Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

April 30, 1941, Wednesday

Rain! Rain! No School! Roads almost impassable. Last day of April and about 2 thirds of them have been raining. It reminds me of last World War days when we had so much Rain. Methinks this Rain each day is the collected Tears of Angels and the Soldiers dying upon the Battlefields among others in their Great Anguish of Body, Mind and Heart, and tears of Heart Aching and Heart Breaking Wives and Mothers who will never more behold the smiles of Love from their Loved Ones. Scripture read Phil 4:13, Isaiah 40:27-31

Sun shines out brightly for several hours then gets cloudy at times.

April 29, 1941, Tuesday

Rain! Rain and more Rain! I put out some Tamarac cuttings between showers. The weeds are surely enjoying this Wet season for their foliage is as tender and green as Hot house plants. Wish the Rain would post-pone coming for several days until I could get some of the weeds destroyed and transplant some seedlings. Scripture reading Hebrews 3:12-14

I will write more letters today. Have mailed letters to Essa Simmons, Lela and Thursa. I gathered an Armload of Tulips and Irises between showers. Road almost impassable. Folks home from Store early. I began pasting clippings of Pioneer Celebrations and the Interviews of Pioneers and Newspapers. Very entertaining to hear some of their conversations about Opening of this New Country and their Experiences.

April 28, 1941, Monday

Rain! Blue Monday! Water is standing all over yard. School Buses are delayed and some are absent. Frank drove the Car with Dad through the mud to the Store. Scripture read Luke 16:1-13.

I wrote Loys and Mildred today.

Soil is water soaked very deep.

Mary picked up Dad and my pictures in Pioneer garb during the Celebration. They are as comical as all the rest. Men have all shaved off their whiskers since.

The Rain has been falling all day.

April 27, 1941, Sunday

Cool and Cloudy. Rain before Daybreak. Sunday morning calm and Serenely sweet as betokens a Christian Nation. We plan to go to Cecil's today. Scripture reading Luke 17:6, Isaiah 55:6-13.

Wagon loads of flowers in bloom in the yard. I took Lena some Iris tubers, four kinds, Violets and Hardy Asters. Cecil bought 73 head of White-face calves. They were delivered in two big Trucks yesterday. Fanny and Richard spent the day with us at Cecil's. We enjoyed the time very much. Mary took me to see Tobacco Road. The acting was excellent but I don't admire the Story very much.

Cecil has done a lot of improving of land. He has 80 head of hogs and will have a big increase of pigs.

Mary and girls are spending the evening at Clinton. Raining at night, slowly dripping.

April 26, 1941, Saturday

Cloudy and cooler. Have fires in heaters. It looks very much like Rain. Clouds are dense and heavy surrounding us. This kind of weather is fine for transplanting plants. Have those Violets set out around the Cistern and East Porch. Scripture read Hebrews 6:1-10.

Mary took me to see Humphrey Bogart play Wagons Roll By Night with hundreds of stars beside Bogart. I went to the School Auditorium to see the 4-H Girls Dress Review.

All are home tonight because of shower of rain. Dad received a letter from his sister Emma Payne, and one from nephew John Hackler.

April 25, 1941, Friday

Springtime! Beautiful Day. Cool and Serene with lovely flowers, birds, trees, shrubs. I am the girls, Betty Lou and Marilyn, gathered large bouquets for their teachers. Scripture Gen. 1:26-31.

My Rheumatism is worse, after much walking yesterday I couldn't sleep. Mary was over-tired from Activities too. Fanny and Dick Bland come by and I went to Clinton to Tucker's Nursery for some plants. Purchased over four dozen and set them out when I returned. Am so exhausted now will rest for a few hours.

Gave Fanny a large bunch of Lilacs and Tulips with White and Blue Irises. Grace's four girls have gathered blossoms from yard. I have a dozen gladiolus bulbs to set out soon. Received a pretty card from Jimmie and Betty Hanes for gifts Mary and I sent them. Miss Fisher gave me a clump of Violet bulbs.

April 24, 1941, Thursday

Cool and Sunshiny. Scripture I Thess. 5:15-24. Grace is here with her new Car. Mary and Lena will go to Oklahoma City. I may go with them. They will return tonight.

At 11 A.M. Lena was here and the four of us left for Oklahoma City. Mary in front seat driving and I by her side in Grace's new car. Lena and Grace in back seat keeping up a lively chatter. The four school children were to eat and stay here. We visited with Essa and Sewall Simmons for an hour or so. Eileen was there visiting her mother. Essa has such a beautiful house in the middle of a large lawn and flower yard. The girls and I ate a good dinner in the City. They left me at Criterier Theater while they did there shopping around. We visited Estelle Harper and her little family. Her children are beautiful bright little ones. I received a Kodak of Rosalie Nan age 10 months.

We left the City at 7 P.M. , stopped to eat at Bridgeport and reached home at 10 P.M. tired and exhausted from the activities of the day. Had many enjoyable events to remember. Grace and Lena went on home. Betty Lou and Marilyn spent the night here.

April 23, 1941, Wednesday

Cloudy. Clouds filled with moisture, every hour or so they pour down the Rain. Mary started to town with Dad but the Road was too slick to get there so Dad walked. Barbara put on Mary's Galoshes and tied them on over her shoes. She left for School early. This Wet weather keeps my joints aching.

Scripture reading Acts 2:13-23. These Rains keep the River bank full. Barbara come for her Lunch. The other children didn't come to School because the Bus could not get to their house. The Road is washed out.

Mr. Avant died last night. He never rallied from heart attack of last Friday morning. Dave Naylor is very sick and not expected to live.

I sent an Order for Birth Certificate for John Rufus Hackler, a nephew, at Los Angeles.

Frank and I transplanted 2 or 3 dozen Plants, Vines and Trees.

Barbara Ann stayed all night with Earnestine White. Walker Teels went to a Bridge Party at Cecil Cobb's. Received a letter from Mildred telling of a Picnic Drive to the Mountains. Her family enjoys these picnics.

April 22, 1941, Tuesday

Cool enough for fires in heaters. Scripture reading I Cor. 12:31, I Cor. 13 chapter. My yard is still filled with beautiful Tulips, Irises and Spireas. There are thousands of Irises and hundreds of Tulips, single and double of all different colors. Frank fixed the holes that washed out in the rain.

Rained again at Noon. I have been clipping items from the Pioneer Edition of Newspaper. Barbara Ann is here to spend the night. Mary and I went to Clinton to get the family pictures in the store windows used during the Pioneer Celebration. I bought some plants for Porch boxes and an Ornamental tree, also Honeysuckle Vines.

Raining this evening.

April 21, 1941, Monday

Cold and cloudy. Scripture reading Hebrews 12:2, Matt. 7:1-8. Frank is at Clinton. Dad, Mary and I up early and at our Post of Duty. My joints ache and are stiff. Bobby come for his lunch at Noon.

Received a letter from Lela saying Dorothy was getting well. George is back to daily work. Lela is some better but her back still hurts.

Frank was home this evening.

April 20, 1941, Sunday

Cool, calm and Sunny. Wind is much colder. Have fires burning in heaters. Dad and I up. Mary resting. Frank went to Clinton. Sunday's peacefulness is Supreme. Scripture reading Mark 4:28, Heb. 6:1-3.

Dad received a letter from a nephew, John Rufus Hackler of Los Angeles, California. He is sister Dora's son. He wanted a Birth Certificate. His mother died last year.

The yard was never more beautiful nor had more lovely flowers. I enjoy the calmness after two days of noisy celebration. Afternoon I went to matinee at Del Rio to see Virginia played by Madeliene Carroll, Fred McMurray and other stars. I ached so much with Rheumatism I had Mary bring me home.

April 19, 1941, Saturday, Pioneer Celebration

Rain and hail during early morning. We had a full house last night. Richard come at dark. Lottie come at 6 P.M. Grace and the four little girls stayed here at night. Scripture reading Mark 4:28, Heb. 6:1-3

Mary took Dad and Lottie to the Parade. I was sick all night with Rheumatism and didn't want to be on wet ground. I will go later to be with Golden Anniversary Club at 1:45. Such a great crowd of folks are passing by on their way to Parade.

Received a letter from Thursa saying Jimmie was now in Santa Monica, California Air School. His wife is with Thursa until Jimmie sends for her. Mary came from me at 1 P.M. Dad and Lottie also went to Clinton. Dad and I took our place among the rest of the Golden Anniversary Club of Washita and Custer County. The years of marriage ranged from 50 years to 63 years. The Song, "Darling I Am Growing Old" was sung especially for them. Lottie went with me to Del Rio where we saw Ed. G. Robinson play Sea Wolf with Ida Lupino and John Garfield.

At 5:15 P.M. we took Lottie to the train to go to Custer City. Mary took Frank to Clinton. Thus ended the days of Pioneer Celebration.

April 18, 1941, Friday

Rain at Dawn. The clouds are now clearing away and the Day may be fair and pleasant. The first day of the Celebration of Pioneers at Clinton. The Carnival Attractions were set up yesterday. Scripture reading John 20:19-23. Dad, Mary and I went to see the parade and took in the Celebration. Dad and I had pictures taken in Pioneer regalia. A large crowd of people and a good attendance from other towns and states.

April 17, 1941, Thursday

Cool enough for fire in gas heater. Partly cloudy and brisk wind dries out the mud. My joints ache with Rheumatism badly this morning. I gathered my flowers early. The yard is brilliant with their colors. There will be millions of Iris blooms. Dad went to Gip to be gone all day. Scripture reading Psalm 116:15, Rev. 21:1-8

I spent the afternoon down town, getting my ensemble ready for Pioneer Days and at the Del Rio movie. Grace brought Dad home then took Mary to Clinton. Cloudy at night.

April 16, 1941, Wednesday

Cooler and cloudy with moist atmosphere. More rain last night. From appearances we are going to have a wash-out by rainy weather on Pioneer Days. Scripture reading Matt. 28:18, Phil. 4:8-13.

My Tall Tulips are blooming. The short-stemmed ones are doing their best with their hundreds of blossoms. Heard there was hail at Taloga.

April 15, 1941, Tuesday

Another hard shower of Rain at Dawn. Instead of arising I went to sleep again, to awaken awhile later. The Sun was shining brightly on muddy slick roads over which cars and School buses were slipping and sliding. More traffic this morning because yesterday's traveling was hindered by washed out Roads.

Mary is oil mopping the woodwork and floors to get rid of that dusty look. The Tulips are so abundant and bright colored, great big bunches of Blossoms hiding the foliage.

Frank took Dad to town early through the slippery mud. It is hard to control the car. Some of the School Buses were an hour late. So much traffic will soon make the Road more passable. Scripture reading I Cor. 15:12-22

I finished crocheting my lace mittens for Pioneer Day. Raining at night. I had my hair Shampoo-waved. Dad and I went to Clinton with Mary to get groceries.

April 14, 1941, Monday

No School buses are coming into town today with loads of merry children as the Rain has made the roads too muddy. Heavy Rain this morning began at Dawn pouring down for hours. Frank took Dad to town early. Frank feels the effects of this wet weather. His back hurts. My knees ache same as my back. It is hard work to raise up from my chair and to sit down.

Mary and Opal came from Clinton to take me to matinee at Del Rio. Picture by Robert Young, Scott Randolph, Virginia Gilmore. Story by Zane Gray, The Western Union in technicolor.

Frank come home at Sundown. Scripture reading Mark 16:1-8. Dad and I read the Pioneer Edition of the News, full of old time incidents by Pioneers. There are less than a dozen of men living now who made the "Run" into G, now Custer County.

Wrote Mildred yesterday and to Lela today. Sunshine and Roads are drying out. Clouds gathering as night settles down.

April 13, 1941, Sunday

Easter Morn! Rain at 9 AM. A real Thunder Shower drenched everything. I arose at 7 A.M. and cooked Breakfast, ate alone. My lovely Bouquet of Tulips, Lilacs, Carnations and Ferns were gathered before the Shower. Many will rejoice over the Rain. Some will be disappointed who have gone far to witness the Passion Play at the Wichita Mountains. It is now so dark that the lights have been going for some time. Mary and Frank both at Clinton. That leaves Dad and myself here.

My room is prettily decorated with flowers cut and potted and Ferns, California Moss, Wandering Jew, Begonias and Geraniums of Ivy, Easter Greetings and plain double-blossomed ones. Scripture reading Col. 3:1, Matthew 28:1-9.

Dad is up late at 10:15 A.M. Wonder how we can get the mail this morning? The Car is gone. Dad won't go afoot through the mud after the mail.

April 12, 1941, Saturday

Partly cloudy, balmy cool wind that will rise high by Noon. The early hours are when I love to work in the yard. The rough winds dry out the top soil quickly making it hard to get young tender plants to live, but some cloudy days are mild and calm. I saw a good movie with Humphrey Bogart last night while Dad saw the sights and Mary was with her friends. Dad enjoyed the Cards from Friends and Supper cooked by Mary.

There is a Track meet at the School House. I see different groups at Games on the Campus. Scripture reading John 5:17-27.

Grandma Stucker is to be buried this afternoon. The Funeral Service is to be at the M. E. Church 2:30 P.M.

Dear little Mildred sent Easter Greeting with Gift of Pair of Candles, shaped, colored and perfumed like Oranges. Bless her dear heart. She always remembers Mother by sending Gifts.

The afternoon has been dusty and Blustery. There was a large crowd at the Stucker funeral. Mary is going to Clinton to spend the evening with friends. Grace bought a new car. The other one Harvey bought the year before he died.

April 11, 1941, Friday

Good Friday! Also, Dad's Birthday Anniversary of 76 Years! May Rich Blessings befall him. Weather partly cloudy and pleasantly warm and Spring-like.

My plants looked thirsty that were set out late yesterday. I watered some of them this morning. Mary and Frank hurried to the Store. Dad will have his picture taken for Pioneer Group to be put in a Book of the Celebration. Scripture reading Matt. 27:32, Luke 23:26.

Mary took me to Clinton to get three Reservations of Pioneer Book for each of the girls, Loys, Mildred and Lela. The book will be mailed Sunday to them. I visited with Mrs. Hughes for an hour or so and enjoyed it. We went to Court House to hear Lawyer's Pleas on a Case being tried. Mary is preparing Dad's Birthday Supper. There will be Fried Chicken and other good things to eat. It is now ready. Mary will take Dad and I to Clinton. Tonight is the last of Pioneer Square Dances. They have drawn large crowds each week for two months. Mr. and Mrs. Saltsman gave me a Bouquet of Red Bouganvillia Blossoms and large Carnations.

April 10, 1941, Thursday

Lovely morning. Calm beautiful morning with sunshine, birds and flowers. Cool enough in the house for fires in the heaters until mid-morning. The Wind is in the South-east.

My eyes feast upon the beauty of blooming growing vegetation that looks so crispy new and green with colors so bright. The yellow Currants by the West side of house and the White blooms of Plums farther on and Tulips and Irises perfume the Atmosphere with their aroma. Scripture reading Mark 14:32-42. I went to Saltsman Floral Shop and got Dahlia plants, "Easter Greeting" Geraniums, Sweet Alysome Ferns and Ivy Geraniums and set out and potted them. Bought some Sultana and Coleus with large bright leaves. Did a little work in the yard, but the wind made work disagreeable.

Dad got Birthday Cards and Kodaks of the California kids. A letter from Lela said Dorothy had lost her baby but that Dorothy was getting along well at the Hospital. Lela still takes treatments for her back injury.

April 9, 1941, Wednesday

Lovely morning. Real Spring weather, cool enough for fires in early part of day, calm winds prevail until early afternoon. Scripture reading I Cor. 1:23-27.

I have some flower and vine seeds to plant today. Richard and Betty Lou left for School early. Arapaho Ball Team beat Clinton. I gathered a Bouquet of yellow Currant, white Tulips, purple Irises and set them on my table.

Received a card from Ralph Bailey. I did a little work in the yard enjoying the fresh air.

April 8, 1941, Tuesday

Spring Weather! Weather is very nice and everything growing is jumping by bounds, all that is above ground. I've a lot of seed to plant yet. I must hasten with my work in house for I want to crochet a pair of lace mitts for Pioneer Day. Scripture reading John 13:18-25.

Fanny come by to visit awhile. She had bought some Vines and Shrubs for her house and yard. Richard stayed for the Ball Game, then Betty Lou joined him. At night Mary took them and the McGill boy to Clinton movies. I went along and went to the Ritz to see Shaw's play Pygmalion. The three children went to different shows.

April 7, 1941, Monday

The Wind has veered to the North-west this morning and is colder, cloudy and more blustery. Every living growing thing is donning an Easter Garb of loveliness and by Sunday the 13th will be fully robed in gorgeous colors.

Frank and Dad were up early ready for Business. Mary will have to go to Clinton and have the Car repaired where the Truck damaged it. Scripture reading John 12:23-36

We couldn't get the repair for Car so that is deferred until later in the week. Dad went to Clinton with Mary and I. He traded while Mary got a Shampoo and I went to Del Rio and saw Wallace Beery and Lionel Barrymore play Bad-Man.

Received a letter from Lela with films to be developed. Dorothy is in the hospital at Fresno, California, threatened with premature birth. My prayers are for her recovery. Lela still suffers from the effects of the Flu.

April 6, 1941, Sunday

Calm Peaceful Quietude! As befits the Sabbath. Thank God for the Sweet Abiding Peace that surrounds us. Thee are Rain Clouds to the South and East of us. We may get a Shower before end of day. The Purple Irises are beautiful in the soft haze of rain clouds, every growing plant rejoices in such climate. There is no noise to break the peaceful calm with our Book of Scripture to read and meditate over. Matthew 21:8-11 The triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on that First Palm Sunday.

Just three of us at home today. Frank went to Clinton. Dad is up. Mary is resting in her room. I ought to write some letters but my head hurts so much it distracts my thoughts. I spend the day resting, reading and working Cross word Puzzles.

Saturday afternoon Dad and Frank went to Gip farms. As they returned a Truck run against our Car and damaged the lights and fenders. The driver of the Truck is to pay for the damages to our Car.

April 5, 1941, Saturday

Nice Spring weather. The wind is rather blustery during middle part of day. I felt better this morning and put a few flower seed out, but I soon tired and come to the house to rest. My head hurts quite a bit of late.

Frank brought Dad up at Noon and they ate Lunch and hurried back. I wish my strength would hold out until my work was done in the garden.

Scripture reading Daniel 3:17-28. Oh those countries that are in War and their hearts full of greed and hatred. God show them there is a much better way of living than by shedding of blood.

Growing things are thriving and spreading out. Lilacs will be in bloom by the 13 April I think. Nine days from now or less. Mr. W. R. Hughes sent us, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Cobb, our "Certificate of Membership" for "Golden Wedding Anniversary."

Mary took me to see a Matinee at Del Rio, "The Penalty," with Lionel Barrymore, Edward Arnold and hundreds of lesser stars.

April 4, 1941, Friday

Cold wind from the North, not freezing, rather chilling to my fever ridden body as I shiver over a little cold wave.

Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Flint were at the Store yesterday. Mrs. Flint sent me some of her choice flower seed. Waiting to get strong enough to work with my flowers. Every thing in the yard above ground is growing and the Purple Irises are magnificent this year. The bloom is large and they hide top of leaves. The Peonias are so tender that the strong Winds damage them greatly in early Spring. Scripture reading John 16:33, Romans 8:31-39.

Dad lost one of his steers and Frank skinned it today. Mary and Dad went to Clinton at night and reported there was a bigger crowd than usual at Pioneer Dance. They could hardly get thru the Jam. Frank was too tired to go. I was too sick.

April 3, 1941, Thursday

Wind strong from the North but not cold enough to freeze. My cough is bad. Dad was alarmed hearing me having a coughing spell in the night and offered advice and help. I'm weaker today but don't feel as bad as yesterday. My cough has a hollow sound.

Dad and Frank are at the Store. Mary is at Clinton. The Kitchen work is waiting. Scripture reading Heb. 11:1-6, I John 5:4. Mary returned and did the kitchen tasks then went back to Clinton with Opal Farnsworth.

Betty Lou and Marilyn come from Clinton shop where their hair was shampooed and curled. Betty Lou had a headache and slept until 7 P.M. Grace come about then to dress Marilyn for tonight in uniform of White and Blue slacks, White boots. The High School and lower grades entertain with a Play and Rhythm Band Music. There was a large crowd passing by going to School Play.

April 2, 1941, Wednesday

A real Spring day, cool and blustery. Mary is at town. Barbara and Marilyn went to School early. Scripture reading Eph. 3:14-21.

The dwarf Irises are so pretty with their purple blooms, prettier than usual for the moisture is just right. I sowed red Marigolds yesterday and transplanted some bronze Mums that Mrs. Deason gave me.

Mary walked to town going one way and Frank come another way and missed meeting her. I am suffering pain this morning with head and lungs. Mary made two trips to town for something to ease the pain. Richard Bland come to eat lunch at Noon. He and Betty Lou were exempt from taking exams for they have good school reports.

April 1, 1941, Tuesday

Brisk wind. Partly cloudy. Cool enough for a little blaze in gas heaters. Mary went to work on the Election Board. She started out afoot as our car was at the Store, but there are so many passing by she would be sure to catch a ride there.

Received a letter from Lela. She is having ear risings and Flu. Dot is sickly during her pregnancy threatened with miscarriage.

All four of us are feeling worse with colds. Scripture reading Luke 9:51-56. Hope I can find strength enough to put some flower seed out today for it looks like we may get some Rain soon.

A rain shower passed with a light sprinkling. Mary says the Vote cast at precincts was light. Wickersham is leading thus far for Congressman.

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