, March 17 to 22. I pray that he does as well there as at Fort Worth where he won 2 first prizes and 1 Champion.

March 15, 1941, Saturday

Wind veered to the North-west, not so freezing Cold nor blustery as yesterday. Think we will have warmer weather for a few days, perhaps calmer more serene breezes for a while.

Have so many letters to answer soon. Scripture reading Acts 18:7-11, I Cr. 11:26. I've been doing some hand sewing. Made a pretty tatted hanky and Doily.

The weather is moderating some. The Sun is warming up things, but the West wind is chilling. The days are much longer now. I just took a walk around in the yard which I enjoyed.

Sent Jack his Birth Certificate. It come yesterday in the mail. It has taken six weeks or longer to get it written and sent to Oklahoma Capitol for recording. Had to send it the second time to get signed by State officials with State seal.

At night went to Clinton to Del Rio to see Historical Picture, Land of Liberty. Twas the 2nd time I had been out in evening since before Christmas.

March 14, 1941, Friday

Cold Southeast Wind is rather blustery. It is cloudy and snow is predicted.

Dad's letter to Arapaho BEE editor was printed yesterday. It was written from Los Angeles, Calif. A picture of Bobby's Champion Poland China Barrow was in the paper. He won at Fort Worth Stock Show.

Dad went out on location where Gene Autrey is making a Picture for Movie. Also saw Johnnie & Frankie Marvin, the Shankland's while out there. Scripture reading Matt. 10:16-28.

Grace come by after some things after School was out. She and her parents are going to the Square Dance to practice for the Pioneer Reunion April 18 & 19. Mary and Ruth Reed too. Everybody will wear their outfit of Cowgirl, Cowboy and Pioneers. Sure is a big crowd of people to see the Costumes and Dances, to hear the calling off for the Dances.

Received a letter from Thursa Hanes with a lovely tatted lace collar and handkerchief. Her son Jimmie has married and is living in Denver. He will finish his Aviation Study soon.

March 13, 1941, Thursday

Cold and Sunny! Ice in all vessels outdoors, the Sun ma y warm the Atmosphere if it will continues to brighten up things. Today is Mildred's birth day. Bless her dear young life! She is so far away from me. Her Dad's visit will be a cheerful one for her. Scripture reading 2 Chron. 29:20-29.

Afternoon, Mary went to Clinton after Groceries and took me along. The weather was a little warmer. I got a Hair Wave and Shampoo, then Mary took me to Del Rio. I saw a Gangster movie and newsreel. Evening, Mary and Mabel visited.

March 12, 1941, Wednesday

Blue Blizzard Winds with a sprinkling of Snow on the ground! Another sudden change of weather as night fell. Wind brought a slight flurry of Snow. It was one of those Blizzardy wind storms that froze things stiff while tossing them high, wild and wide.

Bobby returned about mid-nite in the worst of the Storm almost frozen. He was highly elated over his Stock Show Prizes on the Poland China barrows, a Champion and two had First Prize. He will go to Oklahoma City Stock Show last of the week. Of course the expenses are great but they are offset by his Prizes and the Vast Experience in competing and Showmanship at these Exhibits.

Frank is almost sick from the handling of the cattle yesterday, vaccinating and dehorning them. Scripture reading John 8:31-36, Matt 6:25. My Cold isn't so bad as yesterday but throat and head still hurts. Mary is hurrying to go help Frank at the Store. I answered Barbara's note that reply could be mailed.

Grace and the four children ate here at Noon. Barbara had two teeth pulled. A letter from Dad at California saying he would return home on the 1 P.M. train Sunday.

March 11, 1941, Tuesday

Cold & Sunny! Temperature at Freezing point. The Sun may warm up the Atmosphere as it shines clear and bright and the Wind is not so Wild as yesterday, disagreeable as well as freezing.

Just the three of us here, Frank, Mary and I. Frank and Dick Bland will dehorn cattle today here. Scripture reading Acts 4:8-20. Fanny and Marie Allspaugh were here today. I starched and ironed a lot of Doilies.

It took all the P.M. for 4 men to dehorn the cattle. The afternoon was warm and pleasant for the work. Mary went to spend the evening at Gladys Blamey's.

Barbara wrote me an invitation to her Class Play Friday 3 P.M. at School. She is to take part on Program. Bobby has a picture and write-up on his Poland China pigs in Newspaper, the 3rd article I've seen.

March 10, 1941, Monday

Cold, strong high North Wind! Grace and Billie Jean were here early in the day. Mary had to go to Clinton with Stamps and get Produce for the Store. Marjorie and Nina went to Thomas. Frank and I ate Breakfast before the girls come down stairs about 6 A.M. Bobby will spend the week at Fort Worth Stock Show. His three Poland China Barrows were taken Saturday morning.

Scripture reading Psalm 51:1-12. I am not so well this morning. Cough and throat are worse due to this cold weather. Mary got a Hair Wave today. Marjorie and Nina returned at 5 P.M. They left at 7 P.M. for Seiling making their way North to Kansas where Nina's folks live.

March 9, 1941, Sunday

The day begun with calm, clear skies. Old Sol is doing his best to bring warmer weather. Not long now until Spring months are here. Thee is a Peaceful Quietude that betokens Our American Sunday, little traffic but cars going to church.

Frank and I arose at accustomed time and ate Breakfast. He then fed the cattle. I sat down to daily Scripture reading Luke 5:1-11. A week ago Loys left here with Dad for Colorado. It seems ages since then. Dad is now in California and will Telephone to Mary at 8 P.M.

The three girls are sleeping late. Marjorie and Nina are here yet. They have been waiting for better weather to travel north.

I attended movie at Del Rio, Northwest Mounted Police by Gary Cooper.

A Sand Storm blew up while we were at Clinton, about 5 P.M. High wind from North turning our Beautiful Day into a cold Stormy ending. Mary talked with Dad at Alhambra, California, also to Mildred. Dad intends to return home Sunday.

March 8, 1941, Saturday

Sunshine & Freezing! Beautiful late Winter day. Calm, clear, and Ice in water tank. Scripture reading II Samuel 24:24, Luke 7: 36-50.

Frank hurried to the Store to open up. Mary, Marjorie and Nina will do the house work and go help him some later on. Yesterday I enjoyed the day even tho it was dreadful cold outside by making Turkeys and Owls of Pine Cones that Thursa gave me at Christmas. They are very quaint and comical looking. Very pretty and interesting to work with. Thursa had enameled a dozen in different colors, making Zinnias flowers of them. I have made dolls made of nuts and small bottles. Will perfume them to put in closets.

The weather moderated greatly in Afternoon. The Mud is drying out. I walked around in the Yard to see the Irises, Tulips. They are growing fast.

March 7, 1941, Friday

Very Cold! Scripture reading Eph 5:25-33, I Samuel 9:1-14. Frank fed the cattle and prepared our coffee and toast. Bobby and Rufus Dovel had gone before that to feed and load Bobby's Barrows for Fort Worth Stock Show. They can reach there in Mid-Afternoon today. The weather will be warmer down there.

The three girls are late getting up. They were late getting to Rest. Letter from Dad. He had his ticket to California. The day has been freezing, cold wind strikes to the bone & marrow. The Penners are hauling crushed brick and filling the holes and leveling the Driveway from Garage to the entry. I will have them to make a Walkway of Brick to the Kitchen door, also make steps to roadside Gate.

Bobby went to Ball Game while Grace went to Dance at Clinton. The left here at 2 A.M. for Gip.

March 6, 1941, Thursday

Cloudy & Cooler. Frank and I were up by 7 A.M. eating Breakfast he had already fed the cattle. He hurried off to open the store. The three girls are up now preparing to eat. Scripture reading Luke 10:38-42, I Samuel 3:10-22. The weather became colder as the day advanced.

The three girls stayed at home most of the time. At night they went after Ruth Reed then prepared supper. While they were at Clinton, Bobby and Rufus Dovel came to spend the night. They brought in Bobby's Burrows to be taken to Fort Worth for the Stock Show. Frank had to walk home from Store. He is almost down sick with a Cold.

March 5, 1941, Wednesday

Wind brought Snow and Sleet but I think it will be melted in a few hours. Frank and I ate Breakfast early. Mary, Marjorie and Nina Cravens are going to eat later. The girls were at the Sooner Tavern last night. They want to go to Kansas to see Nina's Grandmother who lives at Hutchinson. But this storm of sleet may defer their departure for a while.

Frank got a letter from Dad at Denver. He and Loys made the drive in good time. Scripture reading Matthew 10:42, 25:31-46

About Noon a slow Rain began falling making the Road sloppy and slick. Marjorie and Nina decided to stay over with Mary as long as it is raining. The girls went to the Store after something for Dinner and some Walnuts so they could make candy.

I am crocheting on Lace Doily for side board. Received a very long letter from Essa. She still suffers with Rheumatism in both knees.

I am enjoying the new Azaleas purchased, they are so very beautiful.

Guy Pafford is suffering with his lungs again and Drs. say he must have lungs drained for they are filled with fluid, but his 30 year term of labor with Rail Road lacks several months until he can get a Pension.

Sewall Jr will be home this week end for 10 days Vacation.

The night fall is here after a long day of drizzling Rain the North Wind is getting colder. Trucks have stalled in the Mud during the Rain. Mary, Marjorie and Nina have whiled away the time playing Bridge, popping Corn and making Candy. I finished a Lace Doily, one of a pair.

March 4, 1941, Tuesday

COLDER. Wind from the North, a bit colder than yesterday. Frank and Dick Bland went to Gip to see about the Cattle. Tomorrow they will be at Dick's place. Mary did the house work before Frank come for her to go to the Store. Bobby went to school early and will eat down town. Scripture reading Mark 8:34-38, I Samuel 7:1-7

I will have a nice long day to myself and will sew, crochet and read. Betty Lou and Marilyn come for dinner and there was nothing prepared but I managed to give them something to eat. Grace come by to get her kiddies and went to the Show.

Marjorie Standley and Nina Cravens come yesterday evening. These girls and Mary went after Ruth Reed and daughter at Clinton. The crowd cooked a late dinner and had a happy time together after which the girls took Ruth and daughter home. The Wind is changing to the East.

March 3, 1941, Monday

WINDY. Partly cloudy, wind from the North making the weather cooler than yesterday, a warm Spring-like day. Frank went to open the Store and Mary will walk down later. Scripture reading Eph. 3:13-19, I Samuel 6:13-21

I went to Clinton when Mary got Produce. While she was busy shopping I stopped at Saltsman Floral house and bought 2 beautiful Azaleas, one Rose Pink mammoth size bloom, the other Cherry Red just as pretty. After we returned to Arapaho we went to County Clerk's office to get Birth Certificates for Jack and Mary. Mr. Hughes and Mr. Hodges were my witnesses. I was so very tired when night came. Frank and Mary were home early from the Store. Bobby will stay over night and attend High School Party at the Cook home. It is newly finished with fine hardwood floors and modern.

March 2, 1941, Sunday

Nice pleasant weather for March. Really windy and much warmer. Loys started about 6 A.M. with Jessie and Dad. The roads are very good now and the trip can be made in a day. Dad will be gone about 2 weeks. I hope he can see all the children and grand children too. Jack is off of the Main Highway and he may miss seeing him. Scripture reading Matt 6:24-34

Mary went to Clinton to be with Frances Quinn the Health Nurse of Boyce City. Ina Brown called to see me. Her throat was getting sore. I told her "be sure to use a gargle" to kill the flu germs. Frank and I were here most all day. The Road Grader has been running on Highway and that makes the Dust worse. The Air is Dense with it. It makes my throat worse by inhaling Dust. Mary come for me to go to Movie but the Dust was thick in the air. I didn't want to go out in it.

March 1, 1941, Saturday

First day of March come like a Lamb very quietly, very calm and very pretty, beginning brightly with Sunshine and gentle breezes. The mud is drying up. The Tulips are pushing their way through the Soil and the Irises are growing. The Ragged Robins are coming up, thickly strewn. Scripture reading Luke 6:12-19, Psalms 87:7

Loys and Jessie Cooper brought the Senior Coopers home after a 3 week visit at Denver. Loys and I went to Clinton and saw the Junior Stock Show. Bobby had 3 Barrows on Exhibit and won 4th and 6th place on them with a small prize. Fannie joined us. I got an *"oil shampoo" and then to a Western Picture. My hearing is so bad, I can't enjoy the movie like I once did.

The girls come on to the Store and we got Mary and took her to Clinton for a while. She was so tired over Activities of the Week we returned and brought Dad home to get ready to leave in the morning. They will leave about 6 A.M. The day is beginning fine with good weather and roads drying out. Dad will go to see George and Mildred while out in California. The days are getting longer and my lungs are much better, weakness of body and heart ails me now, but am slowly gaining strength.

*oil shampoo = hair conditioner

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