Oklahoma Pioneer Mittie Stephens Cobb enjoyed family, home and garden. Mittie's 1941 Journal shares weathered pioneer experiences and every day life in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Mittie and Rufus "Dad" lived west of Arapaho with daughter Mary and son Frank and owned the Cobb Store in Arapaho. Cecil and Lena Cobb, Fannie and Richard Bland lived nearby. George, Jack, Loys Cooper, Randall and Mildred Shankland moved out of state and stayed in touch by letters. Mittie turned 73 years in 1941 outliving three of her children, Rexie, Rollie and Harvey.

It was serendipity

to have Mittie's Journal to read and share in 2008. The calendar days of 1941 are the same as 2008. Richard received the Journal from his mother, Fannie, and gave the Journal to his cousin Betty in spring 2008. This great-granddaughter first had it in hand in July 2008. For a few weeks it was transcribed to email for family. Mittie's Journal blog began October 12, the anniversary of the day Mittie and Rufus landed at Gip, Oklahoma 1892 in open prairie. Check out that Journal entry. It is a blessing to share this Journal with others. To stay in the matching year the remaining Journal days appear in the Journal Archive as they are posted. Thanks for stopping by. The 1936 journal and part of 1937 is also available for transcribing. Work in progress.

February 28, 1941, Friday

My health is improving slowly, but not well yet. The Wind veered to the north in the afternoon. At night it was much colder, beginning to freeze. Dad went to Stock Sale and bought 17 head of cattle. They were delivered here after dark. The road was so miry and slick. The big Truck stalled at the entrance of the Driveway, so very dark to work. The Driver was perhaps 20 minutes trying to back then come forward through the Mud. Mary has her Pioneer Dress, bonnet and shoes for Banquet. Also, her Cowgirl boots and clothes for Rodeo Rally for Pioneer Day.

Received a letter from Mildred. Her boys have the Whooping Cough rather hard. They are taking treatment of Medical Shots in arms for it. She wrote on typewriter and did a very good job of it. A letter from Estelle Harper with Baby Rosalie Nan's picture, a beautiful child. Estelle is sick to see her folks in California. It has been 3 years since last she saw them. Fannie come to see me today. She is trying to save money and worried about the things that conflict.

Mary took me to see picture show of Gone With The Wind. It certainly is a great Picture, well portrayed and played by Star Actors. A large attendance, all were enthusiastic over the movie. The last of February passing quietly.

February 27, 1941, Thursday

After many days of wet weather, Rain, Snow, Ice and Sleet, the Sun arose in all it's splendor to make us rejoice. It was much colder in the early hours but is beginning to melt and of course the mud will be worse for a while. All things pass in the course of time.

Dick Bland was here and said Fannie's ears were better and she was all right again. Rufus Dovel brought a load of Alfalfa hay from Gip farm. Frank keeps busy seeing after cattle feeding and repairing fences. Mary spent the last evening with Gladys Barney playing Bridge. Scripture reading Luke 11:2, Matt. 6:9-13, I Sam. 10-12.

February 26, 1941, Wednesday

Snowing at 9 A.M. and melts on wet ground. Hard for the School Buses to get in town. The sale of fine cattle at Essary Barns is to be today and tomorrow. Weather may interfere with their plans as roads may be to muddy for traffic in places. Cars are beginning now to stall in front of house. Mary got through the Slushy slick driveway and went to town to be gone until night. Frank is feeding the cattle on the hillside just north of the house. The Snow can't be seen after it falls, only the ground is more moist. Scripture reading Psalm 138, Psalm 119:130

Frank and a man driver had to unload a truck of feed for the cattle and carry it a hundred feet through mud because the truck driver couldn't get into yard for the mud was so deep and slick. The Penners come then to make fences so Frank had to help them. Three Penner kids with feet covered with mud come running into the kitchen where Mary had scrubbed this morning.

A letter received from Lela full of news. She still receives a treatment each morning of electrodes for her back that was injured in December when she fell at Department Store. Her hip was hurt also. Fannie had to see the Doctor about her ears that were paining her so much.

February 25, 1941, Tuesday

Roads are hard to travel because of the ruts and ridges being froze stiff. Those who have to keep going barely get through the roughness. Yesterday it was slick, slushy and miry which will be repeated today when it begins to thaw.

Some men have trailers and are cutting wood in our pasture. They work down in the Canyons away from the cold wind protected by high sod bank.

Most of the School Buses are on duty today. All of us here are able to get around. My throat is about the same, still sore, and ears pain me at times. My appetite is fairly good. I enjoy what I eat if I'm hungry. Scripture reading Hebrews 13:10, Gen. 28: 10-19, I Samuel 26 & 36

I read and crochet and help Frank a little about the cooking our Lunch. Mary did housework then went to Store to help Dad until closing time at night. Snow began to fall again at 1:30 on wet ground where it was melting. At night the Snow ceased to fall, and turned to a Mist.

February 24, 1941, Monday

The Snow is about 2 inches or more deep and lays loosely on the ground. The Cars and Buses are stalling, slipping & sliding into Chug holes. Mary couldn't get out of the Driveway so Dad walked to town. Others have hard time persuading their vehicles to keep on the move. The Snow is beginning to melt some. The weather will moderate today and become warmer. Scripture reading James 5:16, Luke 18:1-14

Snow laden ground melted into a lot of muddy slush. Crocheted some and entertained myself looking over pictures of my kindred and descendants. Scenes from the California lakes, Mountains, and Rivers, Colorado Rocky Mountains, Estes Park, Denver, Fresno, Malaga, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Mountains and Streams of Oklahoma and may other places of great interest where my kindred were living and visiting. The night is drawing near and mud and slush will freeze over again, a great deal of Snow has melted. Also strung 2 yards of colored small wooden Beads that Mary gave me some years ago. They are pretty to wear and are worn a lot these days. Have been feeling rather weak and achy all day. I gave the credit for that to this damp weather.

February 23, 1941 Sunday

The Snow is coming down fast at 10 A.M. I was the 1st one to arise and take a bath. Then made my coffee and drank it before Dad and the 4 little granddaughters came down. All were lazy about getting up. Not because they were sleepy. Grace left the girls here and they may stay until Monday noon. Scripture reading I Cor 1:1-11, I Sam. 2:1-10

Grace came after the children and they left about 11 A.M. Snow stopped about 1 P.M. and is now melting. Mary cooked dinner then went to Mabel's.

Snowed more before night. Just a few cars have passed by. Mary came home at 9:30 P.M. without any trouble but run into a deep rut at front of driveway and left the car outside the Garage.

February 22, 1941 Saturday

Snow and Ice covered ground. Very Cold. Weather makes a pretty picture of Ice and Snow on the Ground and clinging to wire fences, trees and shrubs. The Atmosphere is frozen. The Air is so dense that objects at a distance can't be seen, that are usually very clearly outlined against the sky but you can't tell where the sky begins, nor the horizon either.

All of us were late arising this morning. On Saturdays the Store trade doesn't begin early. Frank has fed the cattle in the pasture and Mary oil mopped the floors, did the kitchen work and has gone to town to be gone until night closing of the Store. Scripture reading I Timothy 2ch, 1 Sam. 5

I wrote to Lottie and Jim yesterday. Addressed Dorothy Reed's letter again. It was returned because of wrong street address. It will take about 3 days for her to get it now. My neck is stiff on the left side where ear had a rising. This bad weather affects my body, making pains and aches. Received a card from Essa Simmons. Her son Sewall will be home to stay 10 days. After he returns from San Diego Cal. he will go to Alaska Islands on a ship, be gone 9 months. Mar y put on her Cow girl togs and drove to Clinton to spend the evening. The day has ended, another cold icy spell. Forecasters say more of the same kind of weather tomorrow.

February 21, 1941, Friday

Frozen ground covered with Snow and Ice. The very Atmosphere seems frozen, Frost and Ice are over all the ground. The windows are frosted over and the warmth of the Inside melts the Iciness of the frost outside windows. It runs and trickles down the Glass Panes.

This wintry change of Weather has made my lungs and throat worse, disturbing my nights rest. Getting to sleep about the time others arise. Am rather weak and languid this morning. Feel some better than yesterday. Mary brought me a lot of papers and magazines this week. Scripture reading Psalms 121, I Sam. 4:1-8.

I shall crochet on Lace Centerpiece for table. Grace come to see me and brought a big fat hen to cook for our Dinner. She says Barbara is suffering with her throat and ears. Not able to be at School today. Bobby will have his Trio of Barrows at Junior Stock Show at Clinton next week. Fannie had been to get medicine from Dr. for Biliousness. She and Dick stopped as they come back from Clinton at noon today.

February 20, 1941, Thursday

Snow covers the ground and hangs to the branches of Trees and Shrubs. The air is frost laden making a beautiful picture of Winter. It is freezing cold, roads cut into ruts and chug holes froze hard. It is bad for the tires of Cars. Frank had to walk over to drive the cattle out of the Barley field. It is bad for Frank to have to prowl ground in the bad weather.

Mary did the dishes and has gone to town for the day. Her throat is better. Mine is easier but it awakens me each night and I have to gargle and doctor it. Mary wore her new boots. They are fine for this kind of weather. Several have bought Old time high top shoes. Stores at Clinton want to sell for Pioneer days on April 19-20. Scripture reading Romans 12:9-16, Psalm 34:5

Dad bought 20 head cattle at Clinton Sale. My throat and lungs are much worse today. I almost freeze when wind strikes me in room where there is no fire as I walk toward the kitchen fire. My fever must be high.

Today is Jack's birthday, also Betty Lou's. God bless their dear hearts with choicest Blessings.

I pasted my pretty Christmas, New Year, Get Well and Valentine cards in a large album. There are hundreds of them in 5 albums. Mary spent evening in Clinton. I wrote Essa Simmons today.

February 19, 1941, Wednesday

Rain last night. The rain fell and filled the Roads with mud. Not much traffic on this Highway, only in emergency do people travel it. Mary's throat got sore yesterday. My throat is bad again and won't get any better while this Wet Weather last. We are very thankful for the Rain. It will benefit the Winter grain greatly. My hearing is almost a thing of the past because throat being sore affects the Ears and it is harder some days to swallow my food.

Frank watches the Rain and looks at wet soil wishing he could be out in yard planting little wild plants that have pretty foliage and flowers. Scripture reading II Cor. 12:9, Phil 4:1-9

Mary had a hard struggle to get through the mud going and coming from the Store, so dark at 10 o'clock the lights had to be turned on to see how to read. Raining and freezing late afternoon. Snow is prophesied for tonight.

February 18, 1941, Tuesday

Weeather is Cloudy, Spring-like, with a sprinkle of Rain before day settling the dust. A Colder spell is foretold for last of week. Gladys Blamey, Ruth Reed and Mary attended the Del Rio movie, very good, and 2 and half hours long. Gladys gave Mary a delicious Chocolate Cake. The day turned out to be fairly warm for Winter and pretty. Mary was well pleased over her gifts and the enjoyment of being with friends on her birthday. Scripture reading Psalms 148, Phil. 3:13-20

Wrote to Mildred and did a little work on Lace Doily. I get tired of writing or crocheting or reading in a short time, so I change the work about ever so often. Frank has spent most the day setting out plants and shrubs that he got over in the pasture and on highway.

February 17, 1941, Monday

Mary's Birthday. Bless her dear Life, may much happiness be her Lot!

Weather is fine, not very cold for Winter. Sun shines rather pale, at other times it is clouded over, calm breezes. My throat hurt me all night, had to gargle and doctor it. It still hurts some. Monday morning the cars are passing to and fro, some pleasure bent, some on business, some on Sorrow's Road. God Bless each one and help them bear their Load. Scripture reading Hebrews 11:33-34, Luke 9:28-36

Frank put out a bed of Field Daisies. He got them from the Pasture. Mary went to Clinton on business. Frank came home about 2:30 P.M. from fixing fences. That is when he found the Daisies. Some are ready to bloom.

Clouds are gathering for a Rain. I surmise tonight if wind doesn't come from the North in a Blizzard.

Mary come dancing and prancing in my room with a lovely pair of Cowgirl Boots her father gave her. Mildred sent a head scarf, box of candy and Jerryl's picture. It is very good, looks just like Bill at his age. The kid is on a pony dressed as Cowboy. Mabel Teels gave Mary a lovely Card with Hand made Hanky and made her a Chocolate Pie. Cecil Bills and Ruth Reed each gave her a hand made 'kerchief and beautiful card. I gave her a Dollar to buy a little gift. Mary is so overjoyed with the Presents. I wrote Thursa Hanes. The day has been pretty.

February 16, 1941, Sunday

Weather fair, fine for Winter, with Sunshine, calm wind, not very cold. There is a smoky hazy looking Atmosphere around this morning. Dad and Frank have been busy seeing about the new bunch of Calves that were brought last night. They were turned into the green Pasture of Barley north west of the house. Frank and Dad got in the Car to go get the Mail and Dad stayed down there to go to Church. My throat is bad again with cough.

Peace and calmness supremely reigns this Sabbath Day within me and around me. Scripture reading I Thess. 5:18, Psalms 28, 118 and 136.

Afternoon, Mary put on her new dress of Blue Crepe, pretty slippers and new hat. She went to Clinton to be with her girl friends. The day has been very pleasant and pretty, a little windy, Spring like. Frank and Dad and I have lounged around reading the news. I work every Crossword Puzzle that come near me. There is a lot of Traffic passing today. The weather being fine lures people out for a ride. Mary looked very sweet and pretty when she left the house.

February 15, 1941, Saturday

Weather looks gloomy. Cloudy and Wind from the North, not very cold. We may have rain or a Blizzard before night comes. All are up and about their daily occupations. I'm slowly gaining my health if my Ears and Throat would only heal. My window Plants are growing, looking so hearty and pretty. All were re-arranged yesterday, as usual I move each plant and setting them in new positions so they can get the Sun light on all sides. Geraniums are 18 and 20 inches tall, leaves 5 inches broad. Some white Chinese Lillies are in bloom and Fluffy Ruffles has grown a foot this Winter. It is beautiful. Begonias have put on growth but are not in bloom.

Mary spent last evening with young friends at Clinton, Marjorie Standley among them. Marjorie's folks are near here.

My Azalea is source of joy and pride, so beautiful and blossoms completely cover shrub. Scripture reading Isaiah 25:4, John 3:1-11

I made a sewing bag to put articles in that need mending. The day has been mostly in writing Jack and Lela. Received a long letter from Guy Pafford with news and names of young ladies that visited here with him and Paul. Josephine Cronin, 750 De Barr, Norman and Luverna Mahaney, 408 S.E. 28th, Oklahoma City.

Dad bought 18 calves, cost was $710. They were brought here at dark tonight. Frank will have some work to do now keeping up fences, watering and feeding calves. Mary retired to her room early, very tired from the activities of the week. Dad seems very pleased over buying the calves.

February 14, 1941, Friday

Valentine's Day. Cold and Windy. Sunshine is bright. Frank took Dad to town. I have been changing the Lace Doilies and scarfs where the Dust had soiled them and placed my pots of flowers back.

Mary came home from Clinton after Ruth Reed had waved her hair. Mary run the Oil Mop over floors so now everything is looking Spick&Span with it's pretty flowers and clean mats. Also had new Oil Cloth cover for the Kitchen table. Every thing smells sweet and clean since removing all that Sand the Storm blew in the house. Scripture reading Romans 8:16-17, Phil. 4th chapter, Isaiah 57:15-21.

February 13, 1941, Thursday

Cold Northwest wind blowing very strong. Sun shines brightly. The Air isn't so full of Dust as yesterday was. I'm so very weak it seems that my heart is too lazy to beat as it should. Mary had a time getting the sand out of the rooms. My head and lungs are filled with dust. It makes them ache. Mary and Frank did the usual tasks. Today is almost as disagreeable as yesterday. Only dust does not blow so much. The Wind is hard to endure. Scripture reading I John 2:1-17

Frank and I lunched alone for the first time since Saturday night. Sun shine is warm on South side, but wind on the North side chills me to the bone when the door is opened. I read and crochet to pass the hours off, as time seems to drag, then again my eyes tire and are rested by laying head against back of my easy chair. Have less energy than usual for some reason today. The flowers in the Windows are enjoying the warm sun rays through the panes of glass. The Azalea that Mary gave me has hundreds of orchid colored blossoms covering the foliage. It is such a very pretty plant. It has my Valentines surrounding the Vase. At night Mary went to Clinton visiting with Ruth Reed. It will be down to freezing tonight.

February 12, 1941, Wednesday

Abe Lincoln's Day. Colder, the wind blows a stiff breeze. Clouds are dark and gathering thick and fast. The weather may be stormy before night. My body chills so quickly and tires so easily too. Poor Mary is suffering from the effects of the Car backing her against the Garage Wall a few days ago. She took Dad to town, returned and retired to her room to rest. I pray she will soon feel well again. Frank is late about getting around, not feeling so well. Scripture reading II Chronicles 20:20-21

Getting colder, the Wind comes in the crevices about doors and windows. A Sand Storm obscured the Sun with it's heavy clouds of dust at Noon. Barbara's teacher sent her here this morning because of Ear ache and Sore Throat. The three of us managed to cook dinner together after which Frank washed the dishes while Barbara put them away.

Mary left for the Store about 10 A.M. She may go to Clinton to get a Shampoo and Wave today. Miss Wadsworth, on of the School Teachers has the Flu and has been absent all week.

The Storm became worse and continued for hours. Barbara was back to school about 3 P.M. to catch the School Bus to go home. Mary came from Clinton with arms loaded with groceries and a most beautiful Azalea in Decorated Vase, so very pretty. Have just rearranged Plants in my windows and gave them Vigoro to stimulate them to bloom. Received 2 Valentines today, very pretty.

February 11, 1941, Tuesday

Another beautiful Spring-like Mid-winter day. Warm sunshine, calm breezes, temperature above freezing. Grace took Dad to town, came back and got the little girls off to School. Mary and Frank both complain of feeling worse. Mary has not arose yet at 10 A.M. Grace and children did the kitchen work then she went to town. My heart and body are so very weak it tires me very much. Mary is suffering with her sides where the Car rolled against her after she had put it in the Garage. It pinned her against the wall and sprung the Car door off the hinges. The soreness makes her cry tears of pain. Frank is sick enough to be cranky, too weak to work. Scripture reading Prov. 27:19, I Cor. 13: 9-13, James 1:22-27

Grace's kids have been here since Sunday noon. Mary cooked Lunch and took Frank and I to Fannies. We have a lot of Grease Cracklings that Fannie uses for Soap-making. She was gone somewhere, perhaps to Laundry. The clouds are gathering and wind blows hard. We are likely to get a Rain. My drive tired me quite a lot but I can have the fun of Resting again. The days are getting some longer and now 6 P.M. comes before night. All go to beds tired.

February 10, 1941, Monday

Very nice morning for February. Sun shines in early hours. About 28 degrees, calm breezes. Grace and Dad left about 4 A.M. for the Cattle Market at Oklahoma City. The cattle went last night. The three little girls did the dish washing and swept the kitchen then they left for School early. Frank cooked their breakfast. Mary went to open up the Store. I am about as usual with sore throat and ears. Scripture reading Matt 12:3-13

Wrote to my nephew Guy Pafford and to Mrs. O Z. Reed, my granddaughter. All four of Grace's School kids were here at Noon. Dad and Grace returned about 6 P.M. The Cattle sold for 9 cents a lb. Mary and Grace went to El Reno with Ruth Reed tonight. The little girls are here with me.

February 9, 1941, Sunday

Bright, calm & cold, a nice pleasant Winter morning temperature freezing. The usual Sweet Peace and Quietude that is attendant on the Lord's Day. All of us wanted to rest our bodies by spending hours abed, arising after the Sun was up a long time. Dad walked to town after the Mail. Frank is eating his toast and coffee. Mary still in her room resting. I had a reasonable portion of sleep to strengthen my poor old body, but I don't have much to begin with. Am so thankful for all that God sends, so many blessings, tender mercies, loving kindnesses and indulgent favors to numerous to name. Scripture reading I John 4:1-21, Book of Joel.

Grace and her little girls come by on their way to Clinton. Grace may go with Dad when he takes cattle to Oklahoma City. Mary went to Clinton to get her car washed when Grace had hers. Frank cooked dinner. He had everything fine and dandy, chicken and dumplings, boiled eggs to go in the gravy, potatoes, canned peas. Grace and children come to stay all night then go to Oklahoma City.

February 8, 1941, Saturday

Clear skies and Cold North Wind during the morning hours, temperature in the 20s. Mary took Dad to town. Frank may be feeling worse since this cold snap. I've been staying close to my room and haven't seen him yet at 9:45 A.M. I'm not so well, perhaps my strength was overtaxed by me pressing and ironing Doilies yesterday. I was so very tired and worn out with Activities of the day when I lay down to Rest. Yet, it was along time before sleep came to quiet and rest the aches.

Received a pretty card and long letter from Lela. Dorothy was sick, had an operation for appendicitis. Now the Doctor says she is pregnant. Nan's ears are better, her hearing has returned but head has a throbbing ache sometimes. Scripture reading John 11:26, Psalm 27.

Mary and Dad went to Clinton and bought a dressed hen for tomorrow's dinner. They returned at early bed time. Frank and I were still up reading. We both dread laying down because we cough more.

February 7, 1941, Friday

Morning bright and cheerful but much colder than yesterday. Temperatures in the 20s. Am feeling weaker, have no appetite, nothing tastes good. Throat and ears still bother me. Scripture reading John 1:19-28 & 3:22-31

Dad got 7 1/2 cents per lb for the hogs he sold at Clinton today.

The North wind blows briskly. I pressed some of my Lace Doilies Spider Web designs. They are quite pretty. Mary, Grace and Bobby went to Clinton at night. Bobby wanted to see the Basket Ball Games. Mr. Cowles was taken to Wichita Falls, Texas (to his son Carl's home) in an ambulance. As night comes on my cold tightens and cough is worse.

February 6, 1941, Thursday

Beautiful Winter morning wind from the North but not freezing any. The Roads are drying out enough for the Grader to level the rough deep holes made during the Rains last week. Scripture reading Hebrews 11:23-31.

My pains lessen as the weather improves. Throat and ears are getting better but not well yet. Frank is feeling better too. He has gone with Mary to town and may take Dad to Stock Sale. If he does I will be here alone all day. My sick spell has lasted for weeks, yes, about of weeks, since the cough became bad.

Loys wrote that they got to Denver about 7 P.M. Saturday. Al-Lean was sick when letter was written. They are tired over their trip and the funeral which was Monday.

My strength gives out before the day ends. Mildred writes a long interesting letter about her civic affairs, School Room Mother, Church and Club entertainments and taking Music Lessons and playing for Socials. All this and her household cares and family of four to sew and cook for.

February 5, 1941, Wednesday

Nice Sunny morning, very little Frost. Warmer than for several days. I rested part of the night very well, then got restless with my throat, doctored it, but couldn't sleep well anymore. Frank prepared his Dad's coffee and oats and took him to town. Mary and Opal are preparing them Toast and Cocoa. The South west wind blows things around not as pretty day as yesterday.

I am finishing some Lace Doilies that were begun months ago. Some are Spider Web design and will be starched stiff to hold the work to their place and show the daintiness of pattern and work. Scripture reading Jas. 4:7, James 1:12-18.

There is a lot of Traffic over the roads that aren't dried out yet. The Grader drug one side of Road for the farmers and their wives to drive over to get to the Court House for the Farmer's meeting. There were a number attending. Fannie come in to see me and showed her nice Scrap Book. It is prettily arranged with a lot of interesting Clippings, Pictures, Cards and Letters of her family, Announcement of Richard's Birth, his first shoe, hose & glove, School Reports also Kindergarten pictures and pictures from early Babyhood on thru Grade School up to the 7th grade.

The day has been Springlike, very pleasant. Haven't felt as well today as yesterday, every other day seems to be not so good. Days are some longer now. Cecil and Lena attended the Farmer's Council but never had time to come to the house. Mr. Coles, one time Post Master, suffered a paralytic stroke yesterday. His son Carl at Wichita Falls was notified at once. Mary spent the Evening with Opal.

February 4, 1941, Tuesday

Bright sunshine upon a frozen ground white with heavy Frost. The wire fences are laden with ice, sparkling like millions of Diamonds, making a pretty picture. The School Buses are on time after an absence since Friday. I got a reasonable amount of Restful sleep last night and am feeling better after my long, long siege of suffering. Eight weeks ago it began with my lungs, throat and ears. Frank is complaining of his ears and throat this morning. Scripture reading Acts 3:1-8

Received a letter from Jack. He is working at Santa Margarita Camp of Preparedness & Defense. He is well and happy. Opal Farnsworth come home with Mary. After supper Mary took her back to Clinton. The day has been beautiful and pleasantly warm like Spring. There were clouds obscuring the Sun as it set. We may get a change of Weather soon. The girls attended a Movie and returned. Opal is going to spend the night with Mary. They were home before I retired.

February 3, 1941, Monday

No Sunshine! too muddy for School Buses to traverse Roads. No School today! The Rhinehard Funeral may be tomorrow. Richard can't get home today unless the Road dries out a lot. My lung doesn't pain me so much as yesterday and throat can heal quicker when I don't cough so hard and so often.

Mary and Richard left for the Store. Frank is here with me. Scripture reading John 4:6-15

Sun shone out about 3 P.M. There is a little traffic and they have troubles getting by on muddy slick roads. Am glad to see the Sunshine again. Maybe I will get better if the Wet weather stops and Air warms up.

The Rhinehard funeral was at 2pm, Mary told me. There were a few cars passing by at that time. Fannie came after Richard.

February 2, 1941, Sunday

Ground Hog Day. Rain drizzling since Friday noon, 3 days and nites. More rain during night. Everything is well soaked. The Road is muddy, very hard to get out or in the driveway. All were lazy, about getting to breakfast that Frank had prepared, nice Sausage, eggs, coffee and toast, also oats. Richard had his Wheaties. He is very choosy about his food. Clinton won the games last night.

My nite's sleep was broken, my strength had been overtaxed trying to help Frank put away the fresh pork. Mrs. McCann made the head cheese for Dad. None of us are very fond of it. Scripture reading Gal. 4:19, Gal 2:16-20

My throat and right lung are hurting. This wet weather made it worse. Mrs. Rhinard, mother of Horace, died yesterday. She was an aged sister of Carrie Fisher. Mary and Richard went to Clinton to be gone all afternoon. The Mist is clearing away. The north wind is chasing it. Frank cooked our dinner. I sat near the table to dry dishes for him. No traffic over the Country Roads today. The day ended without a ray of Sunshine. Ground hog predicts early spring?

February 1, 1941, Saturday

Warm for Winter, raining and slick mud on Country Roads. Loys and Al with his parents started back to Denver about 7:45 A.M. They will travel on paved Highway and where there is gravel. I pray their journey may be pleasant and without any mishap or accident. Al is a careful driver and the Speed is 10 or 15 miles faster in Colorado than here in Oklahoma. He will make the 571 by night anyway.

My right lung has a sharp pain ever so often. This damp weather is bad for my aches. Mary and Frank are trying to get all the lard rendered up today and put away. Wish I was strong enough to do my part of the work but am so weak it is hard work to get my breath. Am so tired, I would like to rest.

Another month as begun, January had some real Blizzardy freezing weather, damp days, and clear calm days. February usually is cold and freezing, but today the 1st is warm and Springlike. In the rain the little wrens are hopping about. Scripture reading Phil. 4:1-7.

Frank put away the Lard at 6 P.M. then put our hot supper on the table. I've tried to help him some but that heart weakness has styed with me and pain in the right lung. Am so tired can hardly get my breath. It's night now and still drizzling rain. Road so muddy it will be hard to drive over it back home. It's time for them to come. Richard come in to go to Basket Ball game at Clinton. He and Mary went together. Richard will be here until Monday noon.

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