Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

November 30, 1941, Sunday

Getting cooler. Sun was shining brightly at early morning and Wind from the South, suddenly the Sun was clouded and Wind veered from the North and blowing colder. The month ends today. It has been very nice for Autumn.

Most of us wanted to sleep and snuggle in bed, especially Mary, Josephine. Dad will ship a Truck load of Steers this afternoon to Oklahoma City market. Scripture reading I Cor. 3:9-17. Mary took me to afternoon matinee. Cecil and Lena come for Dinner. They brought food with them to help make a variety. Her light Rolls and Pumpkin Pies were excellent. Josephine and Mary went to Oklahoma City with the Teels. Josephine went from there to Okema on the Bus. Mabel and Mary will return tomorrow. Dad come from Gip at 7 P.M. and cattle went on to market.

November 29, 1941, Saturday

A light rain in early morning, dark and cloudy the rest of the day. Had the gas light on up till 12 Noon. Frank took Dad to round up cattle to ship tomorrow. Mary's jaw almost drove her distracted last night, but she feels some better today. I put out the plants that come from Tucker's Nursery after Noon. Received another bundle of bulbs come from Texas in mail. I will not transplant them until Monday. Scripture reading Matt 20:20-28. Frank is back from Gip, says the cattle are looking good and slick. The price is steady from 7 to 9 cents. I went to Clinton with Mary and Josephine an saw Movie of Zane Grey's book, "Knights of the Range." Mary come back with me about 7:30 P.M. then she returned for Josephine who was getting a Shampoo.

November 28, 1941, Friday

A lovely morning with heavy Dew or Fog and Sun shining through it. Calm and pleasant. The girls are taking their time to arise, the men folk went on to the Store. Scripture reading John 8:32, I Cor. 7:21-23

After the girls cooked an extra good dinner of Vegetables, Pumpkin Pie, Pineapple with Cottage Cheese, we went to Clinton to have Mary's teeth pulled, three of them bridged together. She had an Xray taken and the Gum was opened to remove the teeth, and the Gum had 9 stitches put in which will be removed Monday. I stopped at Tucker's Nurseries to get some potted Plants. I took Tucker some Narcissi and more Flower Pots. I planted about 100 Jonquils that Mildred sent this morning, also 12 Mums. Mr. Tucker gave me an Oleander, also 3 lovely Begonias and 2 Geraniums. I have some Red Carnation Pinks and Mums to plant tomorrow. Mary seems to suffer more with dental work tonight. I hope she can sleep.

November 27, 1941, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

Beautiful weather, pleasant Autumn Day not very cold. Frank and Dad are at Gip to hunt and see after cattle. Will be gone all day. Mary and Josephine are at the Store. They did the kitchen tasks and put the chicken on to cook, made the noodles before leaving. I did the cleaning of room and running things until all come home for late Dinner. Scripture reading II Cor 9:6-15, Psalm 9.

Josephine brought us a Big Box of Persimmons and some mighty good Country-cured Ham. Cecil and Lena surprised us by coming at Noon loaded down with gifts of fresh Sausage, String Beans, Pickled Beets, Chili and Chow-Chow. We are thankful for these and other Blessings and to have our loved ones with us. Dad, Cecil, Frank, Josephine Cronin, Lena, Mary and I making a Merry Party of Seven. Our dinner was extra good and with Joy and Contentment added giving us a Gala Day. The three girls went to visit with Mabel awhile. The weather has remained pleasant and beautiful. About 5 P.M. Mary took Frank, Josephine, and I to Clinton to see a movie, a good comedy.

Received a letter from Jack. He is now working seven days a week as the Federal work is being rushed along for defense preparation of different kinds. Jack is with Permanent Cement Co. They are manufacturing magnesium for airplanes. Five thousand men are employed.

Today has been very enjoyable in many ways. The girls retired early, tired and needing to catch up with their sleep.

November 26, 1941, Wednesday

Lovely day for Cold weather with Sun shine and calm wind. Bobby and Marilyn left early for School. I am mailing Buster's Birth Certificate. Scripture reading Psalm 100. After Noon Fanny and I went to Clinton with Mary after Groceries and Fruit. Fanny had a Shampoo and Curl. Mary met Josephine at 10 A.M. The Buses are all crowded and other transportation Cabs.

November 25, 1941, Tuesday

Bright Sunny weather with Ice and heavy Frost, calm wind. Frank took a man out to Gip to work and Mary went to the Store very early. That leaves me here for the day. I have my household work done and will crochet and read after Bible lesson. Scripture reading Ezra 9:5-15, Eph 6:10.

I finished Lace edge for Pillow cases and made some scollops for another pair. At night Marilyn come to spend the time and go to the Movie. Bobby went to see the Square Dance and returned here for night. At last, George II Birth Certificate come and large box of Flower bulbs from Mildred and Mrs. Shankland. Am very thankful for the Flower bulbs. They are better than what I have in the yard. Postage 61 cents.

November 24, 1941, Monday

Cold! Frost and Ice with Sun's warm Rays to melt and thaw ground. Scripture reading Psalm 112. All up early with work quickly done as the days are short every moment must be filled with Labor. Mary and I put up kitchen curtains. Frank was at Gip most of morning. I find so many tasks for me to do. Folks were late coming home at night. The Sun goes down so early, makes night fall about 6 or sooner.

November 23, 1941, Sunday

Sun shines upon frozen ground and Ice in water vessels. Calm breezes from the north that chills to the bone where it strips thru clothes. Weather may warm up some if the Sun stays bright today. It is Farewell to flowers in the yard! Frank did not go to Clinton to spend weekend as is his custom. It was too muddy and misting Rain that froze. Scripture reading Jer. 39:17-18, Eph. 5:1-20. I saw movie, "Texas" by All Star cast. Spent last of afternoon at home reading by the fireside. Frank and Mary come home early from store, freezing weather.

November 22, 1941, Saturday

Cold Rain! Worse weather in store for us, so says weather prophet. Scripture reading Acts 17:22-31. Dad, Frank and Mary had to hurry to town. Later in day Lee Ratcliffe come by. Grace was in at night. Weather freezing cold.

November 21, 1941, Friday

Colder, ground white with Frost. Wind from the North. Frank will take Dad to Gip this morning. Scripture reading Matt. 6:1-14. Mary hurries through home work to go to help at Store. Letter from Lela saying she had no Lily Bulbs. Fanny visited with me awhile. Dad and Frank have been out all day. Mary at Store. Dad returned late. Rufus Dovel came by to see Dad while Dad was away.

November 20, 1941, Thursday

Today is National Thanksgiving Day and next Thursday is State Holiday. Weather fine, calm and Sunny not cold nor windy as we thought it would be early in day. We have planned nothing for day but will have our Home gathering for Children and Grandchildren on Sunday the 30th. Richard and Betty Lou have holiday because of Good lessons and attendance at school. Scripture reading John 1:1-14. Mary received a letter from Josephine telling of being sick and losing her voice. Afternoon, Dad went with Mary and I to Clinton. When we come home we cooked an extra good Supper. Fanny come after Richard. He had gone with us to Clinton. I gave Fanny her Birthday gifts. She said her birthday started very quietly at home with no preparation made for any feast or entertainment. In fact she had forgot about it until night when she told Dick and Richard.

November 19, 1941, Wednesday

Sunshine and windy weather. The leaves are falling thick and fast. Not very cold, but pleasant for November. Barbara and Marilyn got off to School in time. I do a little work each day in the Yard to fit it for Springtime, pulling stalks and carrying old plants out, when I'm able to work and weather is pretty. Scripture reading John 12:36-50. A letter from Mildred telling of Thursa's visit and that the children had Tonsillitis and out of school. Mildred is troubled with her back and eyes. Weather getting cooler as day advances. I wrote Jack thanking him for the Lilies.

November 18, 1941, Tuesday

Partly cloudy and windy. It may blow up a Rain soon. Dad and Frank will go to Gip today. Cotton picking is the Leader of the day in farm work. Farmers work both late and early employing each moment during the fine weather. There will be a big crop this year if nothing ruins it. Trucks with 5, 6 and more Bales going to compress daily and families with double loads going to Gin. Scripture reading II Cor. 4:1-10.

I am not so well this morning, but put out a few plants. Mary took the Laundry to Clinton. I went along and saw a Movie. Barbara and Marilyn are here for the night. Barbara has been out of school 4 days. Looks rather pale. Mary and the children retired early.

November 17, 1941, Monday

Sunny, windy, but not very cold. Frank and I are up early. Mary still suffering from her jaw and it is very badly swollen. She walked to town to help Frank at the Store. I hated for her to do that but she said it wouldn't hurt her any. Dad may return tonight from Oklahoma City. Scripture reading I Peter 1st chapter.

My aches and pains indicate the weather will be worse as my body is a Barometer foretelling changes. Fanny's Birthday today. God Bless and lead her along Life's way. Cecil and Lena ate dinner here then Mary had to go get Produce at Nash's so Lena and I went along. I bought some bushes to set out in the yard. We met Grace, Billie and her Grandmother Dovel, also Ina Brown. She said her parents were getting well over accident. But that Mildred wasn't so well. Ina's youngest child has the Mumps. Jack and Nora sent me some Calla Lillies and Regale Lillies from San Jose, California. Am very proud and thankful for them. Dad returned at night. His cattle sold at good prices.

November 16, 1941, Sunday

Statehood Day! Lela's birthday. I'm sending a small gift to her. God Bless her!

Such as beautiful pleasant Autumn day, Sunny and calm. Scripture reading Phil. 4, Luke 11:33-36. Dad and Frank are at Gip seeing about the cattle to ship. Mary is able to take up her daily routine of duties this morning. She ate something and helped me with the work. Her jaw is swollen very hard and large. It will be several days before Dentist will pull it. Frank come at 3 P.M. and Dad went to Oklahoma City. After that Mary, Frank and I went to Clinton for a few hours.

November 15, 1941, Saturday

A lovely morning, Mary rested some, but her jaw is swollen badly. Frank will take her to Clinton Dentist and see if he will extract it. the jaw is hard swollen and he may postpone pulling it for a day or so. I'm not so well t his week, but enjoy being in the bright Sunshine where the wind is calm. I have a spell of high blood pressure.

Scripture reading Isaiah 26 chapter. At 2 P.M. Mary and I drove to Clinton to see if Dentist would extract her tooth. He refused to because of the abscess and excess swelling.

Dad will truck cattle to Oklahoma City sometime tomorrow.

Mary hasn't eaten anything for 3 days. She retired to her room at 7 P.M. and Frank then, Dad later. I read until 11 P.M.

November 14, 1941, Friday

Nice Sunny morning , not very cold. Frank returned last night from Clinton. Dad and Grace were out to see her place and to Clinton yesterday, seeing about business. Scripture reading Genesis 26:19-31.

Dad and Frank went to Store early. They may ship cattle Sunday. Mary has a toothache. I put hot applications of meal and salt to ease the pain some.

Received a letter from Jack. He wrote about Nora going to send me some Lily Bulbs and the Flints will bring him home Christmas. I shall be glad to see him. We'll have a happy meeting so many Events have come to pass since he left here.

November 13, 1941, Thursday

Cold South Wind, partly cloudy, not so pleasant or pretty as yesterday. I set out most of the plants and Bulbs from Tucker's Nurseries and put the Pomegranate Bush out by the South window. Think it will stand the Winter there. The other one is a beautiful bush with Brilliant Blossoms now on it.

Miss Casey was here a few minutes. Her father is very sick, her 2 sisters have been with them. One for 4 weeks, the other 6 weeks, to help wait on him. The Howenstine Services will be at Butler 2:30 P.M. and Funeral Internment at Arapaho Cemetery at about 5 P.M. Scripture reading Deut. 4:20, Psalm 16.

I went to the Library for an hour, got my books, then Mary brought me to see how Mr. Casey was. Meet his 2 daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Main were there. Many flowers had been sent to them. Mr. Casey was resting when I was there. Mary was with the Marvins til night. I was so exhausted from my walk over there, only a few blocks, but I tire easily.

November 12, 1941, Wednesday

Heavy Frost with Bright Sunshine upon it. All the flowers will now fade and die in short time. Scripture reading Heb. 13:20-21; John 14:27. Bobby left for School and Mary went to the Store. I am troubled with Rheumatism again in this cold weather. Dolph Howenstine died at 4 A.M. today. A letter received from Jack. He is good to answer my letters promptly. I exchanged for plants, some flower pots and brought home some Mums, 6 of them, a Pomegranate Bush, and 2 dozen little Lilies, 2 dozen Wandering Vinca for hanging baskets, 3 Red Hot Poker plants and may more Border plants. Mary spent the evening with Mary and Thelma Marvin and took them to Butler and brought Thelma to Clinton. Dad went to bed not feeling well. I read until late when Mary came home at 10:30 P.M.

November 11, 1941, Tuesday

Armistice Day! Cold and cloudy. Looks like Snow in the distance. There has been a Parade planned for today at Clinton. Frank is at Clinton. Scripture reading Coll. 3:12-17, Matt. 5-9. "My Peace I give unto you" was spoken by Christ. Mary and Dad at Gip. The store closed for the day. The Sun shines warm and brightly at 12 Noon. Richard come for supper and will go to Ball Game at School Auditorium. He went home, then Bobby come after the Game to stay all night.

November 10, 1941, Monday

Cold calm and Sunny wind is chilling. Monday is a day of Rushing duties after a day of Rest. The Sun has hardly begun his work when School time arrives, for the Shortest days are near us now. Scripture reading Luke 13:1-5. Mary is doing the tasks in the kitchen. I have my room cleaned and ready so I can read and work at whatsoever needs being done. Frank is at Clinton, when he comes he will work at Gip today.

Dad's hand is getting well where he can cut it on wire last week. Fanny come for Mary's Kodak. She was going to Mrs. Coulson's to their Club meeting and will take some pictures.

[pasted text]
"Did You Pray?"
Did you think of me this mornign
As you breathed a word of prayer?
Did you ask for strength to help me
All my heavy burdens bear?

Did you speak of faith and courage
For the trials I must meet?
Did you ask that God might keep me
As you bowed before His feet?

Someone prayed and strength was given
For the long and weary road,
Someone prayed and faith grew stronger
As I bent beneath the load;

Someone prayed - the way grew brighter,
And I walked all unafraid,
In my heart a song of Gladness -
Tell me, was it you who prayed?

November 9, 2008, Sunday

Partly cloudy, wind rather sharp and chilling. Dad went to Sunday School. The girls were late in rising. Josephine leaves in a few hours for Okema on the Bus. Scripture reading Ecclesiastes 9:13-18.

A long letter from Mildred with Pictures of her boys taken in mischievous looking faces and poses. They are growing fast and learning at School. Josephine gathered a Bouquet of my pretty Mums for her School Room. Tomorrow begins school week programs and visiting. Mary Marvin and Mary Ann were going back to Butler in our Car. Mary Ann was sick with Cold. Mary Cobb returned home later at night.

November 8, 1941, Saturday

A beautiful Sunny morning, calm with Frost and thin sheet of Ice in vessels outdoors. The Mums are in their Glory. Scripture reading Luke 13:23-30. I went to Clinton with Fanny and Richard. He and I saw Lady Hamiliton with Vivian Leigh and Lawrence Olivier, found on historical facts. Very Good, indeed. Josephine Cronin come at 1:15 on the Bus and Mary met her. At night Dad and all of us were at Clinton. Frank stayed for weekend. We were home by 9 P.M. I read for 2 hours. Josephine brought us a large carton box of Persimmons. We are very fond of them.

November 7, 1941, Friday

"Morning Prayer"
Father we thank Thee for the night,
And for the pleasant morning light,
For rest and food and loving care,
And all that makes the day so fair.

Help us to do the things we should,
To be to others kind and good,
In all our work and all our play,
To love Thee better every day.
[pasted text]

Nice weather of Sunshine and Frost. The Wind blows briskly. Marilyn left for School after eating a hearty breakfast of Oatmeal and fruit. Scripture reading I Peter 4, II Timothy 2:1-13. I went to the Library for new Book. Dad and Frank come home late. Dad had a bad looking cut by wire on his hand. It was making him sick. Mary went to meet Josephine at Bus Station, but she never come, leaving Mary disappointed.

November 6, 1941, Thursday

Sun shines warm and bright but the North wind blows cold and swiftly. There was Frost and thin ice outdoors. Temperature 30 degrees. I wrote to Oklahoma City for Birth Certificates for George H. Cobb Jr. and to know if any of George H. Cobb Sr. family were recorded at Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Scripture reading Romans 12:21, Luke 4:1-13. My days are filled with many duties for others. After Noon I went with Frank and Dad to Gip. Found Grace out on horseback separating cattle. The calves are being weaned for their mothers and the cows break thru the fences. The men worked until night. A little Rain fell on us as we come to town.

Marilyn stayed in for a party at Mrs. Hastings given in honor of the Allen children who leave this month to live in New Mexico. At night Mary took Marilyn and I too the Ritz Theater to see a play by Edith Fellows, The Five Little Peppers. Marilyn enjoyed seeing the children play.

November 5, 1941, Wednesday

North wind blows swift and hard making all wrap coats tighter to keep out the Chilliness. Frank took Dad to Gip to oversee the work out there. Will be gone all day. Mary went to the store very early. The Sun is shining brightly and may warm up the Air some. A Freeze is prophesied for tomorrow. Am making Sash curtains for windows in kitchen and doors in my room and Dining room. Scripture reading II Cor. 12:7-10, Acts 16: 23-26. Our butane heaters are fine in cold weather.

Mary took me to Del Rio movie. Saw a very entertaining play. It was good to get out. The Rain at Gip interfered with work intended. Weather was much colder at night.

November 4, 1941, Tuesday

A fine morning with Sun breaking through clouds of Fog. Not very cold, but we have fires lit. I set out 3 dozen lily bulbs, Fairy Rain, yesterday and have some more plants to put out. Scripture reading Romans 8:31-39. I bought a beautiful Hanging Basket for Vines to hang in South window. Wrote Jack today. Was by myself only a few minutes at Noon. Kept busy with many tasks and the Short days go swiftly by. The wind is colder tonight.

November 3, 1941, Monday

Partly cloudy, wind brisk and colder. Count convenes this morning and everyone is moving around briskly. Grace was here. She said Bobby was sick and couldn't come to school. Grace has a head cold, same as Dad and I.

Dad and Grace will look around this week for a home to buy for her and family. Scripture reading Ephesians 6:1017. The M. E. Ladies are serving Dinner for Court Officials and Jury. I may go down after a while if I feel well enough.

There are about 3 dozen Fairy-lily Bulbs to plant around the Porches. When I got them set out Dad and Grace come by for me to go to town with them to eat Dinner, the Aid women served. I met Mrs. Main. We chatted about things in general. When dinner was called Dad, Cecil, Lena, Mary, Grace, Mr. Main all joined us. We had a pleasant time and splendid dinner. Mary and I went to Clinton for Permanent and Shampoo.

While we were gone Dad, Grace and Mrs. Gibbons made trade and Grace will now have the Ammons place for her home, and can have possession next month. I saw the Alice Faye, Romero Wayne, Carmen Mirambo screen play and enjoyed it, "Weekend in Havanna," very good story and pretty scenes, fine acts. Mary come to Clinton at 7 P.M. for me. So it was an Eventful Day for all concerned and pleasant memories.

Ammons Place is on the Main County line to Butler one and half miles from School and Arapaho, five and half miles to Clinton market. Grace's family is happy in possession of their own home.

November 2, 1941, Sunday

A Beautiful Sunday morning, Sun shines and has dried the muddy roads out. The Breezes are calm and not cold. Just Dad and I at home this morning. Frank and Mary both at Clinton. Scripture reading Daniel 3rd chapter.

I sit here reading. All is quiet and peaceful, while other nations overseas are killing off their neighbors in surrounding countries. War certainly is Hell with all it's sufferings, crimes and hatreds. God hasten the end of Such and let All the Universe Praise Him.

People hurrying by to Church services. Dad has gone there. I content myself reading Bible as usual for several years since health has failed me. Have so many Blessings to enjoy and Pleasure beyond measure, Kindnesses and Friendships with Gifts of Love. Many Cars with families going by. Have my dinner to cook and dishes to wash, then can come read the news and new books from Library. Mary and Thelma were at Sayre yesterday. She returned home about 7 P.M. Frank come later.

November 1, 1941, Saturday

First day of November. It is a nicer more pleasant day. Sun shines and wind is mild. No Freezing of flowers as we expected. The town is most likely disfigured by tricksters playing Pranks last night. Scripture reading Rev. 4th chapter, John 14:1-6.

Mary took me to Tucker's Nurseries where I exchanged a dozen and half Flower Pots for some Potted Mums for house decorations. Bought 3 Begonias and Fairy Rain Lillies also a Regale Lilly. Am preparing Yard now for next Springs blooms. I went to Matinee, International Squadron, with Don Reagan, very good story and Picture. Mary went back to stay all night with Thelma Marvin and Mary Marvin.

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